Sunday, September 23, 2012

New/Old Lion Ride Videos, Haggith Updates, And More Updates!!

It's time for another post at the SMS, and today's updates aren't anything too major or groundbreaking, but all have some cool and notable stuff to discuss, so what's on tap? We've got updates to some recent monthly feature posts, a new video from a local guitarist, and some new Haggith updates, but first, here's some recently restored videos of a prominent local metal band!

First up today, I wanted to share some videos that recently returned to the internet with you guys! Fans of defunct local metal quintet Lion Ride may remember that in the late 2000s, original bassist Nathan "Lionel Itchy" Sauve had uploaded a few videos from his tenure with the band onto his YouTube channel, but in 2010, he quietly privatized them for unknown reasons. Well, luckily for Lion Ride fans, he's made them public again, so I thought I'd properly re-address them! The videos, which come from Lion Ride's 2007 glam-influenced beginnings, include three videos each from their debut concert on July 7th of that year & a later gig on December 28th, both of which took place at Foggy Notions (now Coch's Corner.) The debut concert clips, which appear to have been filmed for the 705 Video Magazine, had early studio recordings dubbed over Lion Ride playing their songs "Cocaine Crazy", "Lazer Lover", and "My Baby's Bad", while the December videos (of them playing "Cocaine Crazy", "Sneak Attack", and "Slapdance") were by a different filmer and left in the original audio.

It's great to see these videos back online, and kudos to Nathan for bringing them back for fans to check out! The videos from the second concert are of worse quality and have a further away angle, but they're nice early performances of some Lion Ride standards! The videos from their debut show are definitely of better quality (I'm curious to hear the original audio though), and it's good to hear songs like "Lazer Lover" & "My Baby's Bad" again, especially knowing that they were later phased out of Lion Ride sets. I've embedded the video of Lion Ride playing "My Baby's Bad" at their first show below, but check out the rest of the 2007 Lion Ride clips out above, and thanks again to Nathan for making these public again!

One more related note, as among Nathan's returning uploads was a video of Toronto metal project The Sexual Vigilantes (featuring Maximum RNR's Brenton Ellis & Curtis Faux) playing their original "Motorbike The Song" while opening for Lion Ride at Foggy's on December 28th. For that set, they were joined by Lion Ride members/ex-Detroit bandmates Mikey Hawdon & Mark Rand on drums and bass, and it's of decent quality & a solid glimpse at what I think was the SXVGLNTES' only local concert! We've featured it on here in the past, but check the above links to give it another look!

Next up, here's the latest updates from local grunge quartet Haggith! Firstly, we now know a bit more on their Sault Ontario debut at The Roosevelt Hotel on September 13th via some new photo uploads onto their Facebook page, so what can we confirm? Well, new bassist Caleb Cachagee did indeed play with them for their first set, and singer/guitarist Curtis McKenzie dropped the guitar to focus on singing for at least one song. As well, the full setlist from their Rosie debut was also revealed via this photo, so we now know that they played every song from their forthcoming debut album "Dragon Joy Ride" (except "Sandman"), along with non-album originals "Leon the Janitor" & "Public Enemy", and covers of Cheap Trick's "Reach Out" & The Stone Temple Pilots' "Vasoline" (the latter of which was their encore.) Solid stuff from what I can assume, but I wonder if any videos of their Rosie appearance are floating around? Also, Haggith are looking for input on what formats you'd wanna see "Dragon Joy Ride" released on, so would you want the album digitally? On CD? On cassette, even? Give feedback at this location, and stay tuned for more news and notes from them as it rolls in!

Also in the news, local guitarist/Audiofumes podcast host Mike Cliffe uploaded another new solo performance video onto his YouTube channel yesterday! Entitled "Monday Morning Mayhem", it's a 4:16 solo hard rock instrumental that thankfully has better lighting than Mike's last performance clip! Solid hard rocker with some progressive touches and nice backing instrumentation, and it feels like a song you could race cars to! Check it out below, and also be sure to check out Mike's AudioFumes podcasts as well!

And finally for today, here's some more updates to some of our monthly feature posts! In our profile of the Algoma University Battle of the Bands, I adjusted when runners up The Fury went inactive (from early 2011 to mid 2011), and in the Sault College/Scotties Tournament battle profile, I updated information on battle winners Blackwater's current status & frontman Cody McMillan's recent prominent solo work. In our YouTube Channel Profile Series, I updated our profile on Joey Beairl's YouTube channel to correct the lineup of inactive local hard rock band Unleashed (the focus of his only video), as I had incorrectly credited Eli Reilly instead of Jack Slater as their guitarist at the time of that performance (Jack was in their original lineup before Eli replaced him.) In our profile of Stillbroke's YouTube channel, I updated many references to their now inactive status, and finally, I added some Banned video links and more recent references to the profile on Ashley Traynor's YouTube channel. Our next slate of past feature post updates should be this week, so keep an eye out, and check the above links for these new updates!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes this week! Thanks everyone!

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