Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Weekend's Concert Previews, And More!!

It's that time again, we have a few metal shows taking place this weekend, so here it is, your local concert previews! I'll have a couple news stories after too!

First this weekend, we have a triple shot of concerts at The Satisfied Frog from Michigan hard rockers Nudge! Unlike most weekend sets from bands in the area, Nudge will also be playing tonight, with a special "Nudge-coustic" set, followed by some more normal sets Friday and Saturday! Each show will take place at 10:00 PM! I don't know much else, and I haven't found any audio or video of these guys to share, but from everything I've seen (and their extensive tour schedule), they're very likely a great and talented band! Go check them out this weekend if you can, and visit their MySpace page for more info!

The other show this weekend (that I know of) is Saturday night, when local hard rock band Free Refill return to rock this year's Oktoberfest! (Am I the only one who thinks Oktoberfest should be in October?) It will take place on Portage Avenue from noon-midnight, with Free Refill playing at 8:00 PM according to their MySpace page! There will apparently be other live bands, farmer’s market, food, games and more! Nice to see some good music on the bill, hopefully Free Refill do a great job this weekend! For a preview, check out this video clip of Free Refill covering the Wolfmother song "Joker And The Thief"!

So there's your concerts this weekend, if I hear anything coming out of them, I'll be sure to share with you guys! And remember, next weekend, Tym Morrison and Bad Side will rock the Sault area, stay tuned for previews of those shows! Now, for a couple more news items!

First, a local concert venue that has hosted metal shows in the past is closing it's doors. The Arcadia Coffeehouse, located on 823 Queen Street East, will shut down on Wednesday due to "events/pressures which are beyond our control". For concerts, they had mostly bands of the indie/alternative variety, but there was the occasional metal band, one of which was Sykotyk Rampage earlier this year. The press release on their website (also on SooToday) expresses hope that Arcadia may return in some form. Well, that must suck, I'm sure there's a lot of people who'll miss The Arcadia, and it's one less option for bands to use for shows too!

And finally some great quality video has surfaced online from Quite Frankly's recent gig after The Sault Steelers' game! Check out some clips at YouTube user stumpypet1's channel! I recommend checking out this clip of their cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love", and I just gotta say, Jacqueline Alisat has one hell of a voice. Check the video out, and I'll see you guys on the weekend with any more news I can find!


Anonymous said...

Tell the truth, when they came on at the end people started leaving.Also the behavior of certain band members parents was less than professional. I was there and overall I thought it was way below par. If these guys are going to have a female singer they better start doing some original stuff. h

Anonymous said...

I agree completely, having a female lead doing covers of metalica and ac/dc just doesn't cut it. From the amount of people vacating near the end, they agree also. The band is talented I will admit, but to make an impact they should stop being a cover band unless they plan on only doing Heart songs. Doing some writing and playing some originals will maybe stop them from being labeled another cover band with a female singer.