Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Last Month's Poll Results & Our Newest Poll!!

As promised, here is the results of last month's poll at the SMS, plus our newest poll! You'll probabl remember that we posed this question to you guys last month: What was the biggest local metal, hard rock, or punk news story of 2016? We only got 16 votes last month, which isn't as high as I was hoping, but we've had far less before, and there was a clear winner, so thanks to everyone who voted, and here are the final results!

A Dire Setback & Live705 launch in November (6 votes, 38%)
The Din release their debut CD "Give In To The Din" (2 votes, 13%)
Stegadeth make their local concert debut (1 vote, 6⅛%)
The Ripcordz headline all-ages show at The Canadian (1 vote, 6⅛%)
Gnaeus release their only CD "Meditations" (1 vote, 6⅛%)
The Pixo Control disbands (1 vote, 6⅛%)
Tidal Records acts tour Ontario in April (1 vote, 6⅛%)
Id Iota release their debut EP "Maudlin Fair" (1 vote, 6⅛%)
K.I.C.K. win the VM Radio Battle of the Bands (1 vote, 6⅛%)
Other (1 vote, 6⅛%)
AlgomA release split EP with Chronobot (0 votes)
Bay Mills Bands Together holds first fundraiser event (0 votes)
Bret Michaels returns to Kewadin Casino in November (0 votes)
Brian Davie returns to Scott & Brian In The Morning (0 votes)
Darren Emond's Iron Maiden comic book released (0 votes)
The Fishbowl Festival debuts at The Gore Street Cafe (0 votes)
Guy Thiffault's passing & tribute concert (0 votes)
Hedley returns to Sault Ontario in July at The Yard (0 votes)
Jay Perron's sudden passing (0 votes)
Jesse Merineau & Caroline Divine win the Speak Easy Battle (0 votes)
Pillory play their first live concerts since 2014 (0 votes)
 Project 421 & Eclipse part with singer Curtis McKenzie (0 votes)
Shit Liver go on their second Canadian tour (0 votes)
Sky's The Limit fundraiser held at The Tech in May (0 votes)
SNFU headline at The Rockstar Bar in September (0 votes)
Winkstinger reunite after a three year hiatus (0 votes)

What do you guys think? Well, I am surprised overall that over half of the listed choices went without a single vote, with any Sault Michigan items or musician passings surprising me the most by their lack of attention from readers who chose to vote. Aside from the winning option, votes were very spread out, but it seems that album releases and concert debuts were a favourite of voters, with only 5 votes going to options that weren't related to either (though I can't speak for what the "Other" voter intended.) I can see why most of these choices received a vote, but I do admit that Tidal Records' April tour run is a little surprising as, after all, this was a tour run that only partially took place in the Soo. The Din's CD release in August finished in second place, and honestly, when you launch an album with that much hype and at a formal auditorium, I would expect a good fan response, and deservingly so!

However, the poll winners were the joint debuts of A Dire Setback and Live705 in November, and given how fast they took hold in the local punk scene as a band, and in the concert scene in general as promoters, I can see how they'd win both this poll and the "favourite new band" poll from earlier this year! 2017 has already had a good start with A Dire Setback and Live705, and here's hoping more is on the horizon for both!

Thanks to everyone for voting! As for our next poll, we're getting into the home stretch of our "favourite _____ of 2016" polls by posing this question to you guys: What was your favourite local metal, hard rock, or punk concert in the second half of 2016? As is the annual case at the SMS, we have divided our poll on your favourite concerts of the year into two halves, with shows from January 1st-June 30th already addressed in our poll on last year's first half from July, so if you were hoping to vote for a late June concert, wait for our full year poll next month! I have chosen 20 concerts from July-December of 2016 for this month's poll, and to be included, the show must have had a lineup at least half populated by metal, hard rock, or punk acts. This notably excludes all Rotaryfest stage lineups, Six, Two, Oh.'s holiday funk show, and the Soo Zombie Walk, among others, but we have included "Other" as a choice if your favourite late-2016 concert didn't make the cut for any reason. There were a lot of big concerts to end last year, so here are your choices!

