Wednesday, December 26, 2018

YouTube Channel Profile Series: HAGGITHTunes

I hope all of you guys had a Merry Christmas! On this Boxing Day, let's get our final YouTube Channel Profile of 2018 rolling! This monthly feature looks at YouTube channels with at least half of their content devoted to local metal, hard rock, or punk artists and concerts, with channels randomly selected as usual. Our latest selection is the stacked official channel of a fan favourite band from the early-mid 2010s, so here's what you should know!
HAGGITHTunes (  

Owner: A member of defunct local hard rock/grunge quartet Haggith (either singer/guitarist Curtis McKenzie or drummer Mike Haggith)

Channel Timeline: Launched on September 2nd, 2012; Videos posted from that day through May 26th, 2015

Channel Summary: The official YouTube channel for the band Haggith (as opposed to Mike's other eponymous projects), this channel primarily covered the group's entire active run from 2012-2015, with no less than 69 videos being posted here in that span. Over half of the channel is devoted to audio tracks (largely their five official studio albums), while the remaining videos focus on live performances from concerts and jam sessions.

Why You Should Watch: This is an absolute must for fans of both Haggith and their members' prior and later projects, with dozens of studio tracks and live recordings to check out, and almost every full lineup is represented here as well! There are other YouTube channels and Facebook sources with more Haggith media, but none are more plentiful and comprehensive than this. Of course, fans should remember that Haggith have been defunct for over three years, so future updates can't be guaranteed.

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out

Haggith - Wanko: Studio copies are now out of print, but you can stream Haggith's three mainline studio albums (October 2012's "Dragon Joy Ride", 2013's "Deuce", and 2015's EP "XIV") on their YouTube channel, as well as their two zombie concept albums (2012's "Apocalypse" & 2015's "Apocalypse II".) As good as place as any to start would be "Wanko", the opening song from "Dragon Joy Ride", which featured Curtis & Mike alongside founding guitarist Daniel Horton, with Curt handling bass on this track, as recordings took place before they added a full-time bassist. Recorded locally at PaperClip Productions, this short number has a southern rock tinge that is somewhat hampered by the echo effect on the vocals, but it's an entertaining way to begin my favourite of Haggith's studio albums! "Apocalypse I" aside, all of the album tracks above were uploaded in separate videos, then added to album playlists.

HAGGITH- "Don't Ask" (Entire Concert, 27 September 2014): On September 27th, 2014, Haggith (then featuring Redundant/Elements bassist James White) played a 20 minute private set at PaperClip Productions, posting it on their channel a few days later. The set featured performances of Led Zeppelin's "Rock 'N Roll", their unreleased originals "Metal Cage" & "Wasted", and covers of Van Halen's "Panama", Bad Company's "Rock 'N Roll Fantasy", and Jimi Hendrix' "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)". This gave fans a solid window into Haggith's late period sound, especially with new-ish covers and some originals that never came out on CD, but the dark lighting and camera placement aren't optimal. Haggith had previously posted two 20+ minute studio sets onto their channel in August 2013 ("In Sesh" & "Swamped"), albeit sans James, and as audio recordings only.

Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride): After James' departure shortly after the "Don't Ask" gig, Haggith briefly brought back bassist Caleb Cachagee to reunite their classic "Deuce" lineup for the one-off Sault Band-O-Rama concert at The Primavera Hall on November 21st, 2014, uploading five videos from their set. The guys covered "Rock 'N Roll Fantasy", & "Voodoo Child", again, while also tackling their older originals "Loverbeam" & "Clifton Hill", but their fifth is their channel's most popular upload, a cover of Don Felder's "Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)" from the Heavy Metal film soundtrack. The corner-stage angle captures Haggith in solid form with nice chemistry, and it's a nice throwback for fans of Haggith from their peak! One more concert video would make their channel, from their final show in May 2015, albeit then with Caleb on guitar following Daniel's departure.

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profile! Next month in this series, our random selection takes us to Sault Michigan, as we'll kick off 2019 by spotlighting the YouTube channel of late 2000s punk trio The Pick-Me-Ups! Look for that on or around January 26th, and stay tuned for weekend concert previews next! Thanks everyone!

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