Wednesday, February 17, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Telephone & Address), New Sault Michigan Videos, And More!!

After a couple of slow days, let's get back into the groove with a new news post for your Wednesday morning, which includes some concluding updates (for now) to one of our past feature profiles, some new videos from across the river, and first, a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for the spring!

Local acoustic/punk solo project Telephone & Address will be among the local openers at a concert at LopLops Lounge on Thursday, April 21st, when they open for Toronto pop duo Moon King! Off hand, this is the first LopLops show that I can recall from Chris Shoust's solo act, but his punk originals should be a nice mood setter in two months' time, so keep his opening set in mind for then. Some fans may recognize Moon King's members from the defunct indie rock band Spiral Beach, who played here at least twice in the late 2000s, but Moon King's energetic and poppy sound should find an audience of their own next month, so give them a look if their sound is up your alley! Local indie/alternative band Aldous will join Telephone & Address as openers on April 21st as well, with Nick's recent electronic-tinged originals sure to leave their mark once again as well! Promoted by Ears & Eyes Online's Jackson Reed, this 19+ concert has NO COVER, and starts at 9:30 PM.

This should be a solid concert for indie rock fans, and while it definitely leans more that direction than most shows we cover, Telephone & Address will deliver some unplugged punk to start the evening, so whatever your pleasure, keep this show in mind for April 21st, and visit the official Facebook event page for more details!

Next up, here's some new video finds from Sault Michigan artists, including two new solo videos from 415E guitarist Chris Hubbard's YouTube channel, as he has two new multi-instrument covers to take in from Monday! Both featuring Chris on guitar, bass, and drums in separate clips edited together, one is a cover of Van Halen's "Unchained" (joining last week's version of "Light The Sky"), but embedded below is his take on Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine". These are strong covers, especially the extremely faithful "Unchained", but it's interesting to hear his Van Halen-inspired take on GNR, and I wonder how these would sound with vocals? Give them a look!

Also today, here's a video that we recently found from the local cover rock trio Broke On Sunday, who covered Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike" at The Merchant's Bar last spring! Uploaded in the fall to singer/guitarist Mark Bowen's YouTube channel, this is the only public video that I've seen from Broke on Sunday, who don't have a known online page, but their lineup includes Mark (formerly seen in The London Gentlemen) alongside Retro Troop/ex-Ten Kings bassist Barney Gravelle, and Chump Change drummer Jason VanLuven, who you may recognize as a former bandmate of Mark's in Bucksaw, and has also recently played with The London Gentlemen. I can't verify a whole lot about Broke On Sunday,  including on if their sets tend to lean heavier, but they do play live a fair amount, were a part of this year's 1-500 Pub Crawl with a set at Moloney's Alley, and I believe they generally play acoustic-only concert sets. On watching this video, Broke On Sunday definitely do a good job on this grunge staple!

Featuring Jason singing the Eddie Vedder parts and Mark handling the Chris Cornell parts (Barney appears to be absent entirely here), it's a nice casual performance with surprisingly accurate takes on the vocals, and while the lighting is very red, it's nice to see this video, and to see something from inside The Merch for a change as well! Give this Broke on Sunday clip a look below, and hopefully more from them turns up down the road!

Finally for today, here's our final major updates to our Battle of the Bands Rewind Profiles before we get into new profiles next month, as we're refreshing and updating our profile of Viva La Battle from November 2013! There, we restored all photos, and in the section on performers' later activity, we updated the details on recent work from winners The Bear Hunters and runners-up Northwest. For the section on performers' later bands, we replaced Haggith, The Sorrow Fields, and Urawk with Eclipse, Heavy Head, and Mourning Wood to get that updated, In the trivia section, we updated references to how third placers Punch's original songs were re-appropriated as Haggith originals during that band's 2014-2015 reunion (with "Road Rash" making their final EP.) Lastly, we added trivia notes concerning Punch members' second place run in 2014's Rock N' Roar Battle with The Suicide Kings, and notes on how The Bear Hunters and Punch alumni did in last March's VM Radio and Speak Easy Battles of the Bands. Hopefully that covers all major updates, and stay tuned for our profiles of last March's battles next!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for last month's poll results and weekend concert previews next! Thanks everyone!

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