Thursday, April 27, 2017

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Stiffler's Mom & Mourning Wood), The Latter Band's End, And More!!

It's now time for our last concert preview post of the month, barring any further late notice announcements, and if you're wondering why we haven't covered either Live705's new concert or new Din videos, don't worry, they will be in our next news post! Now, let's kick things off with SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS from two bands, including the previously announced demise & merger of one of them!

Local classic/hard rock cover quartet Mourning Wood will end their local run with concerts at The Esquire Club TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! Apologies for the short notice, we were waiting for confirmation of which band name these shows would be under, which only came via the official Facebook event page yesterday. Three weeks after announcing their impending merger with sister band Soundcheck, Mourning Wood will cease operations under that name after this weekend's shows, with the event page confirming that they're dropping that name going forward due to "a lot of backlash", presumably for it's provocative origins. Technically, these will be Mourning Wood's only gigs with "new" guitarist Travis Sharpe, and with Steven Flint moving to drums to replace Glen Thomas, but these are Soundcheck shows in all but name, and you'll see the same lineup moving forward as that band, including at The Esquire Club on May 19th & 20th in two more new confirmations, albeit announced for Mourning Wood at the time!

Our source for the May weekend is this concert calendar from the venue, and if they are not being transferred to Soundcheck, we will remove the shows from our listings. TOMORROW, SATURDAY, and next month's Mourning Wood/Soundcheck concerts have 19+ age limits, no cover charges, and 10:00 PM start times, so check the above links for more details! Mourning Wood have been a very familiar sight at numerous venues since their debut in mid-2014, and while I often wished that they'd promote shows with more advance notice (or any notice at all for their country-tinged Reggie's Place gigs), they were always reliable in concerts for familiar classics & fan requests. Memorable sets at Rotaryfest 2015, two Toystocks, and their week-long Reggie's run last year were among their highlights, and I'm sure Terry, Paul, and Steven will carry that along with them with Travis in Soundcheck as 2017 rolls along. Best of luck to them, T.J., and Glen in the future, and here's Mourning Wood live!

Next up, local hard rock cover trio Stiffler's Mom will return to The Rockstar Bar for one night only THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! Again, apologies for the short notice, the band only announced the show on their Facebook page yesterday, though the venue's physical marquee board had advertised it for at least a day prior. After a month away from the local stage, this veteran party band will continue their recent Rockstar-only stretch of concerts to start 2017 with another night of familiar fan favourites on SATURDAY NIGHT, so don't miss out! No word though on who's playing at The Rockstar Bar tomorrow night, and if you're hoping to check out Stiffler's Mom outside of The Algonquin Hotel, remember that they will be back at The Esquire Club in June. Expect no cover charge and a 19+ age limit for this concert, and a 10:30 PM start time is likely for SATURDAY, so check the above links for more details, and here's Stiffler's Mom live!

Finally for today's currently known hard rock concert previews, veteran local hard rock singer/guitarist Tym Morrison will return to Gliss Steak & Seafood for his previously announced regular acoustic gigs TOMORROW & SATURDAY! Wrapping up another busy month at The Quality Inn's house restaurant this weekend, Tym's unplugged cover favourites should prove to be another solid musical backdrop for patrons and fans at this downtown location this weekend, so keep Tym's Gliss shows in mind if you want a more reserved night of classics! Remember that we will address his likely May concerts at this venue in time for next week's concert previews. In terms of tomorrow & Saturday, expect 6:00 PM matinee start times, no announced cover charges, and no official age limits, but remember where these shows are being held. Visit the official Facebook event page for more details, and here's Tym live!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and this month's CD review soon! Thanks everyone!

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