Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Local Band, New Blood Shed Productions Videos, And More!!

Before we begin this post, I wanted to apologize for two short notice hard rock cover shows last night that we didn't have time to plug on the site proper, as Mourning Wood and Havadder played at The Rockstar Bar (in their debut at that venue) and The Rednecks Saloon respectively. Both shows were only announced on their Facebook pages yesterday afternoon/evening, and while we plugged both on our Facebook page, we couldn't rush a post to plug them both on here last night. I apologize again, but hopefully they were hits, and if we had advance notice of either, we'd have mentioned them on the site, 100%! Now, today's post features a recent interview, concert videos, and a new local band, so here's what you need to know!

We have a new Sault Michigan hard rock band to add to our band links (great to see), and they are a young duo named Lift The Broken! I don't know a ton about them, but their lineup includes singer Carol Grover and guitarist Nathan Webber, neither of whom I'm familiar with from past local bands. Launched by at least February of last year, Lift The Broken debuted with a set (likely at an open mic night) at Biggby Coffee in the Soo on the 24th of that month, but updates to their Facebook page were slow after that, and the band hasn't posted since July 24th when they promised that they were "back to work." It's entirely possible that L.T.B. have broken up since, but we're not at a year's inactivity yet, so we'll treat them as active for now. There's no media samples of Lift The Broken online that I've found, but they draw influence from bands like Evanescence, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, and Skillet, so they likely have a modern hard rock sound.

From what I've read, Lift The Broken sound promising, but given their recent break and the lack of a bassist & drummer, there's work to be done if they're still an active project. If we hear more from this band, we'll let you know, but they are now in our active Sault Michigan band links!

Next up, here's a pair of videos from Blood Shed Productions' Boxing Day house party that are finally on the site! Just for the sake of mentioning it on here first though, Brutally Fatal did not play that show (as per their Facebook page), and while they didn't state why, note that drummer Tyler Gibson played with his other live bands that night, including with the goregrind duo Rotopsy, who were filmed by an attendee playing their song "Cops 'N Moms"! This was uploaded to the Blood Shed YouTube channel the next day. Though the lighting is dim, this video does capture the raucous atmosphere well during this newer original, and it's a fun performance of one of Rotopsy's more accessible (and amusing) originals, so give it a look below!

The other new video from the Boxing Day house party show is of Tyler's Crucify The Whore solo project playing one of their originals, but we won't give it's name here due to it being potentially offensive. Despite being from the same show, it was filmed on a stationary camera at a distance, and with poor lighting (save for Christmas lights), there's basically nothing to see unless a mosher has a white shirt on. The audio is reliable enough for goregrind fans, so give the video a listen below!

Finally for today, we have a new interview with local sludge/doom metal trio AlgomA to check out, this time from Robex Lundgren's Musik Blogg out of Sweden (though you won't need a translator, the interview is in English!) Conducted specifically with frontman Kevin Campbell at some point late last year, the lengthy interview features him answering questions relating to AlgomA's formation, ambitions, sound, influences, favourite shows & concerts, future plans, and more, and while it's light in tone, it's in-depth and will be very informative for AlgomA fans! In terms of scoops for future plans, Kevin didn't spill much, but he did indicate that they're focusing on songwriting and recording over the winter, but they plan on playing and touring again in the spring. Solid promotion and press for the guys, and hopefully we hear lots more from AlgomA in the new year, so give the full interview a look at this link or above!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and updates very soon! Thanks everyone!

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