Wednesday, November 13, 2013

R.I.P. Ray Brown, 1971-2013

The Sault Metal Scene sends it's deepest condolences to the family and friends of former local hard rock drummer Ray Brown, who lost his battle with cancer yesterday, just a month shy of his 42nd birthday. Details on his arrangements and services have yet to be announced, but we'll have them here when/if they're publicized. Ray had been fighting cancer of the lungs and liver for much of the year, which led to a great outpouring of support and condolences from his friends & colleagues, including a successful benefit concert at The Verdi Hall last month that he thankfully was able to attend. A well known metalhead & musician in the area, Ray had played drums in a number of local bands in the past, including stints with The Chosen (alongside Frightlight, Lucky 13, and Cherry Crush alumni) and the Wishbone predecessors Saint Mizry, among others, and he had jammed with his musician friends often in recent years as well. I never knew Ray personally, but I've never heard a bad word about him as a person or a musician, and from what I've learned since I learned of his illness, he was a funny and very kind guy who touched a lot of lives.

Just for privacy's sake (and because others can speak to Ray's qualities and life way better than I), I'll leave you guys with this song posting from his friend and fellow veteran local drummer Glen Thomas, who posted this song named "God Knows Why" by Ray's old band Saint Mizry onto his YouTube channel last month. Ray's heyday in local bands came before concert videos became more common, but this is a nice sampling of his drum talent, and hopefully there's some more media of his music work floating around! Stay tuned for details on his arrangements if they come out, and R.I.P. Ray, you are not forgotten!

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Paul said...

It was a fun summer working with Ray at the Sault Community Theatre Center back in about 1993. He was a funny guy, a little rough around the edges, and always lightened the mood. He once came to a meeting with the building's architect wearing a shirt that read "Eat Shit". He turned it inside out, however. I remember Ray working hard, being a good listener and having creative ideas to solve problems.

Ray was full of stories. One I remember him telling me was that his Dad woke him up while Ray was sleeping on the couch and asked Ray why he had left so many beer bottle caps on the floor. "Dad" said Ray, "those must be my brother's, you know I only drink Jack Daniels!"

Miss you Ray, Rest in Peace.

Paul Sawchyn