Wednesday, May 22, 2019

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Monster Truck) & Dopethrone Concert Videos!!

After a few quiet days, we're back with a new news post on this Wednesday night, and while it mostly focuses on new concert videos, we're leading off with a big LOCAL CONCERT ALERT, so here's what you should know!

Juno Award winning Hamilton southern hard rock quartet Monster Truck will make their local concert debut on Friday, June 28th when they rock Soo Blaster! Staples of Canadian rock radio since the early 2010s with hit singles like "Sweet Mountain River", "The Lion", "Seven Seas Blues", and "Evolution" (among others), Monster Truck's fan favourite blend of heavy rock aggression and a bluesy southern touch has served them well over the years (as NHL fans know from their cover of "Saturday Night" on Hockey Night In Canada.) If you ask me, it's long overdue to welcome Monster Truck to the Soo, and hopefully they deliver a huge concert late next month! Sudbury grunge/hard rock quartet The Fortunate Losers will open in their own local debut, though readers may remember them from briefly being scheduled to open for The Blackwood Sinners locally in October 2016 before dropping out of that concert. After a 2½ year wait, it'll be nice to see these Northern Ontario standouts back with the accessible yet heavy original attack at Soo Blaster!

Promoted by Loffredo & Associates out of Thunder Bay (much like this fall's Cancer Bats show), advance tickets run for $35 at the venue or at this link, albeit adding a $5 service fee. Sadly, this is a 19+ show, but an early 7:30 PM start time is advertised on the Facebook event page. This should be a great concert from one of Canada's best known modern hard rock bands, and while you're more likely to hear them on 92.7 Rock in Sudbury than on any local radio station, their reputation and talent speaks for itself! Visit the above links for more on Monster Truck's local concert next month!

Next up, we'll focus on videos from Monday night's Dopethrone-headlined concert at The New American Pub for the remainder of this post, as promoters Six, Two, Oh. live-streamed videos of all three bands on this Victoria Day event to their Facebook page! Seven videos were shot and posted during the show, including three of the headlining Montreal "slutch metal" band, though I apologize in advance for not titling the songs, I had a fair amount of trouble attempting to title them by myself. This clip comes in during a song (mid-mosh pit, even), while the other two (one linked here, one embedded below) come in before the song does. Dopethrone's sludgy, doomy, and downbeat original onslaught is well captured here, even if the dark lighting helps to obscure the visuals, and attending fans definitely look into the music! Give Six, Two, Oh.'s Dopethrone videos a look above & below!

In a mild surprise to the lineup order, local doom metal trio AlgomA got the co-headlining slot over Shit Liver, so we'll look at their videos next. Marking their return to the stage after 19 months off on this night, a Six, Two, Oh. representative filmed them in two videos, including this 4:29 clip, and as embedded below, a full 16 minutes of AlgomA playing multiple tracks. Watching these, you can hardly tell that AlgomA haven't played live since 2017, as their intense and crushing music (plus their serious stage presences) hold up as well as in their heyday, so give their videos a look also!

Finally, Six, Two, Oh.'s first two videos were of local/St. Catharine's grindcore trio Shit Liver's first local set in over a year, with two short videos of their blisteringly fast originals, one linked here, one embedded below (note the audio sample from My Dinner With Andre.) Fans of Shit Liver's grimy and crusty attack will be right at home with these performances, and what a way to start the night before the contrastingly doomy backs to come! Give Shit Liver's videos a look above and below as well, and hopefully we see them and AlgomA back in the area soon!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews on the site tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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