Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Punk Rock Bingo IV Concert Preview, Pixo Control/Gnaeus Updates, And A New Video!!

Before we dive into this weekend's concert previews, we have a new news post for your Wednesday morning, including a new cover video posting, lots of updates from a few linked local bands (ranging from a drummer addition to a concert cancellation), but first, here's a preview of a special Wednesday night concert TONIGHT!

Six, Two, Oh.'s fourth installment of punk rock bingo at The New American Pub goes down TONIGHT, and for just the second time, live bands will be on the menu! Following December's Shit Liver-headlined event, tonight's entertainment will be headlined by Saskatchewan instrumental doom/classical trio Black Tremor, who'll bring their devastating yet haunting blend of metal to the local stage for the first time, so definitely check them out to see what they have to offer! Local doom/sludge metal trio AlgomA will open the band portion of the night in what has become the de facto release party for their new vinyl split EP with fellow Saskatchewan doom rockers Chronobot, who Black Tremor have also shared the stage with. Copies of the split will be on sale for $20, and fresh off of some high profile out of town gigs, AlgomA should be in fine form! Of course, the night will start with punk rock bingo proper, with Brent Ellis returning as the caller, and many irreverent punk and assorted prizes in store for winners, so keep that in mind whether you're new to it or not!

The Facebook event page continues to advertise that more info is "coming closer to the date", though the date is TONIGHT, so no word on if Six, Two, Oh. will elaborate on anything today. In any event, it's a 19+ concert with a 9:00 PM start time, and while a cover charge isn't announced, bring money just in case (especially as Black Tremor are out of towners), and bingo cards are 50¢ each. Check the above links for more details, and for a preview, here's Black Tremor live!

Next up, here's some updates relating to local alternative/grunge trio The Pixo Control, starting with the cancellation of the planned Moon King-headlined concert at LopLops Lounge on April 21st. Promoter Jackson Reed revealed on the Facebook event page on Monday that the Toronto indie pop duo are "no longer available" to come for the show, though he didn't elaborate on the reason beyond that. Hopefully nothing bad happened, in any case! Now, The Pixo Control weren't advertised as opening on the event page (Aldous & Telephone and Address were), but they were apparently added as openers for the show before the cancellation, as per a poster on their Facebook page. No word on if they were a third local band, or if they were replacing someone, but it's a moot point now. However, their mini-tour of Ontario is still a go this month, with bassist Dustin Goodall's other band Id Iota joining them as previously announced, but local post-punk quartet Gnaeus have been added as well!

As a result, the tour dates (in Toronto, Barrie, and Bayfield next week, plus a Sudbury gig on April 22nd) will mark the debut of Gnaeus' new lineup, as the band has finally confirmed on their Facebook page that Alex Proulx has signed on as their new drummer, replacing the relocated Brendan Garlick. Much like Gnaeus' members upon their debut two years ago, Alex isn't a widely known commodity from what I've been able to find, but bassist Matt Fronzi did praise him when he noted his addition in a personal conversation last month, so we'll have to see how Alex does with Gnaeus! Remember, his local debut with them will come at the Summer Bash concert at The Rockstar Bar on April 29th. Lastly for our notes on the tour, the three Southern Ontario dates (sans a cancelled Waterloo show) will all be jointly part of label Tidal Records' "Skate By Day, Rock By Night Tour", with label representatives and local skateboarders coming along to show their stuff as well!

Also advertising rapper Conika for the dates (who may only be performing during the skateboarding sessions), this should be a fun way to get some exposure for Tidal Records' music and skating arms, with Id Iota's Christian Lemay notably performing in both! See above for more details, and remember not to miss The Pixo Control's next local concert on May 5th!

Finally for today, here's local alternative hard rock trio The Din's delayed Cover of the Month video, this time a rendition of City & Colour's "Fragile Bird"! A recent favourite addition to The Din's live setlists, this was uploaded to the band's YouTube channel yesterday. Unlike their earlier cover postings, the band experimented with a pseudo music video here, including a silent movie-esque monochrome filter, and assorted clips of Mike, Tammy, and Brandan exhibiting deadpan & morose behaviour. I concede liking the live versions of this song better, but fans of The Din's indie influences should enjoy this cover, so give it a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews on the site in the coming days! Thanks everyone!

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