Friday, February 26, 2016

YouTube Channel Profile Series: ninezero & battlelionivan's Channels

It's now time for this month's YouTube Channel Profiles, as we once again profile 1-3 YouTube channels whose content is at least 50% comprised of local metal, hard rock, or punk videos! Today's randomly selected channels come after the first channel selected only had one video, so we added a second channel to fill things out. These offer up a music video from one prominent band, and jam sessions from a notable Sault Michigan artist, so read on below for this month's profiles in this ongoing series!
ninezero's Channel (

Owner: YouTube user ninezero (identity unknown, but I don't believe they're locally based)

Channel Timeline: Launched on March 18th, 2006; Videos posted from July 15th, 2009 through January 15th, 2014

Channel Summary: Of the two videos uploaded by ninezero, one is a live clip from an Emerson Hart concert in Massachusetts, and the other is local/Toronto pop punk quartet Treble Charger's 2002 music video for "Don't Believe It All", from their latest album "Detox". Uploaded at the time as a higher quality version than previously existed on YouTube (albeit recorded from MTV2), "Don't Believe It All" is both Treble Charger's last released single & music video to date, and is themed around parodies of Asian movies, with frontman Greig Nori playing roles in a Godzilla parody & two action/kung fu flicks, and the band proper performing in what looks like an abandoned factory. Fun music video for a strong late-era song from Treble Charger, and it has a bit of the indie rock vibe from earlier albums as well! However, this channel hasn't visibly been used since 2014, and there are more substantive YouTube channels for Treble Charger content.

battlelionivan's Channel (

Owner: Former Scofflaw/Blind Baby drummer Ivan Schliska

Channel Timeline: Launched on September 27th, 2011; Videos uploaded in January & April 2012

Channel Summary: Ivan's channel features two videos of band work that he undertook in the Sault Michigan area in 2012, including a concert video and a jam session clip.

Why Should You Watch: This channel is worth watching to check out some of Ivan's talented work in the local music scene, as his bands were very entertaining, and he was a solid drummer! However, this channel hasn't visibly been used since 2013 and has no Blind Baby footage, while Ivan has since moved out of the E.U.P.

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

Scofflaw rockin "Scofflaw": Ivan's only Scofflaw video upload here is of his former local metal band playing their own self-titled song at a jam session in January 2012. Featuring Ivan alongside singer/guitarist Jeff Barnes and current Retro Troop/Broke On Sunday bassist Barney Gravelle, it's a strong performance from this fan favourite trio, who give off of a punk-meets-Black Label Society at points here! However, the video suffers from having no microphone for Jeff to sing into, and Barney is not in frame of the camera at all (you do see him at the end though.) For more from Scofflaw, check out other YouTube channels and their MySpace page!

tom bergeron: Ivan's other video from April 2012 is of him and other local musicians (including ex-Hammerspace guitarist John Bergeron, hence the title reference to the TV host) jamming one of John's own original songs. Taking on a sound similar to early 1990s grunge, it's a strongly performed song, but the vocals are a bit monotonous, and the camera angle is too high, so only Ivan is captured at any reliable viewpoint. I also can't confirm the other two musicians' identites, but this is a solid jam, and I wonder if this band amounted to anything after this video?

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! Next month in this series, we'll be looking at three channels for the first time this year due to the first channel featuring only two videos of the same type, so we'll be looking at ex-Bring The Fallen guitarist Andrew Chairello's YouTube channel (featuring solo guitar covers), YouTube user brianhmyles' channel (featuring two videos from Buckcherry's Kewadin Casino concert 4 years ago), and Havadder guitarist Jamie July's channel (featuring a 2014 video from one of their concerts.) Look for all of this on or around March 26th, and stay tuned for more news and updates shortly! Thanks everyone!

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