Monday, November 24, 2014

Local Metal/Punk Video Showcase, Including Band-O-Rama Fallout!!

After a slow Sunday, we're back with an all-video post featuring an assortment of recent YouTube postings from an independent label and three diverse regional artists, along with the first fallout from a big recent concert, so read on below for what you need to know!

We'll start with our first video from Friday's first Sault Band-O-Rama at The Primavera Hall, and some extra fallout from it! In terms of how things look for people who couldn't make it, there's photos of the stage on Project 421's Facebook page, and while the Primavera's own sign at the back looks slightly out of place, things had a good setup! For the lineup, a Facebook event page post by co-promoter Terry Eaton on Friday indicated that a performer dropped out of the show, and he confirmed in an e-mail that it was one of the Bocturoc Academy students for undisclosed reasons (hopefully all's well!) Debuting local rock trio Infamous (formerly The Damon King Band) still lack an online page, but there is a video of their set shot by Facebook user Erin Carter that you can see on her personal Facebook page. It's of Lizzie, Anthony, and Damon covering what appears to be Shinedown's version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man", and while they still need a bassist, and Lizzie had some tentative vocal moments, they're on their way, and I hope to hear more from them!

We won't embed the Infamous video here due to it being a personal upload only, but we do have one fully public video from Band-O-Rama, courtesy of local goregrind duo Rotopsy, who debuted a new song named "Cops 'N Moms" that night, which references the reasons for the early end of their Weldon Avenue house party show earlier this month. Uploaded to Blood Shed Productions' YouTube channel on Saturday, the song uniquely featuring no growling vocals (just hardcore yelling), though it got a great reception for it's humour content, and I definitely smiled, but I'm also glad to see some added diversity to their sound! Give it a look below, and stay tuned for more possible Band-O-Rama fallout

Also from recent Blood Shed Productions YouTube channel uploads is this slideshow flashback to the shows and bands that Blood Shed has represented or been a part of in 2014. Featuring one of Strange Coyotes guitarist Chase Wigmore's solo songs as the backing audio, the video itself features numerous concert photos and other random shots (including band logos and show posters), and some small write-ups thanking everyone for their support. Not badly done, and a nice thank you gesture, so give the full video a look below!

Next up, here's the newest video from local post-punk/garage rock quartet Gnaeus, who have been keeping busy behind the scenes despite not playing a public concert since August's Emergency Festival. Amidst songwriting and "re-wiring the robot", the guys uploaded their first official live videos onto their new YouTube channel yesterday, coming from their set at Lopstock at LopLops Lounge in July! Filmed by attendee Jason Lloyd, the 2 videos are of their originals "The Sound" and (as embedded below) "The Curse", and while the former is slower paced and not as intense until the last minute, "The Curse" handles that aspect of their sound for you guys full through, but I will note that the guitar playing on both songs seem too quiet and lost in the music. It's nice to finally see some live videos of Gnaeus though, and they're a promising young band, so check out "The Curse" below!

Finally for today, here's the newest solo performance video from Exiled guitarist Joe Jenkins, this time a tone/tremolo test on his new Fender Stratocaster guitar. Uploaded to his YouTube channel on Saturday, it's a fun watch for fans of Joe's E.U.P. band work and of his older solo videos, and you may recognize some similar licks within! Give is a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for much more news and notes this week! Thanks everyone!

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