Sunday, September 18, 2016

Last Month's Poll Results, Plus Lots Of Assorted Updates!!

Before we begin today's post, I wanted to apologize for missing Mourning Wood's latest Reggie's Place shows on Thursday, Friday, and yesterday for coverage on the SMS this weekend, as they were announced on late notice after our weekend concert preview post, but before we had time for a new post. I wish they'd plug Reggie's shows publically more often, but we did plug the latter two on our Facebook page, and hopefully they were a blast!

Now, today's lead story is the results of last month's poll, which asked this question: "When attending a concert that doesn't solely feature bands, what kinds of entertainers would you most want to see?" The poll sadly only got 4 voters, and only 1 chose to vote for two options (we tried a multiple choice method last month), and the only choice to win 2 votes was solo musicians and/or rappers. One vote each went to open mic/jam performers, stand-up comedians, and "I just want to see live bands", while no one chose DJs/turntablists, spoken word/poetry, performance art, bingo/live audience games, "Indifferent/no opinion", or "Other". Obviously, with such a low voter turnout, it's hard to gauge this as a representative sample of readers, but you do most often see solo artists alongside bands over the other choices, and while their sound is usually more reserved (C.T.W. aside), their talents often speak for themselves. This all adds to a nice variety at local concerts, but thanks to everyone that voted!

With that said, I am reluctantly putting our regular monthly polls on hiatus due to increasingly low voter turnout. I 100% intend on continuing with our "favourite ____ of 2015" polls, but regular monthly polls aren't attracting the attention that they once were, and admittedly, there have been times where I struggled to come up with a new topic that we hadn't previously tackled. As a result, I'll likely shift our Defunct Local Band Profile to the 14th of each month just for balance, but might our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile return in the near future? Time will tell, but look for our year-end polls in a few months, and who knows, regular polls may come back down the road!

To close this Sunday morning post, here's six assorted shorter stories from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist, event, or show name:

  • If you had noticed that the short-lived 7L arts/music podcast had re-emerged via the restoration of it's Soundcloud page, that appears to have been temporary or reversed, as the page is down again. That said, host Teddy Syrette has since moved to Southern Ontario (no word on if that is a direct reason for 7L's apparent end or not), and the 7L Facebook page is being used to promote a reading he's doing in Toronto at the "Salon 203" event next weekend, notably at ex-Gore Street Cafe owner Sam Decter's new place. Sounds like a good time, hopefully it goes well!
  • Local alternative/hard rock trio (and debut 7L podcast guests) The Din have posted three studio songs from their debut CD "Give In To The Din" to their Bandcamp page! Though The Din have opted not to post a full downloadable copy of the album there yet, fans can stream "In Search of The Perfect Moment", "Alleyways & Apartments", and "Potato" there to their hearts content in the meantime, so don't bypass it! This was briefly mentioned in our review of the album proper, but not in a news post, in case you're wondering why it's being covered twice.
  • In a minor update to our "Other Local Metal Links", we have switched the link for local event promoters Maxx Entertainment from their website (which is down) to their Facebook page. Also, a planned amalgamation of their graphic design wing Maxx Graphix into the entertainment page under the "Choose Maxx" name won't affect our links unless the Maxx Graphix page is closed, though new customers would want to do their business on the combined page. Stay tuned for more from them, particularly regarding Toystock!
  • We have removed local hardcore punk band Programmed To Fail (formerly The Transjenners) from our band links due to the quiet deletion of their Facebook and Soundcloud pages in recent months. The band didn't expand far beyond a pair of demo recordings and their name change, but they seemed to have some potential. Hopefully we hear more from Craig & Justin in the future!
  • The eighth annual Soo Zombie Walk will return to The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre on Saturday, October 22nd for a fourth year at the downtown museum, and bands will be a part of the pre-walk entertainment again at 4:00 PM! No word yet on who to look for, or if there will be an afterparty, but visit the official Facebook event page for details when they come in! For reference, last year's entertainment at both the walk & afterparty were an unplugged Sykotyk Rampage, Sudbury's Aggressive Acoustic, and Greg Callaghan.
  • Speaking of Sykotyk Rampage, the veteran alternative/blues rock quartet have posted a new free "album" to their Reverbnation page! Entitled "50 Amazing Tales", it'a a greatest hits re-recordings package that would be 4 CDs in length if released in that format, split among a faux-live album, drinking songs, "blue Chinese" songs, and "metal crash punk" songs. This is a fun release that all Sykotyk diehards should check out, especially if you want to hear studio recordings of older songs with Tony Briglio on bass! However, note that it loads very slowly due to it's size.

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes this week! Thanks everyone!

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