Bands: Hedley, The Beaches, and Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide
Venue: The Yard
Date: July 1st, 2016
Info: The second half of 2016 began with a bang when Abbotsford power pop/punk favourites Hedley returned to the Soo for the first time in 5 years as the headlining act for the first half of The Yard's Canada Day Kicker!  This well received show entertained many fans of the Juno-winners, while fans of The Rising Tide also rejoiced for the local openers' only Soo show of the year, complete with Mikey Hawdon back behind the kit! Would you cast your vote for Hedley's local return?

Bands: Cocaine Moustache, Gianni Gagoots, and War Baby
Venue: The New American Pub
Date: July 12th, 2016
Info: An intriguing meld of styles hit The New A in mid-July when touring Vancouver acts Cocaine Moustache and War Baby came east to give local fans a taste of their bluesy hard rock and grungy punk originals respectively! Sandwiched in between was the local concert debut of funk/hard rock instrumental group Gianni Gagoots, who began their local ascent with their creative improvised stage show for assembled fans! Would this show be your favourite of 2016's second half?

Bands: Pillory, Iskra, Rotopsy, and AlgomA
Venue: The Oddfellows Hall
Date: July 14th, 2016
Info: Despite an unusual lineup order that saw the headliners playing second and AlgomA opening, this all ages concert from July gave fans an aggressive blast of extreme metal, with Victoria grindcore veterans Iskra making their long awaited return to the local stage after 12 years away! Notably also featuring the first non-battle of the bands appearance at a normal concert venue by the reunited Pillory, this show definitely melted faces of attending fans, but did this one earn your vote?

Bands: Gnaeus & The Din
Venue: The Rockstar Bar
Date: August 5th, 2016
Info: After months of preparation, now-defunct post-punk quartet Gnaeus launched their only CD "Meditations" with a highly anticipated release concert at The Rockstar Bar in August, with the show and album both getting a positive reception from fans! Also featuring an opening set from their friends in The Din, the release of "Meditations" was one of the highlights of the summer season for local music fans, and it's a shame they broke up, but would you vote for their release party?

Bands: The Din & Gnaeus
Venue: The W.W. Baldwin Auditorium at The Tech
Date: August 12th, 2016
Info: Just one week after Gnaeus' CD release concert, the two bands switched places when The Din launched their own debut studio album "Give In To The Din" at The Tech's auditorium, with Gnaeus now opening the proceedings. Despite a pre-show fire alarm at the former St. Mary's College, the show was also well recieved, even becoming the basis of Shaw TV's first OnStage episode, and The Din's CD also won praise from fans! Would you give in to this show in this poll?

Bands: The Ripcordz, Jack Spades, Project 421, and Eclipse
Venue: The Canadian Nightclub
Date: August 13th, 2016
Info: The idea of an all ages concert in the Soo with The Ripcordz as headliners had been teased for many months, and that came to fruition when Jack Spades frontman J.D. Pearce brought the Montreal hardcore punk legends to The Canadian in mid-August for another hotly recieved Soo show from Paul Gott and company! Also featuring a special guest appearance by Dayglo Abortions bassist Willy Jak(!) with Jack Spades, did this night of all ages punk & metal action top late 2016 to you?

Bands: SNFU, Jack Spades, and The Elements
Venue: The Rockstar Bar
Date: September 1st, 2016
Info: You can always expect a raucous crowd when Mr. Chi Pig brings SNFU back to Sault Ste. Marie, and though total attendance could have been higher, fans brought the big show feel when the Vancouver hardcore punk legends rocked The Rockstar Bar to kick off September! Notably also featuring the final appearance of Jack Spades' classic lineup, and the first live set by The Elements in four months, will you open up and say "SNFU!" for your vote in this poll?

Bands: K-Man & The 45s, Artifical Dissemination, and The Elements
Venue: The New American Pub
Date: September 17th, 2016
Info: Making their fourth concert appearance in as many autumns, Montreal ska-punk fan favourites K-Man & The 45s brought their high energy original material and usual "Ska-Mones" covers back to the The New A for another concert for their growing legion of local fans last fall! Hamilton garage punk rockers Artificial Dissemination also made their way west for this concert, while the aforementioned Elements opened for a second straight year. Would you vote for this concert?

