Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things I've Missed, Some New Stuff, And A New SMS Page Update!

Hey everyone, time to get you all updated on some more local metal-related news!

I'll post this first simply because I can't believe I've missed so much on this band. Local hard rock cover band Turner Up have been way busier than I've noticed in recent weeks! For one, they played two shows this past weekend at The Nicolet Tavern as part of Bon Soo festivities, and I completely missed them to report. My complete apologies, I can't believe I didn't hear about those shows! Well, for those of you who went, hopefully they were awesome, sorry again! Also, the band has went through some lineup changes too, including the exit of drummer Steve Brogno (replaced by Scott McClurg) and the addition of bassist Len Ward, who you'll likely recognize from The Rad Zone! And finally, though this is not a "concert" per say, you'll wanna hear about this: Turner Up are the house band and host of the jam nights taking place every Wednesday at Foggy Notions! Yes, every Wednesday at 9:30, bring your instruments and maybe your best singing voice and jam with a great cover band, have a beer or two, all that fun stuff! Jam nights are always awesome, though Wednesdays may be hard to get to during the work week. But hey, the more hard rock, the better! I'll have to check them out one week! To confirm your attendance for Turner Up jam nights at Foggy's through May, click here! Check out more from Turner Up at this location, and I'll try my hardest not to forget news about them in the future!

Speaking of weekly events at Foggy Notions, Energy Rock Radio are also making their presence felt there! Monday nights are now Manic Mondays at Foggy's! DJ Ryan McQueen is broadcasting there LIVE Monday nights, parting, playing great music, and giving away ERR swag every Monday night! Sure, it's also a late weekday, but it's still great stuff! Energy Rock Radio's an awesome station, Ryan's put tons of work into it in the last few years, and who doesn't love free stuff either? Always a great way to spend your Monday night, I'd say! The first Manic Monday was last night, and it looks like they'll be live at Foggy's for the forseeable future, so head down there if you get a chance! And if not, you can always stream it live by clicking here, cause it broadcasts 24/7!)

Alright, now remember when I first reported on the full lineups for THIS WEEKEND'S Algoma Hope4Haiti benefit concert event? Well even after I updated the lineups, one venue stood out with no confirmed bands, and it was Coch's Corner. J.D. Pearce from Coch's Corner told me that if there's any bands out there who are willing to rock for the cause, to call him at 946-2867! Hint hint people, do you (or your band) wanna support Haiti and play a benefit show at Coch's Corner this weekend? Give J.D. a call, or e-mail cochscorner@hotmail.com to show your interest (also e-mail there if you wanna play a normal show there on an upcoming weekend, there's lots of bookings!) Sure, I'd love to see a metal band get on the bill, but genre differences aside for a second, this is a charity event, ANY band would be welcome! Hopefully a band shows interest, maybe it'll be YOUR band? Full details on Hope4Haiti, including participating venues/bands and ticket info, at this location! And remember metalheads, Bring The Fallen and Out Of The Mouth of Babes rock Nite-Life on Saturday!

Next up, remember when I was posting those remastered Sykotyk Rampage videos from their podium finish at the Sault College Battle of the Bands? Well, Dirk Becker did something I wasn't expecting: He took MY video that I shot, added new effects, transitions, and stuff, and has posted it on YouTube for the world to see! Now that's cool, I never thought anything I'd shoot would get a post-production treatment! And even if I wouldn't have filmed it, I'd still have mentioned it, so no saying I'm self-serving. Check out the video below, and thanks Dirk for the credit in the description! For more videos from Sykotyk Rampage, click here!

And finally, were you wondering why Garden of Bedlam's Buzz and Josh Belleau were in the banner image at the top of the page? (And no, they haven't bribed me.) I'm trying something, having different banners every day, and I picked that one to be first cause I liked how it turned out! I have a couple dozen made up to rotate, mostly with band members, but there's a few that are more unique and "artsy", if that makes sense. Some allude to the old "Sault Music Scene", others will just look really cool, you'll see! I was hoping for them to randomly rotate on new page visits, but HTML is not my friend for that, so I'm not gonna risk screwing up the SMS itself. Stay tuned for more banners, I've got some cool ones, it'll make the SMS a bit fresher and more fun to look at, I'd say! I'll show you guys another one of them, but we'll let the rest be a secret:

I have more news coming tomorrow, but I'm spreading out things to not make this post too long, things would get lost in the shuffle that way. But I do have news on Woods of Ypres and more coming, so keep on the lookout! Thanks everyone!

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