Monday, September 13, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Caveman Morrison), Throat Kick Preview, And More!!

Well, I'm back from Detroit and I have some local metal stories to share today, including a preview of a concert tomorrow night and the latest news from Woods of Ypres and The Eastgate Hotel, but first, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!

Fresh off their new lineup's live debut this past weekend at The Outback, Caveman Morrison have booked a brand new concert for this fall, as they'll be back at The Rockstar Bar for the first time in months on October 1st! Just one show to my knowledge, but if they do end up playing on October 2nd as well, I will let you know! This show will have a 10:00 PM start time, there is no announced cover charge, and you must be 19 to enter. For more information, visit the official Facebook event page! This should be another fun show from Caveman Morrison, who'll deliver another high energy night of heavy metal covers to patrons and fans at The Rockstar Bar to kick off October! But if you want your Caveman fix sooner, remember to check them out this coming Friday and Saturday when they play their first shows at Foggy Notions featuring new bassist Dutch Vanderploeg and drummer Johnny Belanger! I'll be there, and I'll have more on Caveman Morrison soon!

Next up, here's a preview of an upcoming concert, and though it is slightly short notice, it's a very promising show at a new venue, so at least consider going! Tomorrow night at The Vibe Lounge, two British Columbia bands will hit the stage for a concert that's sure to leave an impression! Your headliners are Prince George breakcore band Throat Kick, who have a heavy hardcore-style with a heavy electronic influence in many songs. Unique but moshable, they'll be sure to leave you wanting more tomorrow night! The other scheduled band is Vancouver groove metal quintet GFAP!, who have some nice breakdowns and throw in many different styles and sounds into their music, including some creative experimental touches! Hardcore fans will definitely want to be at The Vibe Lounge tomorrow night, this'll deliver some great stuff! This show will take place at 9:00 PM tomorrow night, there is a $5 cover, and you must be 19 to enter. Sure, it's short notice and in a venue far from most of the other concert spots, but you should have some good times at this concert tomorrow, so make it on out! For more information on this show and the bands scheduled tomorrow, visit the official Facebook event page and the links above! For a video preview, here's Throat Kick's music video for their song "Robot Attack"!

Thirdly today, here's the latest updates on Woods of Ypres! Nothing has came out about "Woods V" yet, but the first photo from what was hyped as their last photo shoot is now online! The shoot was conducted by Miguel Gauthier of Stereo Soul Studios, where the band recorded their last two albums, and the first of these photos can be seen on your right. Looks good, can't wait for the rest! Miguel's actually a very talented photographer, and he has dozens of great photos at his Flickr page to check out, including a couple featuring members of Garden of Bedlam! More on "Woods V" as I hear it! The other Woods note I had was about frontman David Gold's emigration from Canada. Some of you may still be wondering where exactly he went and why, but after clear statements failed to materialize prior to his flight overseas, the questions continued. Well, since arriving, David's shared many photos of his surroundings on his personal Facebook page, and though he never clearly says where he is (he lists his locations as "Brutalandiabad" & "so far from you") the photos all point to him being in Kuwait, an Arabic country near The Persian Gulf.

Probably the most telling is a photo of David outside of The Kuwait Towers, but out of respect for personal privacy, I won't link or embed anything here. I'm assuming he's found work there, possibly as a teacher like when he lived in South Korea, but hopefully he's not done with music after the release of "Woods V"! There, maybe that helps answer a couple of questions!

Finally today, here's some updates concerning the fate of former local metal concert venue The Eastgate Hotel. The offers to buy the unused building are still out there, mostly, but the original offer from Tomasso Petrucci has been withdrawn. The offer from Anna Yurkevich and Walter Jakubsky was ruled to be unacceptable due to their aim to have the building rezoned as a residential building. Lindsay Myles informally offered $30,000 to turn it into low income housing for people on welfare via fax, but it's not being considered. If City Council are going to approve of an offer to save it in today's Council meeting, the only one they'll consider is Robert Berto Jr.'s $17,000 offer for it, though he hasn't announced his plans for it if he gets it. Council could also demolish The Eastgate and sell the vacant lot, or accept an $80,000 offer from Algoma Insurance, which would see them demolish the building for their own purposes. Note that newer offers could be re-evaluated today as well. Read Elaine Della-Mattia's Sault Star article on the topic at this location. Also, click here to read an interesting editorial article about the Eastgate situation from The Sault Star's Doug Millroy.

It seems to me like they could have solved this problem a lot sooner than now, and today may not even decide what will happen to The Eastgate. I'd like to see it stay up in some fashion, and I'm sure many concertgoers from the 1980s and 1990s would love to see it remain where it is for nostalgic reasons, but I wouldn't be surprised if it got torn down. Algoma Insurance have the best offer monetarily, and there's no strange conditions mentioned, so if I was betting, I'd have my chips on them to win The Eastgate. Still, this could go a few different directions, and I'll have more as I hear it!

That's all for today, but I already have some assorted stories lined up for my next update, so stay tuned for that in the next day or two! Thanks everyone!

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