Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Recent Heavy North Entertainment Concert Videos!!

Today's post is devoted to recent Heavy North Entertainment and Blood Shed Productions concerts, specifically videos from them, as some were uploaded to Facebook in the last week or so via the shows' respective Facebook event pages, making them publically available! Yes, I know there's more from these shows and the same filmers, but if they're only shared via personal pages, we wouldn't share them here just for sake of privacy. This special post kicks off with videos from the Devil's Night concert at The Oddfellows Hall late last month, as promoter Tyler St. Amour posted six videos from the show onto the show's Facebook event page over the last week plus! Three of them are of the opening rap sets, including footage of Miracle Man & Mikey Thomas' spitting rhymes, but I'll give special mention to the video of Phat Boii (a.k.a. former Tomgrindy singer Jean-Paul Archambault), as I was running late to the show and missed his set entirely, so how did he do on Devil's Night?

More energetic and angry sounding than his studio work often does, he definitely made the most of the stage, though at times, it did look like J.P. was blurring words together. Nice to see Chase Wigmore jump in on guest bass too, so give Phat Boii's video and the other rappers a look above! As for the videos of heavier bands, Tyler has only uploaded three to the event page, including this 18 minute+ video of the end of Sudbury metal quintet Archelon's set, including their cover of Pantera's "Mouth For War" and their last two originals. Solid audio quality of their entertaining set, but the lighting is dark, and the camera angles vary from close to the action to mounted on a back table and panning down to just people's feet for a stretch. Nice to see some more video footage though, so give it a look below! Remember, embedded Facebook videos still work despite only showing a black screen now for whatever reason, so just double click on it!

Also among Tyler's videos from this show is this almost 10 minute clip of Crucify The Whore's set,  which will definitely please Blood Shed loyalists and goregrind fans! Featuring songs like "Orthostatic Hypotension" and the ultra-short "Batch Cones", the video has similar quality to the Archelon footage, but it has better lighting and a worse view of the (one-man) band, as Tyler Gibson is obscured by the crowd for most of the duration. C.T.W. fans shoiuld enjoy though, so give this video a look below!

Lastly for Tyler's Devil's Night videos is this clip of James Watterworth and his newly-restored Strange Coyotes bandmates playing one of his existing solo songs, though regrettably, I forget the title off hand. Nice, energetic, and heavy though, and the camera angle improves late when Tyler joins the floor, albeit with some pit action to disrupt the angle, but it ends well! Strong clip, and it's great to have James, Chase, and Mike back together, so check out their video below!

We'll close this all-H.N.E. post with a video from the abbreviated "Bloody Basement Jam" held on Weldon Avenue this past Friday, as posted on that show's Facebook event page on Saturday! Filmed, uploaded, and shared by attendee Katie Stevenson, this appears to be of C.T.W. frontman/Rotopsy bassist Tyler Gibson jamming along with backing music, but the lighting isn't great. Not bad for what it is, so give it a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews and more soon! Thanks everyone!

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