Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Haggith Album Updates & More Benighted Concert Videos!!

Well guys, we had a good run, but I'm shutting the SMS down.... APRIL FOOLS! Now that that's out of the way, we're coming in hot into a new month with a new news post on this Wednesday afternoon, including the rest of the videos from last month's Benighted concert, but first, here's some updates on a local band's album plans following a major recent lineup change!

We'll start today with some more updates from local hard rock quartet Haggith, fresh off of the departure of Daniel Horton and the return of Caleb Cachagee to replace him on guitar, so what's new from the band now? On their Facebook page yesterday, the band clarified the status of their third mainline CD "XIV", which will now be retracted to an EP, as "recent events" (presumably Daniel's exit) mean that the album as intended "will never be released." While disappointing, this also came up during the "Dragon Joy Ride" sessions in 2012, as Daniel's brief first departure then led to plans to scrap songs that he wrote from the album and start anew with songs wrote fully by the other members. Though things were patched up then, it looks like the same is basically happening here, but Haggith said that releasing "XIV" as an EP "is the least we can do" for their patient fans. No word yet on how much of the planned original album will survive for future projects, but a new song from "XIV" is now online!

Presumably collecting the songs recorded with Daniel before he left, Haggith posted the studio version of "Road Rash" onto their YouTube channel yesterday (complete with final cover art), which also features Beaumont Avenue/Mourning Wood bassist Steven Flint on a guest bass solo, which is fitting, as "Road Rash" began as a Punch original when Steven, Daniel, and Curtis McKenzie were in that band together! Haggith have teased one more song for the EP (it's identity is yet unclear), but check out "Road Rash" below, and stay tuned for more on "XIV" as we hear it!

The rest of today's post is devoted to the remainder of the Montreal Metal Shows YouTube channel's videos from the Benighted-headlined concert at The Oddfellows Hall on March 7th, and kudos again to them for their great footage from this well-received all ages concert! We already touched on videos from that night's last 4 bands (Benighted, Bookakee, The Bear Hunters, and Bad Back) on Saturday, but click on the band names above to see their videos, and remember that this channel did not film the secretive, online page-less metal trio Them, who opened the show, but hopefully we hear more on them sooner or later! We'll start today with local alternative/acid rock trio Mike Haggith & The Din (who replaced the aforementioned Haggith on the lineup, as Daniel was out of town), and their video is of them playing Mike's solo song "This Potato May Be Used As A Flotation Device". Strongly performed and shot, this is one of my favourite of The Din's recent live songs, and it captures their energy well, so give it a look below!

Closing with videos from Blood Shed Productions acts, one is of local goregrind duo Rotopsy playing their lively original song "Swamp Donkey", and while the music may be polarizing for some, their enthusiasm and aggression are on full display, so give their video a look below!


Lastly from this concert (Them aside) are two videos of local goregrind solo project Crucify The Whore, both of short originals, including this song (the title could be seen as offensive, but you can find it on C.T.W.'s Facebook page) and the track embedded below, whose title starts with "Foot", but as it's title may also be seen as offensive, I won't post the rest here. Again, nice quality video of Tyler in action here, so Blood Shed fans should be right at home both below and via the above links!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews and this month's Where Are The New Albums? post next (and remember not to miss Anvil TONIGHT!) Thanks everyone!

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