Thursday, May 10, 2012

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Inside Spiral

It's once again time for our next Defunct Local Band Profile, and 18 months after we profiled this band's frontman's solo project, we're taking a look at his best known local band this month! As always, this profile was randomly chosen from our list of inactive/broken up Sault Ontario metal/hard rock bands, and this profile features known details on the featured band's history, material, current whereabouts, and more, so read on below for this latest profile in this monthly series! (Updated on September 25th, 2012)
Genre: Alternative/Hard Rock

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Members: (Members not in their last full lineup in italics. This information may be incomplete. E-mail me at if you have any additions!)

Jonny Fabbro (Age of Days), vocals/guitar
Jordan Koski, guitar
Lucas Bugyra (Havadder), bass
Ryan Graham, drums
A.J. Armstrong, bass

Audio/Video: The bulk of the available Inside Spiral media comes from 4 songs that they recorded using studio time won at a 2002 battle of the bands, including the original tracks "Why", "High Above", "Tell Me", and "Away From Here", which I uploaded to YouTube after their SoundClick page was taken down. The only video footage of Inside Spiral that's publically viewable comes from frontman Jonny Fabbro's solo press kit video from last year, but the audio from the clips was dubbed over by his solo material, and the footage hasn't been posted online otherwise. Note that Jonny later covered "Away From Here" as a solo track in 2006, and Inside Spiral would cover his solo track "No Murder" at their one-off reunion set in 2009. Check out the first song from their original demos below!

Info/Analysis: Active from roughly 2002-2006, Inside Spiral were a local hard rock quartet who achieved a number of notable successes in the area during their run. Though surviving online pages are minimal to document their existence, they notably won a major battle of the bands in 2002 and followed that up with a win at an out-of-town songwriting contest in 2004, which seems to be their peak year. They played numerous high profile local concerts in the mid-2000s before disbanding circa 2006. Inside Spiral's classic lineup later reunited for the Kiss Battle of the Bands in December 2009, but they were not voted through to the finals, and they quietly disbanded for good shortly thereafter, with some members moving on to past work in bands like Fredericton hard rock band Age of Days and local rockers Havadder. Inside Spiral had an entertaining hard rock style that wouldn't come amiss at local concerts nowadays! Jonny's singing voice was deep and fit the material, and they could effectively manage softer and heavier material nicely! Lucas' bass work was really good as well, and Ryan was definitely an underrated drummer. If anything, their material didn't take a lot of risks, but their accessible yet heavy brand of music definitely won them lots of fans, myself included, so give their material a listen!
I hope you guys liked this month's profile! We're looking at another Sault Michigan-area band next month, but which one? Through completely random selection, we're looking at inactive Eckerman, Michigan hard rock quartet Bent Rollercoaster, the late-2000s band featuring future Hammerspace bandmates Denny Breslin & Paul Burns, which should make for a very interesting profile! It'll be our first on just one American band in 4 months, so stay tuned for it on or around June 10th, and stay tuned for more news over the weekend! Thanks everyone!

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