Sunday, February 24, 2019

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide), Blood Shed Concert Preview, And A New Video!!

In today's post, we have an extended preview of an upcoming metal concert happening slightly earlier than expected, plus a new video from an artist playing that show, but first, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for next month!

Local Celtic/punk quintet Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide will make their first public concert appearance of 2019 when they headline a St. Patrick's Day weekend concert at LopLops Lounge on Saturday, March 16th! Last seen at the same venue on December 27th, this holiday-timed show is nothing new for The Tide, who are known for playing live concerts on or around St. Patrick's Day in recent years, though they haven't played a seasonal concert of this nature in the Soo since their March 2015 tour, typically playing in Sudbury instead. It's great to see Dustin and company bring their Celtic punk attack back to LopLops next month, and one assumes green beer will be flowing if that's up your alley! No word yet on potential openers, we'll let you know if any are confirmed. Given their reputation and the seasonal nature, this concert is expected to sell out, and tickets are running for $15 at this link or presumably at the venue in advance and/or at the door.

This is absolutely a 19+ show, and a 9:00 PM start time is advertised. If you're up for some seasonally appropriate punk rock from this talented quintet (complete with presumed new material from their forthcoming CD), a LopLops trip to see The Rising Tide may not be a bad idea on St. Patrick's Eve! Visit the official Facebook event page for more details!

Next up, here's our preview of a special grindcore/death metal concert at The New American Pub THIS TUESDAY NIGHT, which will definitely be up the alley of long-time followers of Blood Shed Productions! As best as I can tell, this show was quietly moved up from Thursday the 28th to Tuesday, apologies for missing the apparent date change. Promoted (and headlined?) by resurgent local goregrind duo Rotopsy, this will be a return to form in many respects for the Blood Shed roster of minimalist death & grind bands, following a very quiet 2018, and it will be great to see everyone back at it! Previously announced solo projects on Tuesday will include Rotopsy bassist Tyler Gibson's goregrind act Crucify the Whore, the previously announced experimental metal project Awokest (in their first show since releasing "Enter The Nightlands"), and new local death/trance metal solo project Black Cloud, so if you like one-man extreme metal, here's a trifecta for your Tuesday entertainment!

Two previously unlisted bands are now advertised on the Facebook event page, including the surprise reunion of Awokest frontman Chase Wigmore's 2013-2014 grindcore duo This Is Your Band On Drugs after a 5+ year hiatus! I haven't heard anything specific on the return, or if Nick will be back on vocals, but Chase had been including T.I.Y.B.O.D. recordings in his recent discography compilation work, so this could stem from that. In any event, this should be intriguing for Blood Shed loyalists, and they're back in our active band links! The other advertised band/performer was listed under the moniker "PCxFascist", but they were quietly replaced or renamed on the Facebook event page with the project name "Full-Send". Same act or not, I know nothing on PCxFascist and/or Full-Send, but we'll let you know if anything comes out! A 19+ show, entrance at The New A on Tuesday will be via donation under a "pay what you can" model, and an early-ish 8:00 PM start time is advertised.

While unfortunately not at The Oddfellows Hall (despite what the Facebook event page's cover photo may suggest), this is a nice throwback event for fans of Blood Shed Productions & Heavy North Entertainment's heyday, and might this be just the start of a 2018 resurgence for the label? See above for more details on all of Tuesday's local extreme metal action at The New A, and for a preview, here's Rotopsy live!

We'll close today with a new video from the aforementioned Chase Wigmore's solo Facebook page, as uploaded there on Thursday! A solo instrumental performance in black & white, this is an excellent showcase of Chase's guitar abilities, complete with some progressive flourish, and it's heavy enough to appeal to fans of his metal work without scaring unaccustomed listeners. Excellent shredding here, so give Chase's new video a look below, don't miss Awokest on Tuesday, and stay tuned for more news and updates on the site later this week! Thanks everyone!

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