Sunday, August 9, 2015

LopLops Lounge Concert Video Showcase, Plus A Late Golers Show Addition!

Before we get into this video showcase post, here's a late surprise addition to TONIGHT'S Golers-headlined show at The New American Pub, as promoters have confirmed that local/St. Catharine's grimecore trio Shit Liver will play a short opening set! Giving this Sunday nighter 4 bands, this will be their first local concert since their headliner at The Rednecks Saloon in April, and this is a nice late bonus, so be there early to see Shit Liver's latest homecoming TONIGHT! $5, 19+, 9:00 PM!

Now, today's post is devoted to new videos from two recent concert events at LopLops Lounge, all via YouTube user Melissa Morrison, who uploaded these (and more to come on the SMS) to her YouTube channel last week. There was initially some confusion regarding these, as her five LopLops videos were all labelled as being from June's Lopstock II event, including one featuring local/Toronto punk/Celtic rockers Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide, who were not on the Lopstock lineup, and were in Thornbury for an out of town show that weekend. After some extra research, it turns out that said video (and one more from Melissa's channel) likely come from March's CD release show for The Rising Tide's sister band The Boot Hill Crooners, as the members' clothing and the Tidal Records banner match photos from the show. No worries, just an accident in the video descriptions, but kudos to Melissa for getting videos from the release show!

As for the videos themselves, the footage of Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide is of them playing their instrumental "Gypsy Wagons", so how do things look and sound? The audio's clear and shows the guys in fine form, but like all but one of Melissa's videos, this was filmed on the vertical cell phone camera angle, which doesn't help her relative distance from the stage. Good stuff though, so give this one a look below!

Melissa's other video from this event is of local alternative/hard rock trio The Pixo Control, and while we're on this topic, we should note that the band appears to have parted ways with drummer Keeghan Rosso. The band revealed the news with a status saying "Keego, you've been killer, dude." on their Facebook page on July 29th, then confirming that their new lineup will debut at this coming Saturday's second annual Emergency Festival at Rocky DiPietro Field (the new drummer is a public mystery so far), though no word on if this will impact their upcoming CD "Probably Not". A reason for Keeghan's departure wasn't announced, but things do sound amicable, and it's surprising either way, especially as a founding member of the band, and fresh off of their successful Southern Ontario tour run. Best of luck to Keeghan in the future though, he's a talent!

As for their video from the Crooners' release show, I admittedly can't place the song's name (it's familiar from concerts, but a titled video of it is hard to come by), but it's a strong performance (albeit not filmed in full), and uniquely features Michael Mikus & Steve Edwards sitting for the duration of it, despite not being an acoustic song. Solid work, so give this video a look!

The other videos from Melissa's channel that we'll look at today are actually from the Lopstock II "bohemian conclave" in June, including this video of local folk/alternative band Honest Job's set, so give that a look for Mister Tahti & friends' creative live show! The Pixo Control were again filmed for this channel, with their Lopstock video featuring their song "This Is Momentary, Forever". Fans get in the way of the camera for the vast majority of this abbreviated video, but that's just a sign of a great turnout, so look at it that way. What we get sounds good, so give this one a look as well!

Finally, here's local post-punk/garage rock quartet Gnaeus playing their first original "Lovers" at Lopstock II, which benefits from being Melissa's only video filmed on a regular horizontal camera angle, but attendee heads do get in the way, especially from seeing Brad Irwin at work on the synth. Nice audio of this crowd favourite from the VM Radio Battle of the Bands winners, so give this one a look below!

We'll touch on Melissa's other two concert videos (of The Pixo Control and Gnaeus at a separate downtown venue) this week, but that's all for today, and stay tuned for this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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