Monday, April 13, 2015

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: 7/47 & Social Suicide

After a few days' delay due to being out of town and busy (my apologies!), here's this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles, as we once again look at 1 or 2 defunct or inactive local metal, hard rock, or punk bands (two this month), in order for fans to know more about them and check out their available media! This month's installment is a double profile, as the first band didn't have a lot of surviving info, but both have familiar faces and clear talent from each side of the border, so here's what you should know!

Genre: Classic Rock/Metal

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Members: (Members not in their last full lineup in italics. This lineup information is incomplete, mainly regarding the identity of their female lead singer from their last posted video. If you can fill in any blanks, let us know!)

?????, lead vocals
Mike Pascoe (The Highest of Fives, Free Refill), vocals/guitar
Jack Slater (The Highest of Fives, 415E), bass
Joe North (The Eleventh Hour), drums
Tyler Wall (Free Refill), guitar 

Info/Analysis: 7/47 were a young hard rock band that formed through Joey Beairl's Guitar Studio rock camp program in Sault Michigan in mid-2009. Featuring two members of Free Refill in their original lineup, 7/47 quickly began playing covers at various venues in the area that summer, even taking a road trip to Christmas that August. Updates slowed down until the next summer, when 7/47 played an outdoor set in Mackinac City, which came after the addition of an unidentified female lead singer and the departure of guitarist Tyler Wall. No public updates followed, and 7/47 are believed to have dissolved by the end of 2010, though Mike Pascoe & Jack Slater have since reemerged in The Highest of Fives. As seen via 4 surviving videos on Jack's YouTube channel, 7/47 had a strong sound that showed the kids developing sound well, and their last singer had a good voice too, though Mike's vocals weren't as developed yet. Check out 7/47 live above & below!

Social Suicide

Genre: Technical Death Metal/Grindcore/Punk

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Members: (Members not in their last full lineup in italics. This lineup information may be incomplete, as the band went through many lineup changes that weren't always credited publically. If you can add something, let us know!)

Tyler St. Amour (Them, Fountain of Betrayal), vocals/bass
Anthony Boudreau (Them, Infamous), guitar
Keeghan Rosso (The Pixo Control), drums

Storm Perry, guitar/drums
Andres Duchesne (Pillory, The Bear Hunters, The Issues), guitar
Ray Cowan (State of Misery, March Into Regression, Unbound), guitar

Audio/Video: Social Suicide never posted online media from their run, but they did write original material and had covers in their setlists when they did play live. For reference, Tyler and Anthony's current band Them likely have the most similarities to Social Suicide's late-era sound, and may play some of the same material.

Info/Analysis: Launched in August 2011, Social Suicide quickly began plans to play gigs at Superior Heights Collegiate, write original material, and play proper concerts the following summer, but a spate of lineup changes and internal conflicts slowed things down throughout their three year run. The band did play sporadic house party events in the early 2010s (including their "debut" in June 2012), but never at a formal local concert, despite signing on with Blood Shed Productions in early 2013. Last updating their Facebook page in January 2014, Social Suicide quietly disbanded last year, though frontman Tyler St. Amour and guitarist Anthony Boudreau soon regrouped in Them with new instrument roles. Though it's surprising that Social Suicide didn't accomplish more in their run, be sure to check out Them to get your fix!
I hope you guys liked this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles! So, who's coming up in this series in May? Through completely random selection, I've selected defunct Sault Ontario thrash quartet Pillory, which will mark our second straight profile in this series on a band that featured Tyler St. Amour and the late Andres Duchesne in any of their lineups! Another Sault Michigan profile will follow in June, but look for this on or around May 10th, and stay tuned for more updates shortly! Thanks everyone!

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