Thursday, November 26, 2015

R.I.P. Eugene Orlando

The Sault Metal Scene sends it's deepest condolences to the family & friends of That's Chester/Agave Blue guitarist Eugene Orlando, who just passed away according to a post on That's Chester's Facebook page. Further details, including on services, have yet to be made public, and we'll let you know more when appropriate. Eugene had been a talented sight as a guitarist and keyboardist in numerous local bands (primarily cover-focused ones), including a stint with Touch of Class in the early 1990s, but will be more familiar from his recent work in Agave Blue and as a founding member of the classic/hard rock quintet That's Chester, who just played live earlier this month at The Machine Shop during their live production of The Who's Tommy. The band noted that the Tommy run had reawakened his love for playing the keyboard, and while it's a shock to learn of his passing, at least he went out on a high note to cap an 11 year run with the band!

It's way too early to know what this means for the future of his bands, including if the teased New Year's Eve show from That's Chester at The Water Tower Inn will go on as scheduled (we hadn't plugged it here yet anyway), but that's not what's important right now. I didn't know Eugene personally, but he was a prolific and dependable veteran in the local music scene that could handle multiple genres with ease, and he will be missed for sure! We'll of course acknowledge a handful of new Tommy videos on the site in the coming days, but take a look at Eugene rocking a Deep Purple classic with That's Chester at Rotaryfest a few years ago. R.I.P. Eugene!

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