Friday, November 25, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (The 3 Day Millionaires), A Dire Setback Updates, And Much More!!

Let's get some more news up on the site on this Friday afternoon, including some new video postings, a mysterious local band's latest updates, and first, a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for next month that you might want to circle for your New Year's schedule!

Local classic/hard rock cover quartet The 3 Day Millionaires and new local punk band A Dire Setback will join forces to rock The Rockstar Bar's New Year's Eve party on Saturday, December 31st! Though not yet confirmed by the venue or the Millionaires, A Dire Setback announced the show yesterday via their Facebook event page. It's somewhat rare to see The 3 Day Millionaires having an opening act (not counting festivals and charity events), but The Rockstar Bar usually puts more into their New Year's Eve shows, and A Dire Setback made a solid impression in their debut concert last week, so hopefully they turn in a rocking good time to end the year! No word though on if this will be A Dire Setback's next show or not, as there is over a month to go in the interim, but we'll keep you posted. As recently usual for The Rockstar Bar's New Years parties, expect a $10 admission fee with advance ticket sales to be announced (expect them at The Algonquin Hotel's front desk), and this will be a 19+ show with a likely 10:00 PM start time.

This should be a fun concert to end 2016 with, so definitely check the above links for more details, but how about A Dire Setback's debut at last weekend's Live 705 Local Show at The Oddfellows Hall? We already covered videos uploaded to Live 705's Facebook page, but the band uploaded more and better videos of their co-headlining set onto their Facebook page over the past few days, so we can get more of a sense and look at the band so far! Five have been uploaded there, all apparently of original songs, including 18 seconds of an unlabelled song and the longer "Nightmares" (sadly both on a vertical camera angle), plus the landscape-shot "Wasting Away", "Kicking & Screaming", and as embedded below, "Catastrophe". A Dire Setback show good energy on these videos, which have elements of punk and melodic hardcore, and should appeal to fans of members' old bands! The band can be somewhat in the shadows, but these are our best looks yet at A Dire Setback, so see more above & below!

Also, the previously teased offical website for local rap/metal project The Apocalypse Afterparty has finally been unveiled, so what can we glean from it? Created using Wix, the site occasionally uses "The Double Eh" (get it?) as an alternate band moniker, it features streaming links to the band's material from their forthcoming debut EP "Bufflesnort", and it notes that they're the "proud bearers of the torch of Part Metal", while alluding to their public appearances and material releases so far as "sneak peeks". In terms of their lineup, the page confirms that "Sven Derful" (a play on "wonderful"?) has replaced Amber McKay as their drummer, confirming an earlier note that a drummer of that name plays on "Bufflesnort", but I can't confirm his full identity at press time. Also, the band has quietly added a percussionist & synth player named "Lady Rito" to their lineup as well, apparently making them a quintet. Again, I cannot confirm her identity, but if I hear more, we'll let you know!

The mysterious yet intriguing tale of The Apocalypse Afterparty continues, and with the most recent reports hinting at a February 2017 release for "Bufflesnort" in a non-CD format, the wait to see their new lineup may not be as long as you're thinking! Stay tuned for more from these masked bandits when it rolls in!

Finally for today, local goregrind solo project Crucify the Whore has re-emerged with a full audio recording from their set opening for Dumpster Mummy at The New American Pub in September! Recorded by Twistory frontman Josh Amendola and uploaded to label Blood Shed Productions' YouTube channel last week, this is of C.T.W.'s full 25 minute set, though individual tracks aren't given in the description. Not bad quality overall, albeit a shame that this isn't a video, but check it out below if you're up for some minimalist grind action, watch for a Cheesy Poofs cameo, and stay tuned for more from the Blood Shed soon!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's YouTube Channel Profile next! Thanks everyone!

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