Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rockstar Bar Battle Of The Bands Preview (Night 1)

TONIGHT marks the first night of the Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands, a four week event where nine bands will compete for some big prizes! As brought to you by The Rockstar Bar, Case's Music, and The Sault Metal Scene, this is the first Sault Ontario battle of the bands since last June's Battle For The Blood (also promoted by this battle's co-organizer J.D. Pearce), and it's the first local battle to be staggered over multiple public nights since the Kiss Battle of the Bands in December 2009. This time around, three bands each will compete tonight, next Wednesday, and on April 17th, with the winners from each week moving on to the finals on April 24th, where they'll compete for grand prizes including $1,000, recording time at Case's Music, a guaranteed opening slot at one of J.D.'s upcoming concerts, and more prizes to be announced! Judges for the battle include Case's Music owner James Case, The Rad Zone's Len Ward, and myself, and all three have past battle judging experience, so hopefully things run smoothly as we tackle the judging each night!

Remember, as a judge, I will NOT be critiquing or predicting anything relating to the competing bands, as to remain fair and impartial without showing a bias, so I'll instead just promote and hype the event and bands, and encourage you to follow along and attend. We'll individually preview and recap each night of the battle as they happen, so we'll focus on the first night today, which features three competing bands covering a varied range of rock music, so here's some info on the three bands in alphabetical order:

Haggith: Since their launch last summer, this young hard rock quartet have made a quick impact on the local scene with four CD releases already, including two full studio albums, and another ("Deuce") on the way! The only competing band this month with no recent local battle experience, can this newer outfit (featuring Havadder, Acention, and 20 Pack of Marshmallows alumni) make a big first impression in their first ever local battle of the bands with their prolific and diverse blend of alternative rock and grunge?

Late & Loud: The winners of last April's Humane Society Battle of the Bands, Late & Loud will play just their third live date since that victory tonight, in what may also be their last show with guitarist Jonathan Tiberi prior to his move to Southern Ontario. Also featuring members with prior battle experience in bands like The Glass Statues & Behind Society, Late & Loud are counting on their "loudmouths" to be out in full force for their classic metal original set tonight, but can lightning strike twice to send them to the finals on April 24th?

Sarah's Valley: The biggest unknown of this battle comes from Sarah's Valley, who I can't find any online details on, though I have heard from two different sources that Shaw TV contributor/ex-Free Beer frontman Christian Lemay is in their lineup. Free Beer were quite popular in their day, and their ska-punk sounds carried them to a third place finish at 2008's Skid Row Battle, but will Sarah's Valley sound similar? Debuting bands have won recent battles (like Sense of Truth in 2008), but can this band leap to the finals in their first ever live appearance tonight? If you have any confirmed details on Sarah's Valley, LET ME KNOW!!

Barring any unforeseen cancellations, tonight's winning band will return in three weeks on April 24th for the battle finals, where they'll take on the winner of next week's semifinal (either The Northern Tragedy, The Pesto Shirts, or The Suicide Kings) and whoever wins on April 17th (either The Bear Hunters, Giwakwa, or Sykotyk Rampage.) For attendees, admission at the door will be $3 TONIGHT and on the 10th & 17th, but the finals will cost $10. Ticket packages for the full month can be bought at The Rockstar Bar/Algonquin Hotel or through participating band members for $15 (a $4 total savings), as they received ticket packages with their battle applications. A 9:00 PM start time is advertised, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page or the above links! This should be a huge month of entertainment and battling, so definitely come on down to The Rockstar Bar TONIGHT for all of the excitement, and to see which of the three bands will make the finals!

Will Haggith make a successful statement in their first batle? Can Late & Loud continue their battle success by moving on to the finals? Or will Sarah's Valley debut in style with a semifinal victory? I'll see you guys there TONIGHT to find out! Thanks everyone!

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