Thursday, May 6, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Tym Morrison & Turner Up) And Weekend Concert Previews!!

Ah, the joys of being out of town, you're more likely to miss certain things, and I missed some concerts over the last couple of days to give you guys. But luckily, they haven't happened yet, so there's still time to push the cause and get you all out to them! So here are some (apologetically) short notice LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!! Stay tuned afterwards for the rest of the previews of this weekend's stacked concert lineup!

Firstly, Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison will be back for four more solo sets, the first two of which are taking place THIS WEEKEND! Tym will bring his acoustic solo show to The Nicolet Tavern tomorrow and Saturday night, at a venue I don't think he's played before as a solo artist, though Caveman fans will no doubt remember seeing the full band there in December! Then, he'll be at Coch's Corner for shows next Friday and Saturday as well! Those two shows aren't publically announced, but Tym confirmed them with me via e-mail and asked if I could plug them, so I'm doing just that! This weekend's shows at the Nicolet are posted with 9:30 PM start times, I'd expect next weekend's Coch's Corner shows start at a similar hour. I wouldn't expect a cover charge either, but make sure you're 19! Sorry again about the short notice for these new shows, being away is rough. Confirm your attendance for Tym's Nicolet Tavern shows at this location! If you want to hear some great acoustic hard rock and metal covers and enjoy a cold one, you'll know where to be this weekend! Check out more solo material from Tym Morrison (and some Caveman stuff) at his official website!

The other new shows this weekend, and again, with my apologies for the late warning, come courtesy of local hard rock cover stars Turner Up, who will be back at The Rockstar Bar this weekend themselves! From 10:30 PM onward tomorrow and Saturday, get ready to rock out and dance to some great rock covers, and some heavier stuff later in their set! No cover charge, you must be 19. These should also be good shows, and for the record, these were announced late too, so it's not completely my fault for their late announcement. So if you want to get on the dance floor with one of the area's more prominent local cover bands, The Rockstar Bar is the place to be! Confirm your attendance at the Facebook event page, check out more from Turner Up at this location, and for a preview, here's video of the band covering the Def Leppard classic "Hysteria"!

The rest of the shows this weekend are next, so these are just weekend concert previews, and we'll start with possibly the biggest one of all! TONIGHT, Holy Hell Productions presents Derelict, live at Foggy Notions! The Montreal-based progressive death metal rockers will make their way here on their Northern Shores tour, and will deliver an onslaught of death metal we don't see here nearly enough! Awesome band, they've supported bands like Job For A Cowboy live and have three albums to their credit, all full of unrelenting yet melodic death metal! Joining them are Sudbury's Beyond Within and North Bay's Thekillingfield, both making their first stop in Sault Ste. Marie since their show supporting Cattle Decapitation last March at The Oddfellows Hall! Beyond Within's extreme death metal sound will be quite familiar to local concert goers, themselves a frequent sight here, while Thekillingfield will bring their more experimental style here for just the second time! Rounding out the lineup is the Soo's very own Bring The Fallen, in their first local concert since performing at the Nite-Life portion of Algoma Hope4Haiti! No disrespect to any other local bands, but Bring The Fallen are the absolute best fit to open this concert, what with their awesome death metal sound and all! Click the above links to check out all four bands!

The concert will take place TONIGHT at Foggy Notions with an advertised start time of 10:00 PM. Despite past history for Beyond Within shows in town, this concert will NOT be all ages. Tickets have been adjusted to $7 flat at the door, a dollar cheaper than they were to cost at the door, so there's some good value! It's not often that we get such great value out of one bill at a local concert, it seems rarer and rarer that we get a package show like this with so much heaviness! You guys have gotta hit this, make it a success and encourage more shows like this one! That way, out of town multi band metal concerts can become normal again, not just a one off event. Confirm your attendance at the Facebook event page, and for a preview, here's the music video for Derelict's single "Machete"!

Then tomorrow night, head back to Foggy Notions for the debut live performance from local experimental hard rockers SBD, the new project from No Arrow frontman Dann Pichette and bassist Brad Griffifth! In what is being hyped as "a rare public performance", expect some CD giveaways and lots of unique, hard to categorize music far from the grunge sound that No Arrow brought to the table in the 2000s! Also joining in support is The Fury, the local genre-less band featuring ex-members of Out Of The Mouth Of Babes and D.O.T.H.! 19+, $3 admission, the fun starts at 10:00 PM. This should be a fun concert and one of the most unique shows you'll be likely to see this year, as both bands are hard to categorize, but will no doubt entertain! Personally, it's nice to see Dann back on stage, I really miss No Arrow, and even if this isn't close in sound, it's still been a long time coming! To confirm your attendance for this show, click here, click the above links to check out the bands, and for a video preview, here's the beginning of a jam room clip of SBD playing the song "Rock Paper Scissors"! (Click here to view the rest of the song)

Quick detour to Sault Michigan for the only two local metal concerts there this weekend that I know of, as local hard rockers Blind Baby appear to be returning to the local stage! Well, I'm going by Kewadin Casino's entertainment page for this, as Kewadin is advertising Blind Baby as playing there this weekend at The Rapids Lounge. As best as I can tell, the concerts (taking place tomorrow night and Saturday night) will be at 9:00 PM both nights with no cover charge. But that's as much as I can tell you, as Blind Baby's lone page (on Facebook) is rarely updated so I don't have band confirmation. But, Kewadin Casino's website is valid proof in itself, so I'd say believing it isn't a bad idea! They look like a good band, no idea how they sound, but if you want a band to check out this weekend in Sault Michigan, there's an option! If I hear more on Blind Baby, I'll let you all know!

Finally this weekend is one of the strangest genre clash concerts we're likely to get this year, and the metal band that's taking part will be local punk/metal band Destroilet! Returning to Coch's Corner for their second ever concert, the band chock full of local music veterans will take the stage with two acts you wouldn't expect, both of which come from the rap world! Toronto underground rappers The Hobo Banditos and solo artist Unknown Mizery will make their way up here for this unique hybrid concert, hyped under the name "Hobo Banditos & Unknown Mizery vs. Destroilet"! Does the "vs." imply a collaboration? We'll have to see! The show starts at 10:00 PM on Saturday night, it's also 19+, and will have a $10 cover at the door. I honestly think this show will draw more rap fans than punk fans, but if you go for Destroilet, you're bound to be entertained! Hopefully they'll have some great old school punk and metal to rock the rap fans to the core on Saturday! Click the above links to check out the involved bands, confirm your attendance at this location, and for a preview, here's Destroilet covering the Hank Williams III song "Tennessee Driver" from their debut show from December!

There, all of this weekend's shows are previewed, hopefully you guys can make it to some of them and make them successes! I'll miss them all because I will still be out of town (sadly, I REALLY wanted to see Derelict), but PLEASE go to some shows this weekend! My next update should have that video from the older major local concert I found, possibly some Bret Michaels health updates, and more depending on what I can locate! Stay tuned!

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