Saturday, August 1, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Stiffler's Mom) And Lots Of Recent News & Notes!!

Before we begin, I profusely apologize for missing Lucky 13's Rednecks Saloon concert yesterday for coverage on the SMS, as the public announcement of it came too late for us to slide it into a post, but we did address it on our Facebook page. We'd have plugged it if it had more advance word, but hopefully it was a hit! Also, Tym Morrison might not be playing at The Harp TONIGHT due to their possible broadcast of UFC 190, but his own Facebook event page still lists a show tonight. In other words, proceed with caution if you go, as I can't 100% confirm if it's on. Now, today's post features a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT and more recent updates, so here's what you should know!

Local classic/hard rock trio Stiffler's Mom will take a rare road trip out to St. Joseph Island for the Biker Pirate Party at The Island Bar & Grill in Hilton Beach on Saturday, August 29th! The event itself will see a motorcycle show & shine event with a pirate costume contest to match, with proceeds going to repair the baseball diamond fence in Hilton Beach (an hour southeast of the Soo), so hopefully everyone can help fulfill that goal! Stiffler's Mom's set will be at 1:00 PM, while this presumably all ages event will begin at The Islander Bar at 3117 Marks Street at noon that day, and there's no listed admission charge unless you're entering the motorcycle show. Intriguing event that mashes together a few very different styles of events into one day, but it's for a good cause for the community, and if you're in St. Joseph Island or are up for the events, consider the Biker Pirate Party with Stiffler's Mom at the end of the month! See the above links for more details!

Next up, local concert venue The Rockstar Bar (and it's downstairs sister venue, The Algonquin Pub) are now on board for a new weekly nightclub event called Rockstar Republic that may impact future concerts at the venue. According to this SooToday article, this will effectively turn The Algonquin Hotel's two bars into a double-floor dance club with DJs, electronic music, drink specials, and an open patio on every Friday, with the aim being to "change the face of Sault Ste. Marie's nightlife". The Rockstar Republic Facebook page will have more details on this new weekly event, but for reference, note that the page originally was for Club Current at Waterfront Legend (the former Docks), though I have no word on if this means anything dire for music events there. The Rockstar Republic's "grand opening" (it's treated like it's own venue) was last night, and it'll be interesting to hear how night #1 went!

Assuming this is a successful venture with the former Club Current gang, this presumably would end Friday night bands on either floor of The Algonquin Hotel, but on a quick scan, only the Hard Up-headlined Gongshow event this coming Friday would be affected, and we'll keep you posted if there's clarification about it. I wonder if this is an attempt to compete with The Canadian Nightclub's own dance party and club nights? Of course, best of luck to everyone involved, hopefully Rockstar Republic is a huge hit for the nightlife scene in the Soo!

Finally for today, here's six assorted shorter news items from the last week or so, as we slowly catch up on things now that I'm home! As usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist or promoter name:

  • Former Bring The Fallen guitarist Dan Souliere is looking for a drummer for his new local band project, which he describes as "playing some heavy music". Nice to see him back in the local scene, he has been missed, but if you're interested in trying out for this band, message Dan at this link or via his Musicians Wanted Facebook group post from Wednesday!
  • After some initial uncertainty on if they'd be able to play, new local alternative/hard rock duo Infinity Grinder have finally been confirmed as the opening band for the Ballot Burner-headlined concert at The New American Pub on August 17th, which will mark their New A debut. Great to see, and give Terrence & Brad's new project a look then if you haven't yet! Our source is the Facebook event page on July 15th.
  • In another Musicians Wanted Facebook group posting, local musician Kiefer Barone is looking for a drummer that plays metalcore, presumably for his own new local project. He's posted on this group before regarding artist searches, but if you can help out this time, message him at this link or via his Musicians Wanted group post from last week!
  • Bear Hunters guitarist Mitch Sirie has reportedly ended his work as a local concert promoter once again, as per a post on his personal Facebook page last week, citing "too much stress" & upcoming personal & band commitments for the reasons why. This disappointing news may be deja vu for fans who recall when he left the promotion game 3 years ago after his brief run with the Rosie metal nights, but hopefully Mitch comes back to promoting when the time is right, and message him at this link if you can take on the Dusty Tucker show in October!
  • Local classic/hard rock trio Mourning Wood have quietly dropped out of next week's Superior Festival at Aune-Osbourne Park in Sault Michigan, as per the new poster for the event, with Sault Michigan cover rock quartet Retro Troop replacing them. A reason for the change was not announced, but Mourning Wood never confirmed their involvement in the event, and remember that playing shows across the border (either way) isn't easy. Should be a great festival though, so check the above links for full details, including on a motorcycle giveaway!
  • As previously mentioned in our review of his most recent CD "Fleabag Hotel", Dafter, Michigan hard rock solo artist Ken "SweetKenny" Sutton's upcoming 13th album will be called "Charlie Hidelburg: Ancient Hunter", as per his Bandcamp page. No word on what the title references (perhaps a concept or inside joke?), but the name turned up no obvious results on Google. If his recent album schedules are any indication, look for this one to come out in the fall, but stay tuned for updates!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post next! Thanks everyone!

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