Bands: Gnaeus, DJ Seith, The Din, and K.I.C.K.
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Park
Date: September 24th, 2016
Info: Essentially a half-sequel to Tidal Records's annual Go Skateboarding Day events, they brought The Gnar-BQ to the skatepark outside of The John Rhodes Center, with three bands and DJ Seith as the musical backdrop for skateboarding demonstrations and contests, and true to the event's name, there was even hot dogs and other refreshments available! Notably featuring two battle of the bands winners and a runner-up on the same bill, did The Gnar-BQ earn your vote?

Bands: Castle, AlgomA, and Gianni Gagoots
Venue: 180 Projects
Date: September 28th, 2016
Info: San Francisco doom metal trio (and Juno Award nominees) Castle made their local concert debut last fall when they headlined at a rare metal show at 180 Projects, giving fans a taste of their dark yet psyhedelic originals! Also featuring local fan favourites AlgomA and Gianni Gagoots' first concert set with new guitarist Liam "Blanci Mangia-Cake" Seymour, this Gore Street concert definitely satiated attending fans, but were you among them?

Bands: Moon Tan, The Din, and The Elements
Venue: The New American Pub
Date: October 6th, 2016
Info: Though locally announced on less than a week's notice, this Six, Two, Oh. concert left a big impression on fans last October, especially helped by Winnipeg prog-funk trio Moon Tan, whose creative moon phase-themed costuming and technical skills helped them stand out among other headliners of late 2016 in the Soo! Also featuring well recieved opening sets by The Din and The Elements, would you vote for the Moon Tan concert in this poll over other options?

Bands: Norilsk, AlgomA, Pillory, and The Bear Hunters
Venue: The Oddfellows Hall
Date: October 28th, 2016
Info: A stacked Halloween weekend for local concerts was kicked off by it's heaviest show, as Gatineau, Quebec doom metal quartet Norilsk made their local debut with a brutal set of crushing original material for all ages! Featuring a stacked local openers lineup including AlgomA, Pillory, and the second & final concert set of 2016 by The Bear Hunters (who unusually played first), this show will have delivered for extreme metal fans, but would you concur with that?

Bands: The Black Mirrors, Eclipse (as "SSM of a Down") and The Elements (as "The Plaid Martens")
Venue: The Algonquin Pub
Date: October 29th, 2016
Info: J.D. Pearce's 12th annual Halloween party concert took place at The Algonquin Hotel's downstairs bar on October 29th, with a tribute band theme in full effect, including The Elements flashing back to the 1990s, Eclipse turning into System of a Down for a night, and ex-Fitswitch members reuniting for a late notice Misfits tribute set as The Black Mirrors. J.D. always delivers a fun show for the Halloween weekend, but would you vote for his annual party here?

Bands: Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities, AlgomA, and Rotopsy
Venue: The New American Pub
Date: October 30th, 2016
Info: The fifth and most recent installment of Six, Two, Oh.'s punk rock bingo series took place on Devil's Night last year, with Saskatchewan southern rockers Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities headlining in their first of two shows last fall, with local metal openers AlgomA and Rotopsy also playing to start the show on a heavy note. Whether you were in attendance for the music or the irreverent bingo with caller Brent Ellis, was this concert your favourite of late 2016?

Bands: Eclipse, The Elements, Project 421, and The Autumn Roots
Venue: The Rednecks Saloon
Date: October 31st, 2016
Info: Despite a mixed crowd on a Monday night, a talented lineup hit the former Nicolet Tavern on Halloween night last year for the Halloween Nightmare, with Eclipse and The Elements playing their second seasonal event in three nights, and indie rockers The Autumn Roots debuting on a local stage to kick things off. Notably featuring the last concert sets to date from Project 421 & Eclipse (though the latter will return later this month), did the Halloween Nightmare earn your vote here?

