Monday, July 8, 2013

Concert Updates, The End Of Crimson Crusade, And Two Other Likely Inactive Bands!!

Today's all-Sault Ontario post is mostly of the disappointing level, as we've recently moved three bands to our inactive band links (one for an explicit breakup, two for just likely not being active right now), but we're starting with big updates for an upcoming metal benefit concert, including quite the unlikely headliners, so here's what you need to know!

We'll start with some big news from the previously announced benefit concert for Frightlight bassist Mike "Eddie Fright" Gingras' upcoming short film "The Kid Who Made The Face" at The Algonquin Pub on July 27th, which was previously only advertised via this YouTube commercial. On the new Facebook event page, it has been confirmed that there will be an out of town headlining band, as Brazilian symphonic metal septet Sanitarium are now scheduled for this concert! How's that for a surprise headliner? Featuring an intriguing hybrid of classical instruments and modern heavy metal aggression, this is the first time I can recall a South American metal band playing in the Soo, and they have a lot of talent that should not go unrecognized, so definitely check them out above! They'll join the previously announced Frightlight, The Bear Hunters, and Redundant at this show, which will likely be the first time that Frightlight have played live with Eddie on bass in 9 months, and it'll be great to see him back with the guys! However, I do not know if departing Bear Hunters guitarist Josh Stephney (whose farewell show is the night before) will still be around for this gig, or if the band will play with(out) a replacement.

Admission is still $5 (with a guaranteed credit in the finished movie), it's still a 19+ event, and doors still open at 9:00 PM. Check the above links for more details! I have to say, Johnny Pints has done it again with his concert bookings, as now he's got three out-of-continent bands coming to the Soo this summer (joining Australian punk band The Resignators that same week, and of course, Airbourne), and he has even more big shows coming, so stay tuned to the SMS when word comes out on his next metal/hard rock featured events, as he's doing awesome work!

Next up, we have a very surprising band breakup to announce, as local/North Shore death metal quartet Crimson Crusade announced that they "will no longer be continuing" on their Facebook page yesterday. The band cited "circumstances" for the breakup, but didn't elaborate any further than that publically. In the statement, the guys did thank fans for supporting them and coming to their shows, and pleaded for fans to never stop supporting the local scene. The news is extra surprising given their recent prominence & plans, coming just over a month after the release of their EP "Upon The Eve Of War", and with at least two Oddfellows Hall concerts scheduled in the next month, but I have no idea what happened behind the scenes. Active since 2010, Crimson Crusade had a slow start dotted with Algoma District concerts (including a fall 2011 date in Bellevue Park), but they only fully launched into the Sault Ontario scene in late 2012 with a handful of successful Canadian Nightclub gigs (including opening for Skeletonwitch last month) and their EP release, last playing live at The Oddfellows Hall with Bad Back on June 27th.

This is really shocking news, as it seemed like Crimson Crusade were finally integrated in the scene & rising in both prominence & live regularity, but I can't speak for the reasons behind their breakup, and I just hope things are amicable. They were a talented & very brutal band, and their Death-inspired sound really set them apart from other regional metal bands, but I hope Pillory and The Dirty Few will help fill the void for fans. I'll of course keep you guys updated if/when they're replaced at the upcoming Oddzfest 2013 Metal Mash-Up & Swampstravaganza 3 concerts, and best of luck to Devon, the Roberts, and Riley in the future!

Also, I've chosen to list a pair of other local metal bands in our inactive local metal band links due to their likely inactivity, starting with classic metal quartet Late & Loud. There hasn't been any official announcements to confirm a cessation of activity, but with no shows since their Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands Finals appearances in April, singer/guitarist Jonathan Tiberi's move out of town following it (and departure from his other local bands), and members Brendan Christie & Benn Garside's formation of a similar new local band (The Hydra's Teeth), it's unlikely that they're active at present. One of the more popular local metal bands of the early 2010s, Late & Loud played numerous local shows of an increasing scale during their run, which saw them open for bands like Skull Fist, The Saigon Hookers, and Laugh At The Fakes, along with releasing two pressings of their "Heavy Rockin' Hard Metal" EP, and playing major shows like the first Sewer Swampstravaganza, the original Coch's Corner's last metal show, four Rosie metal nights, and of course, a first place performance at the Sault Humane Society Battle of the Bands last April!

Now, this doesn't mean they're 100% done, as Late & Loud have not closed the door on future reunions (Jon plays with his old Xanadu bandmates annually), but it's still disappointing to see Late & Loud fall dormant after all the successes they had. Aside from the lack of a full time singer, they had a total package and a lot of fun chemistry and musical talent, and I hope us Loudmouths will see them again down the road. For now, best of luck to Jon, Brendan, Benn, and Josh in the future!

Finally, I've reluctantly decided to list local deathcore quartet The Valentine's Day Massacre as inactive too. Nothing official has been said to confirm this, but there have been no public updates on their Facebook page since February, and it looks like most of the band is occupied in new projects. Singer Steve Rhodes & guitarist Andrew Angelic are now focused on their popular London death metal band D3athcharg3r, and drummer Kyle Umgeher has moved back home to the Soo (and is searching for a new band here), hence why I don't think they're actively functioning at present. Originally known as View To A Kill, The V.D.M. debuted in November 2011 at the second Skull Fist concert at The Canadian, and they were among the most frequent sights in the local metal scene through the summer of 2012, including appearances at the Ypres Metal Fest, the second Sewer Swampstravaganza, and at both of last year's local battles of the bands, before relocating to London in September for college. Since then, activity has drastically slowed down, aside from shows at The Algonquin Pub in December and their only London gig in March, with no public updates following.

I liked The Valentine's Day Massacre and their hardcore/death metal hybrid sound, and they were a nice successor of sorts to Sativa Rose & State of Misery, but the London move arguably hurt their momentum as a band. I like what Steve and Andrew are doing and accomplishing with D3athcharg3r though, and though I've heard nothing to hint at a 2013 return as of right now, I hope I'm wrong to assume they're inactive. Best of luck to Steve, Andrew, Adam, and Kyle in the future, and hopefully they'll pop up again down the road!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for an all-Sault Michigan video post shortly! Thanks everyone!

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