Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you want KISS to come to Sault Ontario?!!?!

Well guys, I got some possibly very exciting news! Multi platinum hard rock legends Kiss are letting YOU, the fans, decide where they go on their upcoming North American tour, through a promotion with Eventful! And, wouldn't you know it, you can vote for Sault Ontario! That's right, we can vote to have KISS play in Sault Ontario this fall!

The Essar Center wants Kiss here, and I know many of you do too, so they're trying to get as many people as possible to vote to help ensure that Kiss make it here! But how do you vote? Simple, see the Kiss stuff to your left? Yeah, click on the yellow "Demand It!" button, and you'll be taken to Eventful to send in your vote! Remeber to specify that we're from "Sault Sainte Marie, ON" to make sure the vote counts!

When SooToday first posted info on the Kiss fan routed tour, we were 111th in the voting. As of this post, we're up to 13th! Keep voting, cause the more votes we get, the better the odds for Kiss to come here!!! And just to add, this isn't like the hype for the Slipknot concert. That was a real possibility, but obviously the demand wasn't there. But as long as you guys get the word out, and VOTE, Kiss will be all the more likely to include us on their itinerary!

So yeah, this post is just to get you guys on the bandwagon for Kiss to come here! Check the post immediately below this one for two LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, and an update on Garden of Bedlam's upcoming EP! Thanks everyone, and VOTE FOR KISS TODAY!!!!!!

UPDATE (Tuesday at 3:25 PM): Guess where we are in the voting for the Kiss tour now?! THIRD. Yeah, THIRD!!!! We're only behind Winnipeg and Oshawa, and we're beating EVERY AMERICAN CITY. Keep the votes coming, guys! The more we get, the better the odds! Check out more SooToday coverage of the Kiss campaign at this location!

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