Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More Devil's Night At The Oddfellows Videos, Plus A New Cover!!

Today's SMS post is dedicated to videos, including the last footage from last week's all ages metal show at The Oddfellows Hall that I know of, but first, let's start with a new solo video upload from Ashes To Dust guitarist Alex Hemy's YouTube channel! Uploaded yesterday, this is a cover of Poison's "Talk Dirty To Me", which is his first metal cover since he shifted his general focus this summer to covers with him both playing guitar & singing. Accompanied by an honestly artificial-sounding backing track, this song is actually a good fit for Alex's vocal range, with the upbeat style fitting nicely, and his guitar ability is again without question, so check out his newest solo cover below!

The rest of today's post is focused on what I believe is the last of the public videos from last week's Devil's Night concert at The Oddfellows Hall! These were uploaded to Facebook by attendee Katie Stevenson and posted on the Facebook event page for public consumption last Thursday, hence why we're plugging them here. One of the videos is of now-Strange Coyotes bassist James Watterworth playing his solo original song "Shadowfax" during the acoustic/folk half of his set last week, and though it is filmed on that vertical cell phone camera angle, the audio quality's really good and the red lighting fits everything well! Solid softer performance, so give James' solo performance a look below!

Also from this concert (actually, before it) is this very short sound check clip featuring Crucify The Whore mainman Ringsnaps Gibson on guitar, with vocal accompaniment by promoter/Social Suicide frontman Tyler St. Amour and Pillory drummer Bret Shuttleworth, who definitely puts his all into that scream! At just 12 seconds, the video isn't too substantial compared to a full song, but we don't get a lot of pre-show glimpses like this, so give Katie's sound check video a look below!

Finally, here's something a little different, that being an impromptu jam cover of Lamb of God's "Laid To Rest" before Chase Wigmore's solo set, featuring Bear Hunters guitarist Mitch Sirie and drummer Johnny Belanger, along with..... me on vocals? Yes, I offered to sing when they asked if anyone knew this track, and Katie filmed it, so you can judge for yourself whether I'm any good! I'm not one for self-promotion, so I'll just say this was a fun opportunity, and check out the most of the first verse from said cover below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews tomorrow! Thank everyone!

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