Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Europe/Black Star Riders Concert Video Showcase!!

Before we get to this post, I wanted to apologize for a pair of missed concerts, as Sault Michigan hard rock quartet 415E returned to the stage for the first time since New Year's weekend this past Friday and Saturday at the St. Ignace Kewadin Casino, shows that completely slipped us by despite being announced last Wednesday on their Facebook page. For what it's worth, Kewadin's entertainment page listed them as Crossroads shows, so they 415E were likely replacing them. There's no excuse on our end for missing the shows, so our sincere apologies to 415E and fans, and we'll try to make sure this doesn't happen again!

Now, here's our long awaited video showcase post from last Thursday's Europe-headlined concert at The Dreammaker's Theatre at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino, as there are now videos from the show on YouTube! Also, yes, there was a meet & greet, as per personal Facebook postings. Wawa author and frequent Kewadin concert attendee Duane Roy is the source of most of the Europe concert videos that we've found, as uploaded to his YouTube channel in the past few days, and his 13 videos include 4 of Europe's set. They include their songs "Cherokee", "Carrie", and John Norum's guitar solo, but embedded below is (of course) "The Final Countdown". Great quality of the whole stage from a far angle, Europe sound very good on these videos, if a little deeper than in their classic era, and the crowd seems to be eating it up! Give Duane's Europe videos a look above and below!

Most of Duane's other videos are of openers The Black Star Riders (a.k.a. the full-time, original recording Thin Lizzy successors), though uniquely, Duane filmed these from what appear to be front row rather than Europe's far angle. I wonder why that is? Duane shot videos of them playing their new originals "The Killer Instinct" & "Finest Hour", Thin Lizzy classics "Jailbreak", "The Boys Are Back In Town", and "Emerald" (in two parts, here & here), their cover of Bob Seger's "Rosalie", and as embedded below, their new original "Charlie I Gotta Go". Though the Thin Lizzy covers are oddly all abbreviated, Duane got more great videos here, and the far closer angle helps us get a great view of The Black Star Riders rocking out and sounding good whether tackling classics or new songs! Give "Charlie I Gotta Go" a look below, and see more above!

Before we close with one bonus video from Duane's channel, here's a Black Star Riders video from a separate channel, that being of YouTube user Mark Fluter, whose channel you may remember from 6 videos of Kiss' Sault Ontario concert. Though Mark didn't film any Europe videos, he did get this clip of The B.S.R. playing their original "Kingdom of the Lost" on Thursday, as shot on a vertical cell phone camera angle. I wish the angle was horizontal, as Mark has a nice close visual of the stage with good quality video and audio, but it works well enough, so give this video a look below!

Finally for today, here's a short video of Rock 101's Scott Cook (the host of Scott Cook In The Morning and The Hair Scare) emceeing the concert, with Duane again at a different filming angle, this time behind Scott on stage! He must have had some prime access at the show, nice to see! In the video, Scott's hyping up The Black Star Riders for the crowd, which isn't a bad idea, as while they're not Thin Lizzy, they sort of are at the same time. Nice unique angle of something you don't see that often from local shows on YouTube, so check it out below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more from the Europe concert when/if it comes in, and stay tuned for our review of last night's Shit Liver/Bear Hunters concert next! Thanks everyone!

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