Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (The Suicide Kings), Plus Haggith & Theatre Of Night News!!

For the first time in over a week, we have a news post with no previews, reviews, or monthly feature elements, but we do have some big news to cover today, so what's on the docket? We have news from a band from each of the twin Saults concerning their next album plans and related recent updates (including information on a local label/studio), but first, here's some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS through March, so here's what you need to know!

New local hard rock band The Suicide Kings have announced five new solo headlining concerts, including the first formally announced local hard rock/metal shows of 2013! As originally plugged last week, the band featuring Wishbone, Limelight, and Bear Hunters alumni will make their Rockstar Bar debut THIS SATURDAY, followed by a return to The Nicolet Tavern on December 7th, while they'll hit Docks Riverfront Grill for three 2013 dates on January 12th, February 9th, and March 16th, so click each date above for each show's respective event page! Aside from the December 7th show, all of these are Saturday night engagements, though oddly enough, none are for the full weekend like their first two shows were. I imagine all of these shows will have a cover charge of around $5 except maybe the Nicolet Tavern date, while all are 19+ events with 10:00 PM start times, so once again, check the above links for more details! These should all be entertaining concerts, and hopefully The Suicide Kings continue their local accession with some entertaining covers and originals at this busy slate of shows, so stay tunes for further updates!

Next up, here's the latest from local grunge quartet Haggith! Already with two studio albums released and at least one more ("Deuce") in the pipeline, they have already announced plans for another album release, that being for a live album named "Flight 75"! As announced on their Facebook page yesterday, This will reportedly feature much of the set that they played at the Bushplane Musical Madness concert this past Saturday, as recorded that night from the soundboard, and will include versions of their songs "Fin" (both parts), "Rage Train", "I Am", and "75" (a partial inspiration for the album title.) A release timeframe wasn't given there, but they're reportedly hoping for it to be released before other PaperClip Productions releases. This may seem very quick and sudden given that they've already put out two CDs this fall, but singer/drummer Mike Haggith's solo output has similarly been prolific in short timeframes like this, so follower's of Mike's solo and Windsor-area work won't be too surprised. I'm very curious to hear how this live album turns out, so keep an eye out for updates on it and all of their next projects!

Now, this and any other future Haggith albums are likely for release on the band's independent label/studio PaperClip Productions, which now has it's own Facebook page, so I thought I'd touch on that as well! Ran by Haggith members Mike Haggith & Daniel Horton, their page indicates that current roster members for the label include the Haggith band and an unknown project (to me, at least) named The Cadets, while it also lists Mike & Daniel themselves as acts on the label, though I have yet to hear any of Daniel's solo material, and Mike's solo work has previously been under the Rotten/Galactic Records branding, but I'm not positive on if PaperClip Productions and Galactic Records have any further connections. Regardless, both guys and The Cadets apparently have releases in the works in their own right through PCP, so if I hear anything further on them, I'll let you guys know! Also, they've announced that other local musicians can record material there, with fees listed at this location, which seem like good bargains to me, so if you're looking to record songs or release a CD, give PaperClip Productions a shout at the above links!

Finally for today, here's the latest updates from Sault Michigan orchestral metal project Theatre of Night! In one note, the guys have announced that copies of their "Christmas Night" and "The Dawn's Early Light" albums are now in stock at Sault Michigan physical retail outlets, including local music stores Grooves Music & Steve's Music Center, along with local art depot Sault Realism (at 205 West Portage Avenue), so if you don't yet have a physical copy of either disc, keep in mind that there's places here with them in stock! The guys have also been gaining some recent press in some major publications, including a review in Grand Rapids Magazine (remember, the Giles brothers currently live there) and some high praise from Hit Parader Magazine, so click the above links to read these positive reviews for their recent work! The three Michigan members were also subject to a new photo shoot which you can check out at the above links, and yes, this photo comes from it. Our last note from their camp for today is that they are planning to re-release their 2010 debut CD "Christmas Night" for a second time next month, in what seems to be a holiday tradition for the guys!

As revealed via the YouTube video below (which was posted on their YouTube channel yesterday), the re-release will apparently include three free downloadable songs (including a Mozart rendition), though I'm not sure how much of a Christmas connection these songs will have, or how the free download process will work. The video itself features photos of the album artwork, some live performance footage (with heavy effect filters), and a plug for "The Dawn's Early Light", and it's well edited! Note however that neither the video nor it's audio samples reference singer Gaby Koss, who was originally slated to sing on Theatre of Night's next "Christmas Night" re-release, though she's still listed for "upcoming" band work on their pages, so I'm not sure what the status is for the vocal additions. This should be interesting to hear when it comes out, and I'm especially curious for the new free tracks, so stay tuned for updates, and give Threatre of Night's newest "Christmas Night" promo video a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes shortly, including weekend concert previews, this week's classic video, and yes, our Late & Loud EP review! Thanks everyone!

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