Friday, September 18, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Lucky 13), Shit Liver & AlgomA Updates, And More!!

As promised, here's another post for your Friday with SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, but just for the sake of clarification, if a band like Mourning Wood announce any weekend gigs on even later notice today, we probably won't have time to mention it on the site beforehand, so keep tabs on our Facebook page if something's announced. Today's post also has new updates from two local extreme metal bands, and some assorted updates, so here's what you should know, and check out last month's poll results and our new poll in the post below this one!

Local alternative/hard rock cover quartet Lucky 13 will return to The Rednecks Saloon for solo headlining concerts TONIGHT & TOMORROW NIGHT! Apologies for the short notice, the band only announced the shows via the official Facebook event page on Wednesday, and we only heard about them after our first concert preview post went up on the site on Thursday. Making their first concert appearance of the fall (having last rocked the stage at Rednecks in early August), it's good to see Ed, Jeremey, Jeff, and Roger back on stage, and hopefully their fan-favourite, often edgy covers find a strong audience at the former Nicolet Tavern TONIGHT & TOMORROW during their "world tour"! Both shows have 10:30 PM start times, both are 19+ affairs, and there are no announced cover charges. For more details, visit the above links, and here's Lucky 13 live last year!

Next up, local/St. Catharine's death/crust trio Shit Liver are spotlighted in the newest episode of the YouTube webseries Extreme Metal Television, which went online on Sunday! The Canadian-produced series has been ongoing since 2011, and may be familiar to some readers for featuring Woods of Ypres in their fourth and eleventh episodes. Though this newest episode's main features are interviews with members of Napalm Death & Iron Reagan, Shit Liver actually lead things off with an underground spotlight filmed during their Calgary tour date in May. Interspersed with concert footage from that show, Josh, Mike, and Matt are interviewed about how they formed, the inspiration of the name Shit Liver, the recording process for their debut album, their influences & musical style, and early plans for future albums, their east coast tour run, and new YouTube uploads. Their segment runs until about 6:15 of the video.

In terms of scoops, the guys revealed in the interview that their second album will be called "Hitting The Fan", and they also plan to record a split CD with Saskatoon grindcore quartet Grimace, who had previously teased that on their own Facebook page in May after their show together, but Shit Liver hadn't previously acknowledged the split that I'd seen. Solid interview and good exposure for the guys, so check it out below, and stay tuned for more from Shit Liver in an upcoming post!

Also, here's some of the latest from local doom metal trio AlgomA, who've been getting some nice exposure in a few different forms! Their song "Bedsores" is among the 75 Canadian doom & stoner metal songs on the new digital compilation "Doomed & Stoned In Canada" alongside such familiar bands as Ballot Burner, Biipiigwan, The Great Sabatini, Gypsy Chief Goliath, Public Animal, and AlgomA's upcoming splitmates Chronbot. Very solid compilation for fans of underground Canadian metal, so buy it at the link above for any price you want! As well, AlgomA were Tuesday's spotlighted band on the popular Tumblr account One Band a Day, which profiles... you can guess. Their review noted that they're an "excellent sludge doom band" that "probably makes noise flee in fear", even giving them a rating of 11/10. High praise in this short write-up, so give it a look above, and follow One Band A Day for more solid bands every day!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist name:

  • Local hardcore punk sextet Destroilet have finally been confirmed as the last opening band for THIS SUNDAY'S Fuck The Facts concert, marking their Oddfellows Hall debut! While those close to the event knew they were opening for a while now, promoter Tyler St. Amour only confirmed that they were in the 7:00 PM slot on Tuesday on the Facebook event page, noting that the delay in the announcement was due to personal commitments. Surprising to be sure, but Destroilet will fit in well, and stay tuned for our full preview!
  • Just as a clarification note from last weekend, we can now confirm that former Wishbone drummer Brent Royer filled in for Glen Thomas (another Wishbone alum) with Mourning Wood at their show on Saturday at The Rednecks Saloon, as per personal Facebook posts by Brent. Hopefully that show went well, and stay tuned for more on their next gigs!
  • Veteran local rock guitarist Mario Carlucci posted an audio cover of Neil Young's "Rockin' In The Free World" onto his Soundcloud page on Monday that is credited to his old classic/hard rock band Sneaky Pete, who have been defunct for a couple of years now. There's no indication there that this is a new recording, but there's no word that it isn't either, so are Sneaky Pete getting back together? If we hear anything, we'll let you know, but check out the solid cover above!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news this weekend, including more concert previews! Thanks everyone!

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