Sunday, September 23, 2018

Jack Spades/Handsome Sandwich Concert Review, Plus New Videos!!

I'm battling a major cold, so let's get this news post up now before things get worse. Today's post is half devoted to new videos from each side of the border, but we're leading off with our review of what became of a major recent concert, so here's what you should know!

As you know by know, Friday night's Michale Graves concert at The Canadian Nightclub was cancelled due to the heavy winds stopping him and the other touring openers at the Mackinac Bridge. However, credit to promoter J.D. Pearce, who decided that the show must go on, and it did, courtesy of an all local jam night with no cover charge! Given the show-as-promoted being postponed, the attendance took a massive hit, but it was nice to see a bunch of familiar faces regardless, including the couple that drove in from North Bay who decided to stick around and make the most of their evening! After a 90 minute delay, planned local openers Jack Spades took the stage for an extended set of basically their entire live repertoire, ranging from songs like "Rise" & "Breakneck Speed" to newer tracks like "Cenobites" & "Sewer City Radio", plus select covers. In spite of the evening's changes, Jack Spades delivered a reliable set with energy and life, with Tiffany Stocco and Daniel Horton shining on guitar, and Rob Speers' bass work flowing well!

Given the circumstances, fans can't complain too much about Jack Spades' punk/metal attack, but I will note that their lone Misfits cover on Friday was the Danzig-era "Hybrid Moments", despite J.D.'s known Graves-era Misfits fandom and prior covers with Fitswitch and Frightlight. It'd have been ultra fitting to deliver a bit of what we missed that night, but who'd have predicted that Mother Nature didn't like horror punk? As I was developing a cold, I didn't stay until the bitter end of Friday night's concert, but Jack Spades were followed by what amounted to an impromptu Handsome Sandwich set, but with bassist James White absent, guests filled in, including singer/drummer Johnny Belanger's Jack Spades bandmate Daniel Horton for much of the early set. Fans were treated to covers of bands like The Commodores, Blink-182, and Thin Lizzy, among other typically diverse acts, and it was fun to see familiar faces jump in to jam or even sing at points! Hopefully this entertainment helped make the night worthwhile after all of the earlier news!

This concert served as my trial run/debut with my new digital camera, and you can check out our photos at this link or at our Facebook page. I'm happy with the quality for the most part, but I apologize for any issues in consistency or amount, I am still working out the kinks. I should have things worked out in time for Ten Foot Pole! Unfortunately, an SD card error has left my videos (of "Crossroads" & "Dancing Queen") unreadable, and I had to use a file recovery program to save the photos as it was. If there's any way I can retrieve the videos, I will let you know, but if such a catastrophe had to happen, as least it wasn't during the Michale Graves concert!

Next up, here's some new videos from Sault Michigan classical metal project Theatre of Night's Facebook page as they continue work on their second Christmas tour! All three feature the instrumental performers from last year's tour, including founding keyboardist Craig Harrison & guitarist Steve Giles, alongside bassist Scott Andringa & drummer Erik Sales, so fans of their December tour dates will see familiar faces! Craig filmed these videos during a jam session yesterday, with this one showcasing some freeform jamming on a normal landscape orientation. The other two are clearly of Christmas carols, namely "Away In A Manger" and, as embedded below, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." The latter two are on a vertical portrait angle, but Craig frames it well to showcase the guys fine-tuning these seasonal adaptations, and overall, things look like they're coming together well towards the tour! Give these videos a look!

Finally for today, here's a rare live video from Sault Ontario acoustic hard rock trio The Wyld Stallyns' Facebook page, courtesy of their set at yesterday's Downtown Street Party on Queen Street East! The video features them covering the end of Weezer's "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To", which sounds good from what we hear, and Chase from Paw Patrol's clearly into it! Give it a look below, and don't miss The Wyld Stallyns hosting open mic night at the M.S. Norgoma on Tuesday!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and updates on the site this week! Thanks everyone!

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