Friday, September 18, 2015

Last Month's Poll Results & Our Newest Poll!!

It's the 18th of the month again, so before we touch on late notice weekend concerts, here's this month's new poll at the SMS and the final results of last month's poll! As you may remember, we posed this question to you guys last month: Should more local bands release split CDs with other artists? Only 8 votes, sadly, but there are clear results to be had, so here are the results!

Yes, it's good for marketing and joint exposure (4 votes, 50%)
No, bands should just release their own albums (3 votes, 37.5%)
It depends on the involved bands (1 vote, 12.5%)
Only for special circumstances or events (0 votes)
No opinion/I'm not sure (0 votes)

What do you guys think? Well, even in this low voting total, it's clear that the vote is very split, with only half of voters thinking that split CDs were a good idea without reservation, with the other half either saying no to the idea or only agreeing depending on who's involved on the hypothetical split. I can see both sides on a debate over the merits of split CDs, as they can be good to get exposure for multiple bands at once, split recording costs, or give fans an extra bonus, but at the same time, fans aren't guaranteed to like every participating band on a split, they can be hard to organize in collections if you group your albums by band, and splits can often be a more underground, indie option that may be harder to find copies of. With "Fed Up!" coming out next month, Blood Shed Productions active in split demos, and bands like AlgomA and The Red & Black planning their own splits, the idea is definitely gaining steam, and while some prefer bands to stick to their own releases, there is an audience there, and I'm sure more will turn up!

Thanks to everyone for voting! As for our new poll, we're keeping our September tradition going for year #4 by posing this question to you guys: Which of these defunct or recently inactive bands would you most want to see hit the stage again? It's to be expected that notable bands will break up for fall inactive, such is the nature of things, but that doesn't mean fans don't want to see them back together, either for one-off occasions or full-time, but what do current readers think on the situation? After a one-year lineup of 25 bands due to our punk expansion, we're back to our usual 20 bands (plus "Other") this time, and like usual, it only covers bands who broke up or fell inactive in the past 5 years, and active/on-hiatus bands that haven't played live in 6 months. Every band that received a vote is back for this run of the poll, save The Billy Bastards (who returned to the stage last month) and Nixxon Dixxon (whose 2010 breakup is now more than 5 years ago.)

And again, no bands are included that received no votes in this poll last year (hence the absence of For All That Is Lost and The Scary Uncles, among others), but we do have six new additions and one restored band that had previously been removed from the poll, not for a lack of votes, but for a prior return to activity that has since ended. Now, here are your 20 choices (plus "Other") for this poll on the defunct or inactive bands you most want to see back on the concert stage!

As It Stands: It's been three long years since this popular local hardcore quintet's last show, but I'm sure there are still many fans who miss A.I.S. from their frequent appearances on the local stage during their long run! Fans can now see drummer John Mignacca in his Dillinger techno project and as Skeyes of Seven's drummer, but we haven't heard a lot musically from the rest of their classic lineup. Would you welcome an As It Stands reunion the most out of the given bands?

Beaumont Avenue/The Suicide Kings: Suddenly breaking up this summer after their Rotaryfest Stage 1 set in July, the local hard rock quartet (known as The Suicide Kings for most of their run) were among the Soo's most accomplished hard rock bands of the early 2010s, including winning 2013's Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands, and even playing in Spanish! You can see members in The Bear Hunters & Mourning Wood now, but do you most want a Beaumont Avenue reunion?

Bring The Fallen: With members still active in projects like The Bear Hunters and Debt To The Heirless, we haven't heard the last of alumni of these death metal favourites, but the three time battle of the bands winners have been missed since their 2011 demise and 2013 reunion show. At least the latter gave fans closure, but as one of the progenitors of the recent death metal wave in the Soo, a return for Bring The Fallen would not be amiss if the cards lined up. Do you agree?

Caveman Morrison: Since the end of 2013, Caveman Morrison have fallen inactive as a functioning band, with frontman/namesake Tym Morrison transitioning to regular runs as a solo musician at The Harp Bar & Grill and Gliss Steak & Seafood on almost every weekend, leaving little room for a Caveman reunion. Given the band's lineup fluidity and similar sets (just plugged in) to Tym's solo shows, the full band's reunion is certainly possible, but would you want it the most?

Crimson Crusade: Still officially on hiatus, and last playing live in October 2013, this young death metal quartet definitely made waves during the early 2010s, including an EP release and a number of high profile opening sets at local metal concerts. Fans can see guitarist Robert Sartini in the recently reunited Pillory (more on them soon), but Crimson Crusade's Death-inspired sound and energy were an asset during their run, and would you want them to reunite more than the rest?

The Danger Cats: A rare all-female band in the twin Saults, this energetic punk/hard rock quartet burned bright during their 2013-2015 run, improved noticeably with time, and gave a good shot of girl power to a number of big concerts, before frontwoman Kate Kougar's move out of town forced their breakup this summer. The Danger Cats proved that the ladies can rock just as well as the men, and I know many fans want them back, but would their reunion be your first choice?

Frightlight: After giving Sault Ontario a dose of horror punk intensity for five years, Fitswitch successors Frightlight amicably ended their run at frontman Johnny Pints' annual Halloween party last October. Releasing an EP, opening for The Misfits, and playing numerous major concerts during their run together, fans can still see members in bands like Jack Spades, Redundant, Giwakwa, and Chronic Demonic, but would you want to see another fright night above all else?

The Fury: Though frontman Paul Stanghetta has since re-appropriated Fury originals for his current band The Apocalypse Afterparty, there are likely fans that miss The Fury, the punk (but don't call them that) trio that rocked a number of notable concerts from 2009-2011, and finished second in two battles of the bands, before briefly attempting a reunion (with a DJ?!) last year. The Apocalypse Afterparty help fill the gap, but do you miss still miss The Fury the most?

