Friday, November 19, 2010

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Jonny Fabbro

One final post for this triple post Friday, and as previously promised, it's the fifth installment of our Defunct Local Band Profile Series! As has been the case from previous months, we will take a look at a local metal or hard rock band or artist that is currently inactive or broken up, tell you about them, and share their material! Just cause a band's broken up doesn't mean they're not worth your time! As is usual, today's artist was RANDOMLY chosen from our band links, with no bias against bands for prominence, success, members, recording quality, talent, or longevity. After a special double profile last month, we revert to the old "one band" format today, or should I say, one artist? Let's begin, and make sure to check out last month's poll results, this month's poll, and this weekend's concert previews in today's earlier posts below! (Edited on September 25th, 2012)
Jonny Fabbro

Genre: Hard Rock

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Members: (E-mail me at if you know of any omissions or errors to this lineup!)

Jonny Fabbro (Inside Spiral, Age of Days), all instruments
Dave Thompson (High Holy Days, Halfahalo), session guitar/bass

Audio/Video: Jonny's solo project wasn't visibly active for a lengthy period, but a good selection of his original material is online! His MySpace page includes four studio quality songs from late 2006, including three new originals and a cover of Inside Spiral's "Away From Here". One of the originals, "No Murder", was also included on an old SooMusic Radar post on SooToday in 2006, but it's since been taken down. I have uploaded all of his posted originals (along with two additional ones that he e-mailed me) onto The Sault Metal Scene's YouTube channel, so check them out there (just search for Jonny Fabbro.) For actual video footage, Jonny posted a press kit video in June onto his YouTube channel featuring lots of Inside Spiral-era video footage set to his own solo material, along with press clippings and quotes, which you can check out right here!

Info/Analysis: After a successful local run in the mid-2000s with Inside Spiral, Jonny Fabbro went solo in 2006. He recorded what would have been his debut solo album that year at Barrie's Digital Underdog Productions with producer Dave Thompson (formerly of High Holy Days), who also supplied lead guitar & bass tracks at these sessions. Describing his sound as "very raw original sounding music" and featuring varying hard rock elements, Jonny received some praise for his solo material, but it never appeared to get off the ground like was hoped. Save for his entry of "No Murder" into CBC's Hockey Night In Canada Anthem Challenge in 2008 & an appearance with a reunited Inside Spiral at 2009's Kiss Battle of the Bands, Jonny's music work has remained largely dormant, aside from a brief stint as guitarist with the Fredericton hard rock outfit Age of Days from 2011-2012. Though his band work is more prominent, Jonny's solo work is also pretty good! For example, I really like "No Murder" with it's speed and aggression, though all have good moments and catchy sounds! Not one bad song among the four, and though it's a familiar style for hard rock fans, he didn't let sappy ballads or sleazeball lyrics break up the good music we got. His singing is melodic & aggressive when need be (especially on "Reach Inside"), and I could picture some of these songs popping up on Rock 101 with extra refinement! Don't let his solo work slip by, give it a listen and see what you think!
I hope you guys enjoyed this month's profile! One note before I reveal who we're profiling next month. If you noticed that I didn't refer to Inside Spiral much in the above post, there's two reasons for that: A., this profile was on Jonny, not Inside Spiral, and B., their old Soundclick page was taken down at some point this year. Luckily, they're still on PureVolume, so I didn't have to delete them from the SMS, but it's a shame that the page was taken down, as it had a lot of good information on Inside Spiral, and four songs too! Luckily, I have posted all of them on YouTube, along with all six of Jonny's solo songs, so both projects will continue to have an internet presence!

As for next month's subject of our next Defunct Local Band Profile, I promised you guys that it would be a randomly chosen band or artist from Sault Michigan. And the band I randomly chose is... Life's Eclipse, the hardcore metal band from nearby Eckerman, Michigan who have been inactive for almost two years! I highly praised these guys when I first told you about them, so this will definitely be worth checking out when we post this on or around December 18th! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news by Sunday before the Total Chaos show! Thanks everyone!

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