Bands: K.I.C.K., A Dire Setback, Electric Church, The Din, Talk Shit, Stegadeth, and Jizzy Baby
Venue: The Oddfellows Hall
Date: November 19th, 2016
Info: New local concert promoters Live705 and their featured band A Dire Setback made a big splash in November with their first concert and only Oddfellows Hall appearance to date, with a nice variety of local acts on display for fans! Notably also including the first live set from T-Rex Manning successors Stegadeth, punk quartet Talk Shit's first live set in seven years, and a breakthrough set from blues rockers Electric Church, did this intriguing concert top late 2016 in your eyes?

BandsBone Yard, The Peace Vibe, The 3 Day Millionaires, The Din, The Band Camp Rejects, The Elements, Mojo, Redundant, Guitars & Tequila, and Case's Music students
Venue: The Grand Gardens North
Date: November 20th, 2016
Info: The fifth annual Toystock fundraiser concert for Christmas Cheer took place at the former Riuniti Hall last November, with 10 bands again gathering to help raise funds and donations for those in need for the holidays, which is always great to see! Featuring sets by familiar bands like The Din, The Elements, and many more, plus an increasingly rare set by punk trio Redundant, and appearances by Santa Claus(!), did Toystock V and the Christmas spirit win your vote here?

Bands: Mike Mikus & Id Iota
Venue: LopLops Lounge
Date: November 26th, 2016
Info: Following a well recieved Ontario tour run, former Pixo Control frontman Mike Mikus debuted his new solo project on a local stage in late November when he headlined at LopLops, with alternative/hard rock quartet Id Iota (who joined him on tour) opening ith a set full of songs from their upcoming full length CD. The two acts played off each other well as Mike unveiled his pop rock solo project to local fans, but would this show earn your vote this month?

Bands: Gnaeus, K.I.C.K., and The Din
Venue: LopLops Lounge
Date: December 26th, 2016
Info: The second last collaborative concert from these three bands took place on Boxing Day when Tidal Records hosted their own holiday season concert at LopLops, fitting in neatly between The Gnar-BQ and Searchmont's Skateapalooza. The post-punk stylings of Gnaeus, alt-hard rock sound of The Din, and indie rock grooves of the Keep It Cool Kids were always welcomed on the same stage, and this show proved to be no different, but was it your favourite hard rock show of late 2016?

Bands: Bin Hawdon & The Taliband, Destroilet, Rotbottyrot, Talk Shit, The Business Suit Trappers, Nebraska Arms, AlgomA, Stegadeth, and A Dire Setback
Venue: The Rockstar Bar
Date: December 27th, 2016
Info: The sudden passing of ex-Hangdowns frontman Guy Thiffault in December was extremely sad, but his friends and former bandmates quickly came together to host a benefit concert for his family over the holidays, which included returns to the stage after a year+ away from Bin Hawdon & The Taliband, Destroilet, and two of Guy's former bands to a raucous and emotional reception from attending fans. This was a huge concert to end 2016 with, but was it your favourite?

Other: Did we miss a show you'd rather vote for? For reference, bands like 1971, 9 Lives & Counting, The Anti-Queens, Astral Gunk, Big Brother, Bizotic, The Blackwood Sinners, Bloody Diamonds, Crucify the Whore, Debutaunt, Dumpster Mummy, The Franquilizers, Griphook, Havadder, Long Shot, Mourning Wood, Mulligrub, The Nailheads, Nameus (now Soundcheck), Northwest, Stiffler's Mom, Still of the Night, Sykotyk Rampage, Telephone & Address, That's Chester, Them, Tym Morrison, and Vintage Slang all played locally between July 1st and December 31st in shows not included in the poll otherwise. Did one of them have your preferred concert of late 2016, or perhaps a show featuring bands in the poll that isn't listed? Vote for "Other" if you need to!

VOTE TODAY! You guys have until May 18th to cast your votes, and remember, the (top?) vote getters will return for a full year showdown next month to determine your favourite local concert of 2016! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes soon! Thanks everyone!


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