Friday, February 22, 2013

YouTube Channel Profile Series: WoodsOfYpresVEVO, reneepaigefecteau, and sonorri's Channels

As promised, today marks this month's latest YouTube Channel Profiles, where we once again look at & profile up to 3 YouTube channels with at least a 50% concentration of local metal-relevant videos! This month, we're looking at the 3 channel maximum due to the first channel we randomly selected having just one video, so we added more until we had a full installment. What videos lie in these channels? Why should you watch or subscribe? What else should you know on each? Read on below to find out, and if anything's wrong or missing, please let me know!
WoodsOfYpresVEVO's Channel (

Owner: Major label music video website/company Vevo (though the individual identity of this channel's creator is unknown)

Channel Timeline: Launched on May 19th, 2011; Only video posted on August 1st of that year

Channel Summary: Vevo are a familiar sight for YouTube users who frequently watch music videos online, but there wasn't a direct connection to the local metal scene until mid-2011, when a Vevo account was started for blackened doom metal standouts Woods of Ypres to host their music videos under their branding. Only their last video for "I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery" was uploaded there, which is now the most viewed version of the video on YouTube (even more than the band's official copy from 6 months prior.) Had Woods of Ypres frontman David Gold's not passed away in December 2011, future music videos of theirs would likely have been posted there, but with events happening how they did, the channel hasn't been updated in over a year. As a video source, it's redundant due to multiple other more active channels featuring it, but this epic doom ballad from 2010's "Woods IV" is still a great & haunting song & video, and it's worth checking out (unless the Vevo watermark is an irritance)

Reneepaigefecteau's Channel (

Owner: YouTube user and likely Sault Ontario resident Renee Paige Fecteau

Channel Timeline: Launched on January 28th, 2008; Videos posted that same day

Channel Summary: One of the shortest local metal-relevant channels by average video runtime, Renee's two videos amount to just 39 seconds in total length. One is an 18 second video of a friend "making a fool out of himself" at a bar, although it's so dark, short, and oddly angled that it's hard to tell what he's doing. The other video is definitely fits on the SMS, and it's a live video from South African hard rock/grunge band Seether's set opening for Three Days Grace at the then-Steelback Center on January 24th, 2008! It's 21 seconds of them playing their ballad "Broken" (which ex-3DG singer Adam Gontier guested on), and while it's short with fuzzy video quality, the audio's pretty good despite the length, sounding close to the studio track! Note however that Renee has not visibly used this channel since shortly after these videos were posted, in case that changes your mind on subscribing.

sonorri's Channel (

Owner: Former Sense of Truth drummer Ryan "Kev Riain" Haryett

Channel Timeline: Launched on August 14th, 2006; Only video posted on November 24th, 2009

Channel Summary: Though still used for personal needs, Ryan only uploaded one video onto his YouTube channel, which comes from a concert that his old local hard rock band Sense of Truth played in 2009! I believe this came from their set at the Skate 4 Cancer fundraiser at The Grand Theater on May 14th, 2009, and this features their entire 2008-2011 quintet incarnation. The video features Sense of Truth covering Tool's "Stinkfist", which Ri complimented as being "the most fun I had playing a tune" (despite dropping his drumsticks late), and the flowing video quality backs up their talents well! Strong vocals from Cory Murchison and quality bass work from Curtis Beauchamp especially, and it's well filmed videos like this that make me wish Sense of Truth had stayed active following their 2011 breakup, but at least we have the similar Skeyes of Seven now!

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! Next month, we'll return to Sault Michigan for a one channel profile, as we randomly selected YouTube user Dino Capriata's channel, which features a number of videos from assorted hard rock concerts at The Dreammaker's Theater at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino! Stay tuned for this profile on or around March 22nd, and stay tuned hopefully tonight for our first concert review in way too long! Thanks everyone!

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