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Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile: The Georgian Skull

It's hard to believe that we're profiling our 39th band in our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile Series today, but we've now hit that number with this latest band that featured a Sault Ste. Marie native in their lineup at one point! This month's profile is on a band that only briefly had a direct connection to Sault Ste. Marie, but what a connection this was, so check out this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile below, and if anything's missing or incorrect, please let me know! Yes, this is the same band we mentioned would be next last month, they just changed their name in links newer than the one I originally sourced.(UPDATED: November 27th, 2013)
The Georgian Skull (Windsor, Ontario)

Lineup: (Saultites in RED; members not in their last full lineup in italics. This information is incomplete. E-mail me at if you have any additions or corrections!)

Alex "The Yeti Bones" Petrovich (vocals/guitar)
Steve "Beard" Dugal (guitar)
Sash Wilczynski (bass)
Adam Saitti (drums)

William "H. Skulls" Cochran (bass)
Rob Hare (bass)
Anderson Lunau (bass)
Aaron Palmer (bass)
Karsten Shreve (bass)
David Gold (drums)
Adam Michalzuk (drums)
Kevin Mitchell (drums)
Ace Piva (drums)
Derek Gibson (?????)
Jeff Ohler (?????)

Official MySpace page (1):
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Official Facebook page:

Local Info: Only one local musician is known to have been in any of The Georgian Skull's lineups, that being late Woods of Ypres frontman/drummer David Gold! Years before Woods of Ypres' local peak and his drumming stints in all kinds of far flung metal bands, he briefly drummed for what was then Mister Bones in 2001 early in his time living in Windsor, but he left the band to form Woods of Ypres the following year (alongside Mister Bones bandmate Aaron Palmer) before their first CDs were recorded, though he & his old bandmates remained good friends after the fact. While information on David's tenure with Mister Bones is lacking, you can read all about frontman Alex Petrovich's close friendship with & respect of David in this memorial article he penned for The Windsor Zene earlier this year.

Band Bio: Launched in 1999 following the band's initial conception in Montreal, Mister Bones were active in the Windsor metal scene through the mid-2000s with varying lineups, including a high amount of differing bassists & drummers, with only Alex and guitarist Steve Dugal surviving through each incarnation. David Gold's stint with Mister Bones was brief and the timeframe of when each member was in the band is hard to source. They released two studio albums & one live album under the Mister Bones name from 2002-2006, along with playing many high profile concerts & tours alongside bands like Brand New Sin, even attracting the notice of major artists like Zakk Wylde & Pepper Keenan with their blend of doom and stoner metal genres. After changing their name to The Georgian Skull in 2007, the newly renamed band and their last lineups also saw noticeable success, releasing two EPs and a full length album "Mother Armageddon, Healing Apocalypse" by the time of their 2009 dissolution. Since then, Alex and final drummer Adam Saitti have been highly visible in the Windsor metal scene in their current (and similar) metal band Gypsy Chief Goliath alongside members of other dissolved Windsor-area metal bands.

While I'm more familiar with Alex & Adam's current work in Gypsy Chief Golitah, I will give The Georgian Skull/Mister Bones a lot of credit for their blend of doom and stoner metal that definitely has an old school feel! Sort of if a band like Crowbar or Down were launched in the early 1970s. Probably their main difference from Gypsy Chief Goliath based on my experiences is that The Georgian Skull have less of a jam session feel and take things a bit more seriously, but that may vary on the person. Alex Petrovich's gruff singing voice fit his older material well, and Steve Dugan's guitar work meshed well for their heavy (though often slow) riffing! I can't comment first hand on how David Gold contributed in his brief Mister Bones stint, but I'm sure he was as good there as he was on Woods of Ypres' early work. As for how Mister Bones compared to their later Georgian Skull work, I'd say that The Georgian Skull were a bit heavier and tighter than they were with their old name, but no matter what, they delivered some great material in their decade run that doom, stoner, and G.C.G. fans should really enjoy! Nice and sludgy with plenty of grit, and a to the point sensibility that helped get the message across on their albums and live, so definitely give Mister Bones/The Georgian Skull a look!

There's a good selection of media online to satisfy any craving for Mister Bones or The Georgian Skullfootage and audio recordings! Most of their songs from their albums are floating around online on YouTube and torrent sites and so on (and on their pages linked above), but their CDs are all likely out of print, so I can probably encourage you to download them (though The Georgian Skull's full length CD is on iTunes, so you could support them by buying it there!) YouTube has dozens of live videos and audio tracks of the band in action from their more recent live concerts, but I'll feature The Georgian Skull's 2008 promo video for their song "Hunting The Ghost" here to check out, so give it a look, and go check out Mister Bones/The Georgian Skull!

I hope you guys liked this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile! Next month, we'll be taking a look at Beyond Haven, a Barrie hard rock quartet who feature Sault Ontario native Jason Graham on lead guitar. We've featured them in a poll on out of town bands with Saultites you guys would wanna see here once, but we haven't talked about them a lot, so on or around September 26th is as good as ever! Watch out for that profile next month, and stay tuned for more news (and our review of Oddfellow's CD "Go") in the next few days! Thanks everyone!

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