Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Sault Ontario Halloween Weekend Concert Previews!!

Now, let's get our second of at least three Halloween concert preview posts up on the site, as we take a look at Sault Ontario punk and hard rock shows taking place tomorrow & Saturday night! We'll touch on Sault Michigan shows (and The Brains, in all likelihood) tomorrow, so we haven't forgotten about them! Now, here's what you should know on the Sault Ontario side of the border for Halloween!

A milestone will be reached TOMORROW NIGHT when local concert promoter J.D. Pearce hosts The Halloween Party for it's announced 10th anniversary! Though his official Halloween parties only date back to 2006, he retroactively included a separate seasonal show from 2005, but either number is impressive, and the party will rage on for sure! Returning to The Algonquin Pub for a second time after a year's stay at the former Roosevelt Hotel, tomorrow's party will be headlined by local horror punk/metal quintet Frightlight in their fifth appearance at this annual event, their first public concert set in over 8 months, and sadly, their last show ever due to members own external commitments. Given how sporadic Frightlight shows have been lately, it's not a huge surprise, but there's no more fitting way to give Frightlight a frightening farewell, as their concert debut was at J.D.'s party in 2009, and both then and now, the show was on Halloween night, so they've came full circle!

Support will come from local hardcore punk sextet Destroilet in their second straight appearance at this event, and first live concert with new co-singer Brenton Ellis, so how will the guys sound with two singers in their arsenal? Find out TOMORROW! The other opening band is "blue Chinese metal crash punk" quartet Sykotyk Rampage in their own second appearance at J.D.'s Halloween shows (after playing at The Algonquin in 2012), and if you're craving their usual unfiltered 19+ sound and presence, come early to take in their sonic assault, perhaps with new songs from their recent "albums"? Notably, this is the first Halloween party since it left Coch's Corner to feature an all-local lineup, and it's also being held on a Friday night rather than the usual Saturday to line it up with Halloween proper. A $10 cover charge is in effect for TOMORROW NIGHT, you must be 19 to attend, everything starts at around 9:00 PM, and a costume contest is very likely as well.

For more details, visit the above links! This will be a bittersweet night for sure, but even if Frightlight weren't disbanding, this would still be a great occasion to see them given their horror ties, and that they haven't played to a proper audience (their Marquee set doesn't count) since July 2013! I'll be at The Algonquin with costume in tow, and I hope to see you guys there for another great Halloween party tomorrow night! See above for more, and here's Frightlight live at their most recent Halloween party set in 2012!

Also taking place tomorrow is a Halloween night concert from local classic/hard rock cover quartet Havadder, who will be playing at a very unfamiliar venue TOMORROW NIGHT, as they'll be rocking out at Studio 10! That's right, Jugga and company will apparently be the first band to ever play at the Hudson Street strip club (not far from their usual recent venue, The Rednecks Saloon), but what sort of frills can you expect if you go see Havadder tomorrow? According to the Facebook event page, there will be a guitar draw, a costume contest (the winner gets $150), a limited run of Havadder t-shirts, and yes, there will be "dancers" between Havadder's sets, so if that's your thing, there you go. There will be a $2 cover charge at the Studio, you must be 19 to attend, and Havadder should be on at around 10:00 PM. For more details, check the above links! This is definitely a unique setting for a concert, but hopefully Havadder's show goes well, bring your costumes, and here are the guys at Rednecks!

Finally for this concert preview post, Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison will return once again to The Harp Bar & Grill for his 47th weekend of solo gigs there! As usual for this ongoing weekly concert arrangement, Tym will be hosting and playing at their usual jam night TOMORROW NIGHT, before playing a normal acoustic gig THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, and while it's expected that there will be some type of Halloween themes and costume encouragement at the former Madison's Pub tomorrow, it's not explicitly stated if there will be a contest or any other seasonal incentive. For reference sake, the Facebook event page doesn't explicitly reference a Saturday show this weekend, but his website's concert calendar does, so we'll go off of that. Also, an edit to said calendar (and a personal Facebook post last week) indicated that Tym did not play at The Harp at all last weekend, which would be the first weekend since December of last year when he didn't play at least one concert there.

Those shows were announced via his calendar but were later called off for one reason or another, so our apologies for missing that! Note to self, make sure Tym's still playing if there's no Facebook event page. Still, very impressive to play 46 straight weeks, and he's not done at The Harp yet! Admission is likely free this weekend, you must be 19 to attend, and a 10:00 PM start time is likely. For more details, visit the above links, and here's Tym at The Harp last year!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our Gob concert review, more Halloween concert previews, and more soon! Thanks everyone!

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