Gates of Winter: Tying for the lead in this poll last year, this high profile progressive death metal band are still on their live hiatus (now approaching seven years), and we haven't heard public news on their new album "Perihelion" since the spring. At last word though, Lee, Bryan, and Steve are still plugging away in studio, and their skilled and brutal new material will no doubt be worth the wait, but do you want them back on stage at last more than other choices in the poll?

Giwakwa: Though we haven't seen this sludge/death metal band on the stage since the summer of 2013, Chris Page & Chris Thompson have kept Giwakwa alive with Mitch Sirie taking over on vocals & bass, though they still have yet to return to the stage, and haven't posted a public update in six months. During their brief blast of concerts in 2013, they definitely left a mark, especially with Josh & Nolan from Bring The Fallen in tow, but do you want Giwakwa back in any form?

Haggith: After an up & down run that saw them play some big concerts, finish second at the Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands, but also break up briefly in 2014 and go through a lot of lineup changes in their last year, local alternative/grunge quartet Haggith parted ways for good this summer. They left fans with a strong number of CDs and original material, and you can see members in Project 421 & Mike Haggith and The Din, but do you want to say "All Hail Haggith!" over any other bands?

Half A Man: The only Sault Michigan band to make the poll this year, Brimley's Half A Man were among the few major metal bands in the E.U.P. of recent years to play major concerts and record original material, but they fell inactive after their LemmaFest 2013 set. Frontman Erik Rintamaki has carved a niche selling agates and hosting open mic nights, and alum Doug Reed has worked on his Drayton Fever solo project since, but have you been missing Half A Man as of late?

Late & Loud: The winners of this poll in each of the last two years, classic metal favourites Late & Loud disbanded over two years ago now, though Loudmouths did get two reunion concerts last year to tide them over a bit. With members living in different cities now, a reunion isn't likely, but given the following they had during their original 2010-2013 run, I'm sure there are still many fans who'd like to see the guys back at it if possible. Are you among the Loudmouths?

Lion Ride: Tying for the lead in this poll last year, fans have now been waiting four years for a new Lion Ride concert, but after the heights they hit both locally and in Southern Ontario from 2007-2012, how could fans not want Lion Ride's punk influenced metal attack on stage again? Fans can see members in bands like The Fairmounts, Cross Dog, and Such Small Creatures, but are you hoping for a Lion Ride reunion above these other choices?

The Northern Tragedy: Though not officially defunct or inactive yet, local punk trio The Northern Tragedy have not played a public concert since the spring of last year, and have not posted any updates on their Facebook page since January, though fans can see singer/drummer Terrence Gomes in the alternative duo Infinity Grinder. No idea where The Northern Tragedy have been lately, but if you've missed their modern punk concerts and originals, vote for them in this poll!

Pillory: A choice in this poll two years ago before their then-return to the stage, local thrash metal band Pillory broke up again last summer, hence their return to the poll now, and just in time for their recent reunion! Now with Robert and Bret joined by Haggith alum Jordan Leach on bass, Pillory have posted a new jam session video on Facebook, but it's anyone's guess when they'll return to the stage. Have you missed Pillory enough to throw your support in the poll to them?

RedD Monkey: Though the popular local/Toronto classical punk trio just released their long awaited third album "Opus 2" this weekend, it was posthumously, as RedD Monkey have been on hiatus since early last year, not counting February's one-off set in Toronto. Fans can see members in Faceityoureametalband and Larval Host nowadays, but RedD Monkey's creative and explosive sets have been missed by many fans, though would you be enough of one to give them your vote?

T-Rex Manning: Though members of this punk/metal cover band will reunite for a Misfits tribute set on Halloween next month, it's not advertised as a reunion (one-off or full time) for T-Rex Manning, hence their inclusion in the poll. Featuring current members of Jack Spades and Stereo North, T-Rex Manning were a reliable and entertaining sight at numerous concerts in the early 2010s, and not just for their original "She Banged The Mayor", but would you be receptive for a full reunion?

This Is Your Band On Drugs: This Chase Wigmore-led death/grind project made a lot of fans with their chaotic and unpredictable concerts early last year, before work-related conflicts forced a hiatus that looked to have ended last October at Blood Shed Productions' Devil's Night show, only for Chase's other band The North Shore to replace them for unannounced reasons. T.I.Y.B.O.D. have to be seen to be believed, but would you most like another chance to do so?

Treble Charger: The Juno-nominated local alternative/punk veterans are certainly not defunct, and played some summer gigs in Southern Ontario, but their last local gig was at The Machine Shop in February, more than 6 months ago, hence why they're in this poll. Greig, Bill, and company have accomplished a ton locally and beyond, including award wins, chart hits, and national fame, and their show in February was a taste of all of that, but do you most want a new Treble Charger concert

Other: Did we miss a band that you'd prefer to vote for? Maybe the band you most want to reunite or play again broke up 5+ years ago, like Fitswitch or Nixxon Dixxon? Maybe you want to vote for a band that got no votes last year, like The Inner City Surfers or State of Misery? Or maybe you have a recently inactive band that didn't make the poll, like The Thrill Junkies or The Fever Tops? If your preferred choice isn't here, vote for "Other"!

VOTE TODAY!! You guys have until October 18th to cast your votes, so make sure you do so in the voting field on the right of the page, especially as this is usually a popular poll that gets a good response! Stay tuned for a new news post featuring short notice show announcements and more updates later today! Thanks everyone!

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