Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Steel Panther Concert Video Showcase!!

Today' post is emtiely devoted to fallout from the Steel Panther concert at The Dreammaker's Theater at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino on December 1st, and by all accounts that I've heard on social media in the past week+, the show was a big hit and full of their usual ribald hilarity! It should be worth noting before we get into the videos that bassist Lexxi Foxx dropped out of their current North American tour (including the Soo date), which Steel Panther (presumably jokingly) chalked up to his checking into "an undisclosed sex rehab." Filling in on bass is Spyder, a long-time friend of and backstage doorman for the band, and from what I've seen from the show, he fits in well, but hopefully Lexxi's back in full force next year! In terms of YouTube videos, I know of two filmers who posted footage from that night, including the ever-prolific Christopher Paci, who got 12 videos on the 1st, including 8 of the hair/comedy metal standouts in action, so what should you know there?

Starting with the headliners (pictured here from the meet & greet with Rock 101's Scott Cook), these videos were only just posted to Chris' channel 2 days ago, and his Steel Panther clips include their cover of Van Halen's "Unchained", and their originals "Goin' In The Backdoor", "Poontang Boomerang", their seasonally timed "The Stocking Song", "Community Property", "Gloryhole", and "Death To All But Metal", but embedded below is their opening song "Eyes of a Panther", as preceded by a recording of Van Halen's "Everybody Wants Some". Full disclosure, some of these songs are raunchy, as indicated by some of the song titles, but don't shoot the messenger, I didn't name them! Chris had a good, if shaky, angle of Steel Panther, and while the audio has it's scratchy moments, you can hear their glam metal tribute/parody well, and you'll get lots of amusement if you stick with these videos and pay attention for the lyrics! See more above & below!

Chris' other four videos are of opening Detroit hard rock sextet Wilson, who were filmed playing "Windows Down", "My Hustle", "Dumptruck", and as embedded below, their two set-closing songs, namely "Like A Baller" & "House of Fuckery". Fans of Wilson's 2013 Sault Ontario set may be surprised to see a more hip-hop influenced sound on many of these songs, even including a DJ in their expanded lineup, and while they're still very much a heavier rock band, the songs here are more upbeat and lively. Myself, I prefer their early-mid 2010s work, but they were a good fit for energy and lyrics earlier this month, and judge Wilson's new sound for yourself below!

Kudos to Chris for his great videos once again! We'll close with a single video from another channel, namely that of YouTube user topshelfalpena, who headed north for the Steel Panther concert and got the video below of guitarist Satchel playing a guitar solo, while also manning the bass drum?! That's a new one! Of course, Satchel shreds at his best here, and fans of extended guitar solos should like this well shot clip, though it's a shame that the filmer didn't post more videos that night. Give this clip a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and weekend concert previews on the site soon! Thanks everyone!

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