Wednesday, July 8, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (The Golers, Ballot Burner, And Long Shot), And Haggith's Second Breakup!!

Before we touch on a busy concert weekend in the Twin Saults, here's a stacked post for your Wednesday afternoon, largely focused on LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS from next week through next month, but we'll close with a show that doesn't have a venue yet, but will see a familiar local band saying what will likely be their final farewell, so here's what you should know!

Local hard rock quartet Long Shot have two upcoming shows to add to their concert schedule, both next weekend, including a return to The Rockstar Bar on Friday, July 17th, which they'll follow with a stop at the Fraternal Order of Eagles' clubhouse on Friday, July 24th! Both were announced on the band's Facebook page on Monday in a post outlining their upcoming dates. The Friday show will see Long Shot join forces with local punk quartet Stereo North (who also played with Long Shot at The Rockstar Bar's Summer Bash last month), and if you were curious, the other two bands from the Summer Bash are playing a short notice show there this weekend that we'll cover in tomorrow's concert preview post. This concert is a day out from Long Shot and Stereo North's own debut Rotaryfest sets, so keep both in mind if you want some entertaining live music! As for the solo Heyden show, this may be an unfamiliar venue for many, but Long Shot played at least two shows there last year, and Tym Morrison used to frequent the Eagles Club, so don't bypass this show if you're in that area!

Also, it's likely that next Friday's show will mark drummer Jeremy Ganuelas' return from his European vacation, but this hasn't been firmly stated by the band yet. The Rockstar Bar show with Stereo North has a 19+ age limit and a likely 10:00 PM start time, while if last fall's Eagle Club show is anything to go by, the July 24th show will have an earlier 7:00 PM start time & no announced age limits, and bring cash just in case either has a cover. Check the above links for more details, and stay tuned for more from Long Shot and Stereo North as it comes in!

Next up, two intriguing metal shows from Six Two Oh have been announced for The New American Pub next month, with the first featuring the return of Vancouver thrash metal quartet The Golers on Sunday, August 9th! Making their third appearance in Sault Ontario, The Golers were last seen here over two years ago when they made two Thursday night appearances at The Roosevelt Hotel in the summer of 2013, and their new material from this year's "In 'n Out Outlaws" only seems to be getting heavier and thrashier, so fans shouldn't want to miss their New A debut next month! Local doom metal trio AlgomA (who opened for The Golers in June 2013) will play their first announced local show since their recent tour as the announced co-headliners, and they'll presumably have their new band t-shirts in tow, so keep that in mind as well! Local death metal veterans The Bear Hunters will open the show in what might be their first ever set at The New A, so make sure to come early for their set, as it's not often that The Bear Hunters open a show nowadays!

A $5 cover charge is in effect for this 19+ concert, whose doors will open at 9:00 PM. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This show has a bit of a throwback vibe to The Rosie's heyday, especially given that The Golers are one of the few out-of-town bands to headline a Thursday metal night twice, so don't bypass this show next month!

The other New American show next month from Six Two Oh will come just over a week later on Monday, August 17th, and it will be headlined by Regina crust punk trio Ballot Burner in their own local debut! With a new album forthcoming, Ballot Burner's blistering and attitude-fueled crust punk originals should get a solid response from the attending Saultites next month, so if you want so grimy and fast-paced punk, give Ballot Burner a listen! Local grunge/hardcore duo Bad Back will open in the first show since their quiet album recording sessions wrapped up, but will we get any hints or reveals to that end on August 17th? A third local opener is to be confirmed, and while promoters are targeting local alternative hard rock duo Infinity Grinder for the last slot, they're awaiting confirmation from the band themselves (if confirmed, this would be Infinity Grinder's third concert and their debut at The New A.) Like the Golers shows, this is a 19+ show with a $5 cover and doors opening at 9:00 PM. For more, visit the official Facebook event page!

With AlgomA's tour in the books, it's great to see the guys put their local promoter caps back on for some August dates that are sure to melt some faces, so whether you're into brutal metal or alternative and punk rock, keep both of these New American Pub concerts in mind for next month! Stay tuned when/if updates roll in for either concert!

Lastly, local grunge/hard rock quartet Haggith will headline what the guys are calling their "final farewell show" on Wednesday, August 19th at a venue to be confirmed. You read that right, Haggith are disbanding for a second & presumably final time, which they revealed on this show's Facebook event page earlier today. Other than to say that they're moving on to other projects, a reason for the breakup wasn't announced, but like their first breakup in December 2013, they will headline the aforementioned farewell concert to formally close their run. It should be noted that Haggith only played two shows with their current lineup, both over the May 10th weekend, and with members Mike Haggith & Curtis McKenzie playing more & more dates with their band Mike Haggith & The Din, that could be a contributing factor to this recent news. Details on a venue and additional bands are to be confirmed for the August 19th farewell show, but for reference, Haggith's first final show in 2013 was at The Algonquin Pub, and featured four opening bands.

I imagine there will be some references made to this being deja vu, but Haggith got a lot done in the last year & a half since their initial reunion, and with multiple albums, battle of the bands success, and many big shows under their belts, they've done about all they can do within local confines. There's a lot to be announced regarding the farewell show, but wouldn't it be neat if Daniel Horton came back for the show, giving fans a one-off quintet lineup for the farewell? We won't list this in our concert listings until there's venue confirmation, but check the above links for more details, and keep what will likely be Haggith's last show in mind for next month!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for the first of this weekend's concert previews TOMORROW! Thanks everyone!

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