Friday, October 16, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Highway 63), A New Local Band, And Much More!!

Let's touch on some more news and updates on this Friday morning, so what's in store today? Some assorted shorter notes, a new guitarist addition for a local band, and late SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for this weekend, but first, we have a new band discovery that links to the new guitarist write-up! Here's what you should know, and best of luck to Jack Spades as they open for The Misfits in Toronto this weekend! (Updated at 2:48 PM)

We have a new local band to add to our links, and they are Leaked, a young classic rock/punk trio! Formed by classmates at Korah Collegiate & Vocational School, their lineup features singer/bassist Matt Schell, guitarist Tammy Hill (more on her in a second), and drummer Nic Buckner, and Korah students may recognize Tammy and Nic from being current members of Korah's school band Mustang Sally. Updates on Leaked have not came since June, but the band played at two outdoor school events at the end of the spring semester, including at the Buick Drive For Your Students event in May, and at their Relay For Live event the following month. Also, I believe this is the band Tammy was referencing when looking for members on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group earlier this year. I'm not sure if Leaked are still active and functioning or not, but they do have one video from the latter gig, so what should we know from it?

I can't identify each of the (at least) five songs by name, as some are short and/or instrumental clips, and Matt's voice is hard to hear, but the second song is a familiar punk cover, and they also tackle The Beatles' "Come Together" and Golden Earring's "Radar Love". It's not a huge glimpse at Leaked, but they have instrumental skill, and Tammy shows some solid guitar ability, but again, Matt's singing isn't that strong. Hopefully Leaked keep at it though, it's great to see more young talent emerging! Check out their video below, and they're now in our active band links!

Next up, we have SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for TONIGHT & TOMORROW NIGHT, as Sault Michigan classic/hard rock quartet Highway 63 will reportedly be back at The Rapids Lounge at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino this weekend! Apologies for the short notice, the band only announced them on their Facebook page this morning, and Kewadin Casino's entertainment page still hasn't been updated to reflect dates at The Rapids Lounge for this latter stretch of the year (at least we know that they're still hosting bands!) Last seen at the Sault Kewadin last month, it's good to see the Jager successors back at it as we slowly approach their Halloween gig at the Legion, and definitely consider checking them out TONIGHT and/or TOMORROW NIGHT if you're across the river this weekend! Both shows are 21+ affairs with no announced cover charges and 9:00 PM start times. See above for more details, and here's Highway 63 live!

Also, we can now reveal the identity of Mike Haggith & The Din's new guitarist, as they've enlisted the aforementioned Tammy Hill to round out their new lineup, replacing the departed Curtis McKenzie. The local alternative hard rock trio had originally revealed her addition two weeks ago via this Facebook video of the band playing "Out Of My League" during a jam session, but opted to keep her full identity secret until posting this photo on Wednesday. Tammy will make her live debut with The Din at the second Speak Easy Battle of the Bands on November 19th, and the band also teased "some studio surprises coming soon", so we'll keep you posted when more comes out on those! This is a surprise addition, especially with Tammy being a somewhat unknown musical commodity (unless you're a current Korah student), but she did show clear talent in the brief clips from the above Leaked video, and it's great to have another female musician getting into the local hard rock scene! Stay tuned for more from Mike Haggith & The Din when it comes in!

Finally, here's three assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist or show name:

  • Local sludge/doom metal trio AlgomA posted the interview that they did with the Northern Darkness Print Zine onto their Facebook page on October 1st via three photos of the physical copy, though Halloween props obscure some of the questions. The interview was conducted with frontman Kevin Campbell apparently in the winter (quite a delay to print!), and it includes remarks about their debut CD, the cover artwork, and their influences, but questions about their name's meaning and closing remarks are obscured from view. If you want to read the full interview (in case the band never posts it), click here for purchasing details!
  • Local hardcore punk sextet Destroilet's studio cover of The Rebel Spell's "Murderers" (from the upcoming "Fed Up!" three way split) was briefly posted onto their Bandcamp page yesterday, but was suddenly pulled today due to "an audio glitch", but will apparently be re-posted in the near future. For reference, the song features Billy Bastards guitarist Greg Beharriel, Jack Spades drummer Johnny Belanger, and Joni Radford as backing vocalists, while it did not credit co-lead singer Brent Ellis as being on the recording.
  • We have finally added the official Facebook group/fan club for Rock 101's Saturday night program The Hair Scare to our "Other Sault Michigan Links" on the right! Hosted by Scott Cook, The Hair Scare has long been a favourite show for it's assortment of 1980s metal and hard rock (including songs not usually heard on the regular rotation), and the Facebook group is active with diehard fans of the program, even attracting official fan club status over the years, so join in above and tune in Saturday nights at 9:00 PM on 101.3 FM!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for last month's poll results and our new poll on Sunday, and more news soon! Thanks everyone!

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