Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Nudge), A Cancellation, Plus Concert Updates & Videos!!

It's that time again, I have a bunch of new stuff to report today in the local metal universe! And we kick off today's post with LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!!

Marquette Michigan hard rockers Nudge are returning to The Satisfied Frog in Sault Michigan for nine more shows in 2010! I was worried at their lack of Sault shows this year when I previewed their most recent dates at The Frog, so it's great to see them coming back up here! According to their official MySpace page, they will be playing three weekend sets on April 15-17, August 26-28, and November 4-6! Each set stretches from the Thursday-Saturday of their given week, and as is the trend with Nudge's Sault area shows, the Thursday shows will be acoustic! No cover charges are listed, though if there is one, I doubt it'd be pricey. These should all be good shows, maybe I can finally check them out in August or November, because then, I'll be legal to enter an American bar, we'll have to see! Keep these shows in mind if you want a concert to hit across the river, and check Nudge out, they're a very solid band!

Next up, we have a concert cancellation, although if you look between the lines, the band likely aren't at fault. Hamilton's 40 Sons will not be playing at The Speakeasy on March 4th. Their MySpace page still lists the show, but with the addition that it is indeed cancelled. Instead, they'll be playing at Kilroy's in Thunder Bay that night, so at least they got a show anyway! Now a reason for the Sault cancellation isn't given, but if you remember from my initial alert on this show, I did say that The Speakeasy had not announced the show, and had been closed since February 4th, according to their Facebook group. Well, it's still closed, as best I can tell, so that probably explains why 40 Sons got canned. I remember that all planned events at The Speakeasy (mostly pubs) in February were called off too, so if my assumption is right, they likely won't be back open until March 5th at the earliest. I don't even know why they're closed, but hey, there must be a reason! I'll keep you posted if 40 Sons reschedule!

Also, I wanna bring this up because it's conflicting information on another upcoming concert: As you may have heard, Montreal death metal band Derelict are scheduled to be playing at Foggy Notions on May 6th. I later reported that North Bay's own Thekillingfield would be supporting Derelict at this show. Thhekillingfield have confirmed this, but is it still at Foggy's? If we're to believe their MySpace page, maybe not, as it lists The Oddfellows Hall as the host venue instead. The Oddfellows did play host to Thekillingfield at last year's Cattle Decapitation show, so there is a precedent there, but I'm not sure which venue is hosting this show. I'll still list Foggy's as the venue in the concert listings, but if I get more confirmation pointing towards a venue change, I'll let you all know! I will give a potential move to The Oddfellows this much, it'd likely be all ages then, something we don't see nearly enough nowadays!

Speaking of upcoming local concerts, here's some smaller updates from this Friday's Sense of Truth concert! I figure some of you may have questioned if it was really going on as there was no official band statements about it, or an event page, but both are covered now! In fact, there's TWO event pages on Facebook confirming their show Friday night at The Canadian Nightclub with new local band Groove Committee! One was created by Matt Sibilo from Groove Committee, the other was created by the band's group itself, so click here and here for to confirm your attendance for this concert! And if you wanted word from Sense of Truth itself about the show, Ryan from the band sent out an e-mail to members of their Facebook group confirming the show, so there you go! The only things we don't really know are the start time and the cover charge, if there is one, maybe we'll find out by Friday, I'll keep you posted if I hear something! And finally for Sense of Truth-related news, the band's winding down recording of their EP, with Cory Murchison recording vocals this week at Stereo Soul Studios. I can't wait to hear the final results!

And finally for today, here's a new video clip I came across the other day that should please fans of Woods of Ypres! Frontman David Gold has uploaded two new clips of the band from way back in June of 2003 onto YouTube! These come from the early days of the band when David was still behind the drumkit, Robin Cross still fronted the band, and they were still a rising black metal outfit from Windsor! The videos are live concert clips of Woods of Ypres playing three of the songs from their debut album "Against The Seasons" from a set at The Gino A. Marcus Center in Windsor, and appear to be from the same concert that was featured in the 2003 CBC News piece that featured them! Decent videos, nice look back into their early days, though the crowd seems small and reserved compared to what I'm used to. Also, random inquiry here, who's the dancing girl on stage with the band? Here's Woods of Ypres playing "The Sea of Immeasurable Loss", but check out two more live performances of this set at this location!

I'll leave it at that for today, I have stuff about Half Past to share too, but I'll keep that for tomorrow to help spread everything out! Tomorrow, I will preview this weekend's slate of local metal concerts, for what should be a very exciting weekend of shows! Thanks everyone, more news to come!

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