Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kiss And Susan Myers: A Summary And Comments

Well, it appears interest in the potential Kiss concert is growing and growing, and not just in the Sault area! Since yesterday, there's been a ton of feedback and interest and comments, so if you don't visit SooToday often, I'll go over what has happened, and I'll offer my view and opinion afterwards.

The City Council put forward a motion to be voted on, to call for Saultites to vote to bring Kiss to Sault Ontario (Vote today at the top left!) Now, this isn't in order to approve such a concert taking place, just a measure of support, I don't think this was to be taken too seriously. But, Ward 2 Councillor Susan Myers was the only councillor opposed. I'm quoting here, Myers said she would be "sick at heart to see this kind of performance come to our city." She then cited this video from Kiss' Farewell Tour of Gene Simmons spitting blood at a concert as an example of what she means.

As you could imagine, feedback from this was immediate. Myers recieved a lot of e-mails in response, some supportive, others, not so much. She mentioned that she respects people's opinions, but believes that a potential Kiss show isn't one "that which will encourage, delight and uplift the hearts and minds of all Saultites." She mentioned recent concerts as Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot as examples of the types of entertainment that "bring good to the community", and that Kiss doesn't "fall into that category at any price."

So since all that has came up, the debate over the potential Kiss show and Susan Myers is growing rapidly. Blabbermouth picked up the issue as a news story, and has recieved 18 comments (I won't repost any, some aren't exactly pleasant), and even Kiss' official website has the City Council/Susan Myers stuff on the FRONT PAGE.

Here are the four articles on the Kiss/Susan Myers stuff so far from SooToday, for full info.

Well, I figured I should report on this, but I really felt I should weigh in on the whole Kiss/Susan Myers stuff. Now, in general, I try not to give personal opinions on anything beyond band and concert reviews, but considering the interest and debate over this, I'll put in my two cents.

I don't think Councillor Myers' complaints are justified, for three reasons.

1. Kiss are hardly that offensive. Spewing fake blood and breathing fire and such are band trademarks, and it's supposed to be theatrical and entertaining. If you watch Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, you know Gene doesn't do anything immoral or disturbing in real life (unless constantly selling out counts.) As well, lyrically, Kiss songs aren't questionable at all. Any Kiss fan will tell you that. I honestly think they're pretty tame by metal standards.

2. The Sault has had many bands that could be considered "offensive" play here. Wolven Ancestry, Behemoth, and Cattle Decapitation have all played in Sault Ontario, among others. They could all be considered more "offensive" than Kiss by some people, but I don't recall any public protests about their shows. Also, Alice Cooper played here 19 years ago. With all due respect, if Kiss are considered offensive, where does Alice Cooper fall?

3. If a person doesn't like a certain band, all they have to do is not go. Speaking from personal experience, you would never catch me at a Hillary Duff or Backstreet Boys or Neil Young concert. That's an issue of personal preference, I wouldn't protest them coming here. Also, I know the shows will be successful for attendance and money, and even if we haven't had a metal show at the Essar since last May, it doesn't hurt to have variety. Kiss appeal to a specific group of fans, and if others don't wanna go, it's their choice. They don't need to try and stop it.

Now, that's just my opinion on the issue, I respect Councillor Myers' opinion, and I hope you guys will be respectful too. Please don't send her any negative mail concerning the Kiss issue, let's show some good will, she doesn't deserve the bad press. She's just looking out for the city, and though it is a bit extreme to speak out against a band who hasn't even confirmed that they would come here yet, she means well. Let's try not to dwell on this issue too much, let's look positively towards the potential for a Kiss concert, OK?

Thanks everyone, I'll have some proper normal news tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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