Monday, April 15, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Garden Of Bedlam), A New Local Metal Project, And How You Can Help A Local Musician!!

We have quite a busy week in store at the SMS, one that will push our streak of consecutive days with SMS updates to at least 54 on Saturday (barring computer meltdown), but what's in store today? A regular news post, more or less, including a new local band and recent updates from their label/studio, along with fundraising to help a local hard rock musician through recent medical & financial issues, but first, here's a huge LOCAL CONCERT ALERT marking two talented metal bands' long awaited returns to the concert stage, so here's what you need to know!

Garden of Bedlam will finally play their first show of 2013 next week, when they return for a headlining gig at The Rockstar Bar on April 26th! Last seen there (or anywhere) in late October for The Rad Zone's birthday bash, this prominent metal quartet have been missed in recent months, and the guys are very anxious to get playing again, so don't miss Buzz, Josh, Evan, and Derek back on stage one week from Friday! Might there be some new material or covers in store come next week? However, unlike their past Rockstar Bar gigs, this won't be a solo concert, as Garden of Bedlam have an opening band next week who've been waiting even longer to play another show, that being local hard rock quintet Skeyes of Seven! You may remember them as the opening band at last July's Anvil concert at The Canadian (also featuring Garden of Bedlam), but they've been in a nine month break from new concerts since, though that has helped lead to writing at least 6 original songs according to their Facebook page. Featuring Sense of Truth, Half Past, Tripod The Dog, and Cherry Crush alumni, how will Skeyes of Seven do in their first Rockstar Bar appearance and second live show? We'll find out next week!

This show (which was previously advertised on marquee boards inside The Rockstar Bar, but not officially confirmed) will take place on April 26th at 11:00 PM (with doors opening at 9:00 PM), you must be 19 to attend, and I'd assume a cover charge in the $5 range would be in effect. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This should be a huge concert, even with the sorta late notice, and it'll be great to see both bands back at it after too long of a break! I'll definitely see you guys there, so don't miss the returns of Garden of Bedlam and Skeyes of Seven next week!

Next up, we have a new local metal project to add to our band links, and it's Brutaly Fatal, one of the recently launched metal/goregrind projects from upstart local label/studio Blood Shed Productions! As previously alluded to on here, Brutaly Fatal (which appears to be misspelled intentionally) is a solo project led by label co-owner Austin McRae (who handles vocals & bass), and though it appears to have been active since late last year, their Facebook page has only been up for a week. Since the project's launch, Austin has released one demo named "Acidic Sky's" (which can be bought by request through the links above), though like the other Blood Shed releases, I think it's essentially a hand written demo in a paper sleeve. Future plans include at least one more full length disc this summer, and a split release with fellow Blood Shed artist Crucify The Whore (more on them in a bit), which I'll try to keep you guys updated on! Brutaly Fatal's only posted media so far is this unembeddable Facebook video for their song "Fall", and while this song does sound very unfinished, I think Austin's work is probably my favourite of the goregrind projects through Blood Shed Productions that I've heard!

Austin has growling ability and bass skill, but I'd like to see him fill out the project with other musicians and see where it goes. Since I found the Blood Shed Productions artists, I've wondered why they don't just band together and make a full goregrind/death metal band, rather than a bunch of incomplete sounding solo projects, but maybe there's a method to the madness that I haven't heard yet. Give Brutaly Fatal a look above, and they're now in our Sault Ontario metal band links!

Also in updates from the Blood Shed camp, fellow label artists Crucify The Whore & Tomgrindy (both featuring Blood Shed co-owner Ringsnaps Gibson) have been among the acts hard at work on new music to be put out through the label, alongside signed horrorcore/rap artists. Among the plans are C.T.W. split albums with both Tomgrindy & the aforementioned Brutaly Fatal, and a full Tomgrindy demo, and while it remains to be seen if these will have full proper packaging, there are photos on Blood Shed Productions' Facebook page hinting towards more detailed artwork and possible hard cases on future releases. Via the C.T.W. Facebook page, the artwork for their split disc with Tomgrindy, likely titled "Grindshed", is also posted (albeit on a sideways angle.) As for new material, a few new videos have been posted onto the Blood Shed Productions YouTube channel in the past week or so, including Crucify The Whore's debut demo in full (whose title & art may offend Amanda Todd supporters), and a short teaser for "Grindshed" that actually features some video footage!

Featuring Ringsnaps introducing the material (including a barely visible track listing), the included song (which band is unclear) is an incomplete instrumental take, but despite a muffled quality to this recording, it sounds somewhat fuller musically than earlier songs from either project did. We'll have to see how the new material turns out, but for now, give this preview video of the planned C.T.W./Tomgrindy split demo a look below, and stay tuned for updates from Blood Shed Productions' death metal & goregrind artists!

Finally for today, a local musician needs your help with a major medical battle, so here's what you should know! As some of you may know, former Half Past frontman Luke LeBlanc has been battling kidney cancer in recent months, and according to a post on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group by his friend Zenith Lillie-Eakett on Friday, his current treatments are considered too experimental by OHIP to be covered, and related struggles are contributing to financial issues. To help with his bills, local artists are coming together to raise money to help out through a campaign on Etsy being led by local craft/clothing company Washboard Bill's Wonder Emporium, where any purchases on Etsy (which were all donated) will see all proceeds go to helping Luke at this time of need, including straight donations through "good vibes" and "bear hugs". We don't usually talk about personal matters of local musicians on here (good or bad, we're not TMZ), but when it comes to helping someone in the local scene in times like this, it absolutely has to be mentioned, so please consider buying something to help him out!

Luke's a talented singer (as he proved with Half Past from 2009-2011) and a very funny guy, and he deserves many kudos for his positive outlook and his hard fight so far! It'd be nice to see old bandmates & friends of his organize a benefit concert too, as I imagine that would be a big help for Luke's treatments and bills right now, but if you can help out in any way, buy or donate something on Etsy to give Luke a hand, and hopefully he'll beat cancer before you know it! Get better soon, Luke!

That's likely all for today, but stay tuned for our preview of Wednesday's last night of the Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands Semifinals tomorrow! Who's competing, what's at stake, and what do attendees need to know? Find out tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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