Tuesday, July 7, 2015

P.O.D./Hoobastank/Fuel Concert Fallout & Videos!!

It took a few days for videos to turn up, but now there are a good amount, so here's a post dedicated to Friday's P.O.D./Hoobastank/Fuel concert at The Dreammaker's Theatre at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino! By every account that I've heard, the show was a hit, so what should you know from it? Local2 crossed the border to film this video featuring clips of the three headlining bands on multiple cameras, capturing P.O.D. playing "Boom" & a song that I can't place (might it be brand new or from a jam?), Hoobastank playing "Crawling In The Dark" and "The Reason", and Fuel playing "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)". Nice multi-angle footage of the headliners, and all sound pretty good if you're a fan of theirs, so be sure to check out Local2's coverage above! Remember, we can't embed their videos here, as their host doesn't allow external embedding. The rest of our videos come from attendee Christopher Paci (a frequent filmer of Kewadin and larger local hard rock shows), who shot 12 videos from the show for his YouTube channel, as uploaded in recent days, and while there's nothing of openers Lights Out Paris & Redburn, he got some solid footage of the other four bands, so what do we have?

We'll start with the headliners,  San Diego alternative metal quartet P.O.D., who Christopher filmed playing their songs "Alive", "Boom", "Roots In Stereo", and as embedded below, "Youth Of The Nation", which saw frontman Sonny Sandoval invite a few kids in attendance on stage to party with the band with them, which occurs often in P.O.D. concerts during this song. Though the audio can be a little scratchy on heavier stretches, these are solid performances all around from this popular hard rock band, with all four songs familiar from their classic era, so give Chris' P.O.D. videos a look above & below!

Chris also filmed four videos of California hard rock quartet Hoobastank's set, including their songs "Running Away", "Crawling In The Dark", "Pieces", and as embedded below, "The Reason". Nice energy and enthusiasm on these videos, with Hoobastank seeming to barely age from their peak, and these familiar hits of theirs should get a good response if you can get around the sometimes scratchy audio! Check it all out above & below!

And yes, Chris also got three videos of Pennsylvania post-grunge quartet Fuel's set, those being of their songs "Shimmer", "Last Time", and as embedded below, "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)", which Chris incorrectly titled "Don't Fall Away". Very reliable sounding compared to Fuel's studio recordings, fans should get a kick out of these songs, filmed at a nice angle like with Chris' other clips, so give his Fuel videos a look above and below!

We'll close with one last video from Christopher's channel, this time of returning local epic metal quintet Integrated System Of Machines, so what do we know now? According to the video, the band no longer has a keyboardist as a permanent live band member, Chris Leask appears to be on guitar rather than his Power Slug bass role (Art Dietz is on bass), and as for their second guitarist, we can now confirm that his name is Jonathan Bennett, according to tagged pictures from Chris Leask's personal Facebook page. I can't find much on Jon's past band work (all I found was an old personal MySpace page that shows him playing with an unidentified band), but he's a solid player and does the solo in the video from the concert (and on a Dean ML, no less!) Chris Paci filmed I.S.O.M. playing their own self-titled song from their debut album "Apocalyptic Vision", which was one of their more accessible early tracks, so if you're not a fan of death metal or super-aggressive vocals, this one might be up your alley!

Note that there's also a personal Facebook video floating around of the end of one of I.S.O.M.'s songs, but it's strictly focused on Jonathan only, so keep that in mind if you're friends of his friends.  It's great to see Orb bring Integrated Systems Of Machines back at last, and they sound good here, but how are the album plans coming? Will we see them again soon? Will they launch new online pages? We'll keep you posted, but re-integrate yourself with I.S.O.M. below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and concert previews in the coming days! Thanks everyone!

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