Friday, July 10, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Havadder), More Concert Previews, And New Tuned Episodes!!

We're back with (barring very late notice concert announcements) our second & last concert preview post for the weekend, including SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS concerning a local favourite at two different events, an extra preview for a metal show tomorrow night, and looks at some recent episodes of a popular webseries! For reference, a second post is coming today, be it a news post with late notice shows, or this month's Defunct Local Band Profile, so stay tuned, and here's what you should know!

Local classic/hard rock quartet Havadder have a busy weekend ahead, with a one night only return to The Rednecks Saloon TONIGHT and a set at the annual Ride For Sight motorcycle rally/fundraiser TOMORROW NIGHT at Searchmont Resort! Apologies for the short notice on both, we only received formal public confirmation of their involvement in both shows in the last couple of days. TONIGHT'S Rednecks Saloon show will be their first there (and second total) since drummer Scott McLurg's return from his recent heart attack, so if you want to help welcome him back to the stage, tomorrow's a good opportunity in a familiar spot! Obviously, they're not playing at Rednecks tomorrow, as they'll be join local country cover quartet Bone Yard on the evening lineup for TOMORROW'S Ride For Sight, the annual blindness fundraising/research event that will see a motorcycle rally through the Soo and various entertainment events at the Searchmont homebase, including bike games, dinner, prizes, and more!

Note that local country musician Lorrie Bolduc & Sinners bandmate Marco Pedalino, and local First Nations musicians, will play matinee sets at 5:30 PM as well, so keep that in mind too if you're at Searchmont early! Havadder's Rednecks show TONIGHT is a 10:00 PM affair with a 19+ age limit and no cover, while Ride For Sight lists them and Bone Yard tomorrow at 9:00 PM, which has no cover, and is presumably ALL AGES. Whether you're a fan, fundraiser, or rider, click here & here, and visit the above links for more details on both shows! Great to see the guys supporting a great cause, and if you can't make it up to Searchmont, consider a trip to Rednecks tonight! See above for more info, and here's Havadder live last month!

Next up, here's a preview of a previously announced concert going down TOMORROW NIGHT, as Toronto melodic metalcore quintet Out Of The Ruins will make their local concert debut at the aforementioned Rednecks Saloon! An aggressive, female-fronted band that have been making steady waves in recent years, their hard hitting hardcore originals should get a great response tomorrow night, so be sure to check them out and see what you think! The local opening slot has been a carousel of sorts, with four different bands (The Bear Hunters, the soon-to-be-defunct Beaumont Avenue & Haggith, and most recently Project 421) all dropping out of the show for varying reasons in recent weeks, but promoters have finally secured local alternative/acid rock trio Mike Haggith & The Din to open the concert, returning Mike Haggith & Curtis McKenzie to this show after the band Haggith's prior withdrawal. Nice of the guys to step in on short notice, marking the second time in as many days that they're filling in for Project 421, so come early to see them in action!

A co-production of PaperClip Productions & Mitch Sirie, this concert has a 9:30 PM start time, a 19+ age limit, and a $5 cover charge. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! With a local opener finally locked in, this will be a solid concert for metalheads, as Out Of The Ruins have some vicious originals, and The Din are on the rise, so check the above links for more info for TOMORROW NIGHT, and here's Out Of The Ruins live!

We'll close this post with the two newest episodes of Local2's music webseries Tuned with Donna Hopper, both concerning concerts last month that new local hard rock trio Caroline Divine played at, so what should you know? The first episode from last week comes from Tidal Records' Go Skateboarding Day event at the skatepark at Queen Elizabeth Park on Father's Day, which uniquely begins with Tidal Records owner Dustin Jones introducing the episode on a megaphone! In it, Donna asks Dustin about why music & skateboarding mesh so well, the challenges involved in hosting the event, new signings to the label, his own skateboarding past and family involvement, and upcoming plans for the label. The only real scoops involve Tidal Records updates, like that they signed rapper Conika (who missed the event due to illness) to the label, and that they plan to go bigger with next year's Go Skate Day, but it's a solid and informative interview on Tidal Records' increasing interests and local plans!

In terms of music, there are clips of Garden of Bedlam's headlining set interspersed throughout the video, and you can hear DJ Seith in the background during the interview, but the focus is more on the label and the event than individual bands. It'd be interesting to see a Garden of Bedlam-headlined episode of Tuned, but this one has great footage from Go Skateboarding Day, so check it out above! Remember, Local2's video host doesn't allow external embedding.

Finally, the newest episode of Tuned (posted yesterday) focuses on the aforementioned Caroline Divine from their set at last month's Lopstock II "bohemian conclave" at LopLops Lounge, so what can you see in this episode? Within, Donna interviews all three members of the band about why they didn't keep The Frasiers as the name for the new band, how they view the development of the local indie rock scene, the members' family influences, their recording and tour plans for the future, and if there's any competition that they've seen among local bands, with footage from their Lopstock set scattered throughout as well. In terms of news we hadn't heard elsewhere, the guys noted that baggage from ex-members & the lack of real meaning was why they didn't recycle the Frasiers name, they have recorded some demo tracks, and they hope to go around to different studios before recording more formal material. This is another good episode of Tuned with light and funny banter, so give it a look at the above links, and stay tuned for more from Caroline Divine!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for either a new news post or this month's Defunct Local Band Profile next! Thanks everyone!

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