Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Local Punk Video Showcase (Part 4)

News has been slow after the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, but things are bound to pick up for the Halloween season, given the announced concerts late this month! Today though, here's our fourth local punk video showcase, as we continue to comb through archived punk concert, performance, and band videos from the Sault Ste. Marie area! In this installment, we have concert videos from three bands and some light jamming from some familiar faces, so give everything a look!

We'll start with local Celtic punk quartet Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide, who are featured in three performance videos from the Searchmont Resort YouTube channel, as uploaded in March 2011! Despite the upload date, one of the videos appears to come from a separate older gig outside of the resort's main building (and features Frank McCormick on drums, if I'm not mistaken.) It's a solid cover of the country classic "I've Been Everywhere", which I remember Dustin doing with The Inner City Surfers, and in this setting, it retains more of it's country sound, albeit more Canadian locales in the lyrics! The other two videos are definitely from 2011, feature Mikey Hawdon on drums, and take place at Bernard's Bar inside Searchmont, and they're of The Tide playing the fittingly titled introductory song "Intro" (which is embedded below) and "Tick Tick Tock" on separate stationary cameras on each side of the stage. Strongly performed on all accounts with a fun flavour whether you're in it for the punk or Celtic sounds, so give these Searchmont videos a look!

Speaking of a band featuring Mikey Hawdon, his defunct local punk cover supergroup Bin Hawdon & The Taliband are among the featured performers on some of Jamie Penno's YouTube channel's early uploads, so what lies there? Two separate videos from gigs that The Taliband played at Foggy Notions (now Coch's Corner) in late 2006, including a cover of The Misfits' "We Are 138" that September, and as embedded below, NOFX's "Linoleum" that December, so click each link to see these! The Misfits cover suffers from blurry and pixellated video quality (and muffled audio), but the NOFX cover is far more enjoyable on the technical side, and it captures the guys in intense punk form (albeit with no discernible costumes and dark lighting.) It's been around 6 years since Bin Hawdon & The Taliband rocked a public stage, but revisit some of the good times via the links above & the video below!

Also today is another video from Treble Charger's reunion set at the 2012 Independent Music Awards ceremony at The Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto that March (when the local/Toronto punk quartet were inducted into the Indies' hall of fame!) This time, we have a full performance clip of the guys playing their classic song "Red", and while it isn't the only copy of this particular performance online (view Echelons Above Entertainment's copy at this link), this is much closer to the stage and has better recording quality, courtesy of Toronto Social Review's YouTube channel. Great video for fans, with Bill Priddle's singing on point and the fans helping out in a cool early moment, so check this solid video from their first show back below!

We'll close today with some acoustic jam videos from the aforementioned Mikey Hawdon's personal YouTube channel, which feature him, Inner City Surfers bandmate Dave Bahun, and Lion Ride bandmate Mark Rand, as shot in June 2008 at an unspecified outdoor location. One video is of Mikey and company covering Fugazi's "Waiting Room", and the other (embedded below) is of a song apparently titled "Lil'Shy", though I can't place it if it's a cover. Light and pleasant in either case, it's interesting to see the guys step outside of the electric punk realm for these vocal & guitar covers, though if you've seen Mikey's solo acoustic clips, this won't be a far jump! Check everything out, and make sure to listen to the guys' full band work too!

I hope you guys liked this week's local punk video showcase, and I hope to have another on the site next week! That's all for now, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews and more news soon! Thanks everyone!

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