Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cattle Decapitation and Woods of Ypres Updates!!!

First off, I gotta help the cause for this show, as it appears that frustration is mounting. You know that Cattle Decapitation concert that takes place next Sunday at The Oddfellows Hall? Well, guess how many tickets have been sold for it already? FIVE. And Rich Moreland, who's promoting this show, isn't exactly pleased with the sales. He's been pretty blunt with his distaste about the slow sales on Facebook, so I figure I should help get the word out, and support the cause!

Keep in mind, Cattle Decapitation, Rose Funeral, and Psyopus are signed to fucking METAL BLADE RECORDS, the other two bands (Beyond Within and The Killing Field) are playing here for free, & tickets have already been slashed $5 from what they originally were. Over $2,000 has been spent towards this show by promoters, and this is pretty big as far as metal shows for this town. So you guys, if you wanna support this scene and get more metal shows here, you should all really think about getting some tickets and heading to this show! It's a night of death metal mayhem, what do you want, Rich to hand deliver you the tickets?!

I'll admit, I'm partly guilty for this, cause I haven't bought mine yet, but I plan on getting mine in advance this week. And keep in mind, you will save $5 if you buy your tickets early, instead of at the door. Isn't saving money worth not waiting til Sunday to get a ticket? And, there's lots of places to get a ticket! You can get them at Northland Music on Queen Street, The Music Depot on Gore Street, CDPlus at The Cambrian Mall, from Energy Rock Radio, and from Mathieu Villebrun at 257-0159! So, honestly, what's your excuse? So your friend's band isn't playing, so there's no emo/scene friendly band, SO WHAT? I fully intend on going, and you all should too, so please support the cause, and head over to the official Facebook event page for full details!

Ok, now that that's out of the way, some more news! You guys remember local black metal legends Woods of Ypres? Well, they now have t-shirts for sale to promote the upcoming release of their new CD, "Woods IV: The Green Album"! They are green (obviously), with the album cover on one side, the Woods of Ypres logo on the other! They're 100% cotton tagless shirts, available in sizes M to 2XL, and they're out now! Check out pictures of the shirts in the drying process at this location! Now, how do you get one? Simple, just send $25 to:

David Gold
44 Poplar Ave
Sault Ste. Marie, ON

You can also get them through PayPal at! And include your return mailing address with your order! I also forgot to mention when this was first announced, but Woods of Ypres have started their official fan club, known as the "Woods of Ypres First Supporters Circle"! As a member of this club, you'll get exclusive first dibs on new Woods of Ypres merchandise, and samples of Woods of Ypres stuff in the mail as a member! This will also be worth $25, with the mailing addresses the same as for the t-shirts (just replace 'David Gold' with 'WoY 1st Supporters Circle c/o David Gold')! For full details, including news on upcoming Woods of Ypres projects for 2009, head on over to Woods of Ypres' official message board!

That's all for today, and please, support the Cattle Decapitiation show and get your tickets A.S.A.P.!!!! Thanks everyone!

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