Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Project 906 & Telephone And Address Updates, New Archive Videos, And More!!

I know things have been slow on the site lately, but we are back with a new news post on this Wednesday morning, which features some new archive video finds, details on upcoming albums, and more, but first, we have some big updates from a prominent local cover band!

Here's the latest from Sault Michigan hard/blues rock quartet Project 906! On Sunday, the band announced via their Facebook page that they're "taking a short break" from live concerts, as half of the band are either expecting or new fathers. They didn't publically note who the new dads specifically are, but congratulations all around to them! This somewhat mirrors the baby-related break that guitarist Joe Jenkins' old band Exiled took in late 2014, but unlike then, hopefully Project 906 do actually come back as planned! With the above post, Project 906 also put up this new compilation video (made using the WeVideo mobile application) that includes clips of their early Van Halen, ZZ Top, and Stevie Wonder cover videos, and the end of their Van Halen cover from their Brimley concert debut over the St. Patrick's Day weekend in March.

There's nothing pressingly new here, and the videos aren't optimal looks at the guys in action (Billy Bernier isn't in frame at all on most clips, the Pickles video is only the song's tail end), but it's a nice extra to help tide fans over to start Project 906's break, especially as they only cited "the time being" for it's length. Hopefully we see them back in the new year at some point, and check out their new compilation video below!

Next up, we have some long awaited album updates from Sault Ontario grunge/punk solo project Telephone & Address! In his first Facebook page posting in over three months, project mainman Chris Shoust revealed that their fourth "official" album" is "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been...", confirming the earlier announcement from former collaborator Sam Decter, who mentioned that the album would be released through his BGP Tapes label on cassette. Chris didn't acknowledge that, possibly due to Sam moving out of town, but he noted that it's "being pressed as we speak", implying that it will be available on CD. This also seemingly confirms that "The Rotten EP", "Need Not Apply", and "Rust Orchid" are the first three "official" Telephone & Address albums, indicating that anything pre-2013 isn't in this canon, not that they were publically available anyway. Chris also noted that the previously announced album "Monster" is on track to be pressed in November, and he blamed money issues for the delays on both.

This picture went up today along with the album news, but it's unclear if it's a planned album cover, or one of Chris' own art pieces (for reference, physical copies of Telephone & Address albums have tended to come out in minimalist cardboard cases with stamped artwork.) The planned last song from "A.Y.N.O.H.Y.E.B.", entitled "You Say", can be streamed at the project's Soundcloud page as well, and while I won't review the track yet pending a possible review of one of these albums, "You Say" bears musical resemblances to the 2014 album "Need Not Apply". It's great to hear more from Telephone & Address, so stay tuned for more on their next albums!

Also today, here's some new archive videos of defunct local metal band Hollow that were posted on YouTube on Monday! Courtesy of drummer Vinnie Milosevich's YouTube channel, these both come from concerts at the former Eastgate Hotel in the early 1990s, including this 1992 cover of Collective Soul's "Shine", and as embedded below, Pantera's "Cemetery Gates" circa 1993 when they opened for Wild T & The Spirit. As per Vinnie's personal Facebook page, the band's lineup on the "Cemetery Gates" cover features Bob Cook (a.k.a. Schloppy from Sault Michigan's Clownsack) on vocals, guitarists Terry Eaton (Mourning Wood) and Tym Morrison, bassist Matt Miller (ex-Tripod the Dog), and Vinnie (now of the Kitchener rock band Knee Deep) on drums. I can't confirm if the "Shine" cover has the exact same lineup, especially as only Terry & Vinnie were in each of their various incarnations, but I believe they're mostly similar. The video quality is mixed (the joys of VHS camcorders), but you get a sense of Hollow's talents on each!

Bob has a nice vocal range that wasn't always as evident in the Clownsack days, Terry & Tym are solid guitarists as ever, and they do get a good crowd response (look at the turnout on the "Shine" cover!) That said, if you're more familiar with their late 1990s incarnations with Gigi, Dan, Adam, and the like, you may not appreciate these as much. Check out Vinnie's newest Hollow videos above & below, and visit his channel for more old Hollow clips!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist name:

  • Local alternative/hard rock quartet Id Iota will open for ex-Pixo Control frontman Mike Mikus during his first ever solo tour next month! Running from October 7th-16th, the tour run will see run through Southern Ontario & Sudbury, but it's not clear if there will be a Sault Ste. Marie stop during it or afterwards. Sounds like a good way to introduce Mike's new solo sound and material to the masses, and Id Iota should bring some heaviness as openers, so click here for details! For reference, the Sudbury show listed at "The Speakeasy" is not a typo for a local gig, Sudbury does indeed have a concert venue with that name also.
  • Former Bring the Misery bassist Kyle Derasp has issued an open call via the Musicians Wanted Facebook group for local artists to come by a jam session at 124 Anna Street (the site of a few Blood Shed-affiliated house party concerts) this Sunday! No times were given, but if you're interested in attending, bring your amplifiers, chords, and perhaps beer. Keep this in mind if you want to jam with other musicians this weekend!
  • Tidal Records is hosting a songwriters competition at LopLops Lounge on Saturday, October 15th, where aspiring singer/songwriters can showcase their original material for the chance to win recording time at Mission Control Studios and a digital release package for their song. Entry is $25 for competitors and $5 for attendees. No word yet on who's performing, or if there will be any semblance of hard rock or punk musicians taking part, but this isn't a traditional "battle of the bands", it's geared to solo artists. Just in case, visit the official Facebook event page for full details!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews next! Thanks everyone!

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