Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 6th Anniversary From The Sault Metal Scene!!

Hey guys, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for supporting us over the past 6 years, as today marks our 6th anniversary from The Sault Metal Scene's launch as a Facebook group on July 4th, 2007! Since then, I'd never have guessed that the SMS would grow to such big heights, and attain such a loyal readership, but I appreciate every single hit, like, comment, and bit of feedback that I've received ever since! Without you guys, and the bands & promoters who put so much time & effort into their work, there would be no site, so you're way more to blame for us hitting 6 years than I am. Now, I know that in past years, I've had something big to add, unveil, or launch in relation to the site for our annual birthday, but this year, I'm gonna take a break from any major changes or additions to the status quo. Mainly, it's because (on a personal note) I want to get my personal life in order and settled (i.e. finding a full time job) before I dive into anything time consuming or unfamiliar in regards to the site, so that I don't promise the world & then not deliver due to my own personal commitments.

I had pondered expanding our coverage range again, but if we get too much farther than the 1 hour range that we have now, we'll hit bands that don't have a large association with the Soo or play here often, and I want to keep things as local to the Twin Saults as possible (but, if said close-ish bands do get engaged into the Sault area, that could easily change.) There's also the idea of launching a new monthly feature, starting interviews or podcasts, or producing merchandise to sell at concerts, but they're their own commitment to maintain successfully when I have so much else on my plate relating to the site, and I'd be more comfortable exploring them once my personal life and schedules are figured out. The only thing I really did to mark the occasion was expand the field where our posts are written by a few pixels, while shortening the link/listing sidebars a touch, just because I'm increasingly writing more in our posts, and a little extra room would help accomodate that. This will also facilitate larger videos when embedded in posts, though it shouldn't otherwise be a major change from what we already know.

Still, this is a big milestone, and I couldn't have got here without you guys, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support, friendship, readership, and (in the case of bands) music in the past 6 years, and here's to many more to come! Don't miss The Golers' return show TONIGHT at The Rosie, and for you Yoopers celebrating the Fourth of July, Powerslug will follow the fireworks TONIGHT as well in their Back Door debut, so go occupy a venue! Thanks everyone, and happy Independence Day!

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